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Today was a great day! The weather was delightful! 28°C, in our rainy little country, oh my! During lunch break, I sat in the garden of my school with my friends, talking for a bit and having lunch, when my boyfriend texted me that he was done early with school & that he'd come to Ghent City to see me. I said that was okay, and after saying goodbye to my friends, I went to my little home to pick up and drop some books for my lesson of Dutch that afternoon. My break was from 11:15 AM till 3:00 PM, because our teacher of Sociology was absent.

I met my BF around 1:30 PM, and after walking through the City, we decided to buy a large bucket of Ben & Jerry's to eat while sitting in the grass and enjoying the sun. Which we did. It was a great lunch break, and it has been soooo long since the last time I ate B&J, it tasted so good ♥ You gotta love them! Unfortunately, I had to go back to class, so we said goodbye and I joined my friends again. After Dutch class I went back to my place to get my suitcase and grab a bite before going home with my best friend. She and I told eachother about our days and so on. Also, she seems no be developing Mysophobia. She seems to have the habit to clean up every mess, even if it isn't hers. I won't complain ;) Thank you bestie! We got ready to go home, went back by train, and my Mom picked me up there to bring me to my volleyball training. And now I'm back at home, in my own bed. Feels kind of weird. But good at the same time. Not that I was homesick; not at all actually, but it feels good to be here again.

But I have to admit I'm freaking tired after this first full week of school and sports and friends and BF and assignments. I guess you can see it at my face... So off to bed now, rather early, but it will be good for me...

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  1. thank you for your comment!
    okay im following you also girl!
    i hope see you again in my blog!

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  3. cream is love! :)

  4. i love this ice creme ♡


  5. it´s nice to rediscover the taste of things you haven´t had in a long timeee!! Now i´m craving for some ice cream too!!


  6. Cute skirt, love the colour!

    Carmen Ri.

  7. thank you for the visit <3
    i hope you post early!

  8. Thank you girl for your comment!You have a nice blog...

  9. U r so wonderfull skinny!!!
    I always want to try this ice cream,we don't have them in Poland :((
    Greetings from Warsaw

  10. i love the colour of your skirt with the stripes!


  11. loooking adorable!! loving the pop of color with the stripes!!
    thankx for ur lovely comment!!

  12. Like the colors combination!

    Tks for commenting my blog I'm following you!


  13. love the top!
    pass to my blog and follow :)

  14. great outfit! I love Ben&Jerry's! ♥

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  16. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment
    Simply and lovely outfit!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  17. great top!
    i just subcribed to your blog..hope u subcribe back,id love to comment some more..
    take care

  18. Nice photos and great outfit! :)

  19. That bright pink skirt is so lovely!

  20. Oh yummm, ice cream!! Haha, love it. Also loving the gorgeous colour of your skirt too girl xx

  21. love your skirt! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I just followed you - follow back?

  22. The colour of your skirt is so cool! looks great with the stripes! very fresh. x

  23. Ben & Jerry's - I'm so jealous! We don't have them in Australia so I hope you enjoyed an extra scoop for me. ;)

    Looking adorable as always!

    Love, Mandy xoxo