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It's been quite some time again, I'm so sorry. But it feels as if school is trying to take control of me! I've received my exam schedule, and I get stress attacks just by looking at it. I have to finish quite some tasks, and it's almost studying till we drop time. Today I had only 3 classes, which finished at 13:15 PM, so today was an okay day! Image communication, history and law. But enough about school! There's one nice thing about time creeping by: it's getting warmer, summer is finally coming! My outfit is the one I whore on Monday, and as you can see, the weather was incredibly good! I didn't have to wear a cardigan in classes, only my trenchcoat to bike to school. Sunday was an amazing day either, I could finally put on my kick-ass pink wayfarer for the first time! But as we all had expected, the good weather didn't last, and the past two days were grey and cold. Ugh. But tomorrow will be sunny again. And lucky me will be free from school Friday, so tomorrow will be an afternoon relaxing in the sun! Despite all the cold, today will be lots of fun as well! My roommates and I will be having a little party tonight, with good food and something to drink! I'm really looking forward to it! But before the fun, work has to be done, so now I'll be off studying, once again...

Dress - Esprit
Shoes - Mum's

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    Great post. , Stunning look , dear! love the color of your nails!!!

  2. perfect dress...looks good on you ;)

  3. School can keep you really busy! I know how that is. :) I love this dress on you, and your nails look so pretty.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. What an elegant and lady like dress! you look stunning!


  5. Nice dress and you look pretty in it. darling!

    P.S. Thank you so much for your comment
    and for following. I'm now following you
    back on GFC; #133 follower.
    Hope to see you again on my next post.

    Have a great day!

  6. hello..ur blog is very pretty
    love ur dress.wanna follow each other?i will be happy followed by a cool person like u

  7. You always look....admirably pretty! I love that dress!

  8. You look so pretty!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. lovely dress! :) so girly! :)

    I hope so too ;) thank U so much for caring me ;* :)

  10. mooie look!
    ik volg je, volg je terug?

  11. such a pretty and sweet dress! :D

  12. That's a beautiful dress, and I love your nails colour!
    Have a nice Sunday! <3

  13. woow!! your blog is amazing
    keep posting and go for it!


  14. Your nails and that dress are gorgeous together :)

  15. Cute outfit! Loving your dress :)


  16. Hi lovely, thank you so much for your comment!!!
    Would you like following each other on GFC?
    Let me know would love to follow you back
    Besos, Marcela