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I'm so so sorry I haven't been posting in a while, but I was so busy with work and school and friends & quite ill at the same time. But I'm getting a little better now, I got my voice back, so I'm blogging some more now.

Today, my BF and I went to Antwerp for a shopping trip. I finally found the time to visit the new Forever 21 there. It was a-ma-zing ♥ Lots & lots of wonderful things, but I didn't buy that much. I bought a light brown pencil skirt and a hairbrush. I also bought some stuff for my lodge in Ghent like my own shampoo, cornflakes, etc. Nothing really interesting ;) But I had lots of fun today, and saw some wonderful clothes & styles! Also, my best friend was on my bus, and we didn't know of one another we would be there, funny coincidence!

Also, I went to the Global Cooking Event by FoodInvest last Wednesday. There were lots of famous Belgian cooks & actors etc, and we had lots & lots of freeee food! I went home with cookies, cupcakes, soup, chocolate, kidney beans (yes really!), yogurt etc etc... Also, we could eat food made by famous cooks there, and you could let a photographer take a picture of that cook and yourself. We had an amazing day, really! And because it was a kind of chic event, I could dress up, and put on a pretty dress! Below a re some of the pictures taken by the photographer...

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  1. looks like you had a great time! :)

  2. Hi Sweety and thanks for your comment. I'm going for your advice today. I'm all wrapped up and have tons of losengers in my bag to snack on:) Xxx