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Today was amazing ♥ I woke up very happy, 'cause my best friend was coming over! She lives only a couple of houses away, but still, it's hard to find time to meet. When she's free from work, I have to work, and when I work, she's home. But today, I started working late & she had a day off, so she came over! It was amazing! We talked & talked & talked, and when she went home, my Mom asked me to vacuum the house. I did, without whining. I put on my music quite loud, and sang equally loud. Even doing jobs at home made me sing, ha ha!

Around noon, my boyfriend went to my place, and I made him, my sister and myself pizza. Yum! We talked, hugged & kissed, and took photos. Under my post are some! Then I had to go to work, so we dropped my BF at his place, and I got to work. Even making lots of coffees & people who wouldn't go home at 11 PM couldn't ruin my day! I was happy all night, and I still am, even though it's 1 AM & I have to get up rather early. Whatever, I am happy!

And as I choose my clothes depending on my mood, I was dressed like a ray of sunlight! My boss noticed that I was dressed very summerish, though it was raining. I don't care, it's SUMMER ♥

BF & The Flash comics. Big love ♥
Me & Lola. Normally I don't like her, but today, I shared my happiness with her!

Top - Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez
Skirt - Esprit

We share the passion for fashion ♥



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Today, I felt grey, because I woke up & it rained like hell, AGAIN. So I wasn't allowed to walk to the bus stop, and I couldn't go visit my boyfriend. I was stuck at home till about now, and I have to leave at 1 PM to go to work. Instead of going to my BF's place, I watched Bratz The Movie. Good film actually! Gotta go now, work calls!

Ring: gift from my BF for Christmas - it's a little too big so I made a necklace out of it! (It had thousands of colours in it, ain't that awesome? :D)



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It was love at first sight. Spotted it yesterday, ordered it just now. Isn't it a beauty? ♥ Sigh, I simply adore it, wish it was here already...



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Just got home from work & it's 2 AM over here. Busy day, I'm freaking tired, my back aches like hell & I no longer feel my feet. A quick post & then off to bed. Gotta work tomorrow as well! Luckily, I love my job, I love my colleagues, and my boss is my boyfriends' Dad, so that's quite awesome, right?

Before I got to work, my best friend since kindergarten (the girl who gave me the pretty dress for my birthday!) went to my place, and we made a pasta salad with salmon together. YUM! We talked and played Wii Sports (to burn off the pasta, haha!) and she walked me to the bus stop. The weather was very good today, kind of a miracle! So I was able to wear a short dress & my sunglasses, though it was only on the bus to work, haha!

- PS: I made a Facebook page for my blog, LIKE IT if you want :D It's next to this post!

Dress - InWear
Shoes - H&M Conscious collection
Sunglasses - little market in Ventimiglia



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I had a bad day today, so I didn't feel like taking pictures. Why the bad mood? Because my dad called me this morning, when I was home alone and dreaming of the wonderful day that was coming (I had planned a day full of romance with my wonderful BF), and you know what he told me? "The dentist just called. You have an appointment at 3 PM today." I was mad. Like totally freaking mad. I felt like hitting someone. But I didn't, as I was home alone. Gone was my perfect day.

I didn't feel okay in the pretty dress with the flowers I was wearing, as my mood was all black. I had picked this dress because I felt madly in love yesterday, and my mood was flowerish when I went to bed. So there I sat in my bed, in this happy dress, with a face like a cloud full of thunder and lightning. I watched the newest PLL episode, to get my mind off things, and I saw this...

I immediately fell in love with Spencer's shirt. I love her style! It's totally not like mine, but still, it's amazing! Next on my "to buy"-list: cut-out shoulders. Full Frontal Fashion agrees.

After I came back from the dentist, my day was great. I went to my BF's home, we had a wonderful night together, although we were superworried when we heard of the news of Pukkelpop! It's a big festival here in Belgium, and as it started raining and hailing and the wind blew like hell, a big accident happened. A tent was blown over, and three people died. Everybody panicked, lots of people were hurt,... It was a total disaster. Some friends of mine, and one of my best friends were there too, but I didn't hear from them till quite late. I started to freak, but I was so glad to hear everybody was fine. They still aren't quite sure whether they should continue the festival or not. In my opinion? Total NO GO. People died, people were injured seriously. It would be inappropriate to party on.



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Dress: Material Girl (Macy's)

Today I felt like going black & white, so I did. I got this dress from my best friend who went to the USA in July, and she gave it to me for my birthday ♥ Isn't she great? We've been friends since we were only two years old & still we stick together. It's great to have people like her around me :)



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Today was a rather lazy day that I spent with my boyfriend. In the morning, we went to several shops, ate, chilled and played Wii bowling. Then we (my parents, sister, boyfriend and I) went to Ikea for some stuff for my new room and ate there. I feel like a balloon right now. Then we dropped my BF at his place, and went home. Now I'm laying in my bed, feeling a little sick. So far the inspiring life of an 18 years old student.



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I'm Imke, 18 years old, and I live in Belgium, although I'm sure I will live in London one day. It's the most beautiful city in the world. I love fashion (duh), Audrey Hepburn, my boyfriend, my friends, sports, my cat, cats in general, old B&W movies and Coco Chanel. My music? The Pretty Reckless, Adele, Paolo Nutini, Regina Spektor, Mika, and so on. I read books too! The ones I like the most: Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter, Lolita, L.A. Candy, and a great lot of others too. I loooove books ♥ Also, I love series. I'm a total Gleek, I love PLL, Gossip Girl, Hannah Montana, Skins, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Switched at Birth, ANTM, and so on, and so on. The movie I like the most is Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you want to know more of me, ASK.