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Hello my dear readers! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I've been insanely busy. School and volleyball and all, it's becoming a little too much. I already need a vacation. I don't look very healthy (I'm very pale, en my one eye is a little swollen of tiredness) so I wasn't in the mood for the usual outfit posts. I feel a little shitty at the moment. I'll post some pictures of yesterday & one of today.

Yesterday, after school, at around 8PM, my best friend and I went to the Ghent Late Night Shopping Event. I only bought a one-year-together-present for my boyfriend, but it was a great night! We had sooo much fun, and it was as cozy as a Christmas Market :) On the Korenmarkt, one of the most famous squares of Ghent, my friend all of sudden asked if I wanted to visit the church there. Yeah, really. It seemed a little weird to me at first, but after we went in, I was zooo happy we did! It appeared there was a cupcake-pie-marzipan-chocolate-event! There was a champion in marzipan art, and he made people's favourite animal out of marzipan. He made me a tiger! And for my friend a very cute sheep. We ate lots of free confectionary and had much fun. It was an amazing night, as I already said.

Today was not so relaxed. I had to get up early for school. The classes were okay: English, Communication Management, Sociology and Dutch. My English class was done an hour early, so we had a long break, and my friends and I went to the cafetaria and talked and laughed, and my friend Elize and I made some photos together on her MacBook. After school, I rushed home to pack my bags and go home for the weekend, and to go my volleyball training. Now, I'm out of energy, for real. It's not fun to hear everyone say: "you look so tired", or "you are very pale, do you sleep enough?" etc. NO I DON'T. I'm doing too much for school, I'm not sleeping enough, and I have my little problems who make life a little harder. But hey, I'll survive. I'll go to bed after posting this post, and sleep till 10 AM or even later, and I'll feel lots better! :)

-PS: Sorry for the bad quality of my pictures. My HTC Smart had died, so I'm using an old Samsung now to take pics... I always forget my Olympus when I go to Ghent on Sunday Night.

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  1. Pretty post I like it! You look so pretty in this photo!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  2. Thank for joining my giveaway! I followed you back.
    Have a lovely weekend and good luck.


  3. Dankjewel !
    Nou, haha, ik studeer nog niet ;p
    Het is gewoon een vak op school bij mij !

  4. Thanks for stopping by ;)

    Cheers and happy blogging,



  5. Cute pictures!
    Would you like to follow each other? <3

  6. You look so cute ! :) Come to my blog if you want and if you like it, follow it :), many kisses and happy blogging !

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  7. Hey girl! I am a new follower :) I really like your blog. The outfits below are so cute! Check mine out too

  8. Hi dear
    Yeah, Primark is amazing

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  9. Take some time to relax girl! Health comes first ;) We´ll be here no matter how bussy you get.
    Congrats for the year anniversary!


  10. cute photos! thank you for stopping by my blog!


  11. love the first pictures looks pretty

    New outfit post - New dress