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See how tired I am? ;) Oh, and as you asked, finally a picture of my golden wall!
Shirt - borrowed from my sister
Skirt - Tally Weijl

I've been quite busy lately, now school had started, so sorry if I'm not updating so much, I just need to find the time between learning and volleyball and work and seeing my friends and boyfriend in. School is pretty great, definitely if you consider it's school! My classes have been pretty great so far, and I already made some friends. I study Communication Management by the way. Today, I had an "Image communication" class, where we watched video clips about how images make us able to understand things and shape our lives. After that, I had my German class, which was okay, but it was a pity we literally start from the beginning, which is kind of boring for me, considering I've had 3 hours of German a week the last two years. After that class, it was time for Psychology, for which I was rather 'scared' because I personally think it's very difficult. But guess what? Our lecturer was absent, so no Psychology today.

I came home rather early, and after having lunch, I browsed the internet, and after my little break, I made my homework! Ain't that good of me? I did all my tasks for this week and a task for which the deadline is November 7, so I worked rather well. Just when I finished that task, my BF came over. His classes ended later than mine (ghehe!) and he had to wait for a bus etc etc so he came around later late, let's say about a quarter to 4. He told eachother about our day and hadd some fun, and then his Dad texted that they would be over my place in a second. After rapidly putting away my pile of school stuff and my box of chocolate, I asked them to come in, and showed them my room.

We stayed in my room for some time and tried to cath that annoying fly that had been bothering me for days, without succes, and then left to go out for dinner. We found a restaurant that looked rather well; it was quite crowded and the dishes looked good, so we asked for a table for six. My boyfriend, his twin brother (who appeared to be an avid reader of my blog), his sister, his Dad and his Dad's girlfriend. I'm always happy to see them, we come along quite well and I see them as my family, so we had a good time. Only the restaurant wasn't the way we had expected it to be.. Not at all, actually. The food was good, but the service wasn't. There were 5 waiters, but only one of them really worked, and so on. That one working waiter got a tip by the way. Explaining all of their mistakes would take ages & is rather boring, so I'm not going to.

And then we walked back to the parking, and they dropped me off at my place. As far my great night. My BF is now at his place, my best friend is at an event called "Student Kick-Off" here in Ghent, but I'm not really in the mood. I'm planning on reading (The Talented Mr. Ripley) in my own cozy sofa and going to bed in time, because I'm really tired. And tomorrow I can sleep late, hooray! Classes don't start until 11:45 AM, hmmm...

The problem with the food that there was more fruit than salad in my scampi-chicken salad. So I made a piece of art out of it ;)

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  1. thanks!
    haha en nee, ik ben de hele dag in Groningen geweest dus dat was onmogelijk... :)


  2. hi dear! nice blog!
    check out mine I'd glad you'll be my next follower!
    I follow you back!

  3. new blog! i hope you like it

  4. love the color of your wall :)

  5. Thanks a lot for your comment'
    a love your skirt and teeshirt !!!
    nice blog . a see your news!

  6. love the colour of your wall!!!! Nice blog!

  7. Love your skirt! Nice picture! :)

  8. thank you for your coment! :)
    okay, i will follow you, so follow me please ;) i would like see you in my blog again

  9. Nice blog! :) I follow you..if you want look my sketches! Nick

  10. love this post and the colour of the wall is amazing :D

  11. ooh, die kleuren combineren inderdaad heeel mooi!
    Fijn laken he, ik heb dezelfde maar dan in het Paars (:


  12. Oh die gouden muur is echt supermooi!


  13. Gave kleur die muur! Zou er zelf wel gek van worden denk ik haha maar ik vind het wel heel origineel!

  14. obsessed with that golden wall!! so perfect!!
    xo TJ

  15. ah, bedankt voor je lieve reactie ♥
    jij hebt ook een leuke blog, en ik blijf
    doorgaan met posten hoor. jij ook?

  16. I totally agree! With school and working, I've been so tiered recently! Hope you have time to catch up on sleep over the weekend :/

    Loving your blog doll. I'm a new follower. Hope to hear from you soon!


  17. I like you red shorts!xx Tanja