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Just got home from work & it's 2 AM over here. Busy day, I'm freaking tired, my back aches like hell & I no longer feel my feet. A quick post & then off to bed. Gotta work tomorrow as well! Luckily, I love my job, I love my colleagues, and my boss is my boyfriends' Dad, so that's quite awesome, right?

Before I got to work, my best friend since kindergarten (the girl who gave me the pretty dress for my birthday!) went to my place, and we made a pasta salad with salmon together. YUM! We talked and played Wii Sports (to burn off the pasta, haha!) and she walked me to the bus stop. The weather was very good today, kind of a miracle! So I was able to wear a short dress & my sunglasses, though it was only on the bus to work, haha!

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Dress - InWear
Shoes - H&M Conscious collection
Sunglasses - little market in Ventimiglia

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  1. I think you should always dress up for work, that's my motivation before, and I'm enjoying my work whenever I dress up :)

  2. Cute dress!
    Thanks for following, I'm following you back!

  3. Mooie jurk! Waar ga je communicatiemanagement studeren? Ik ben echt aan het twijfelen tussen dat en cultuurmanagement, maar na drie jaar heb ik het een beetje gehad met die hele cultuursector in Vlaanderen, dus communicatie spreekt me meer aan.. Maar toch: TWIJFELS :)

    (oh en ik comment gewoon in het Nederlands ;))

    xo Elien

  4. I like the dress.

  5. i love ur dress!! and its amazing to work with people you like!!

  6. Nice dress.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. Lovely post. I absolutely adore your dress. You looking beautiful:)))

    Im now following your blog, would love it if you could follow back.

  8. Gorgeous photo, your dress is super cute =)

  9. Ggreat photos and you look beautiful!! Nice dress!!