MAY 15

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Can you believe it's raining & hailing right now, and this morning, there was thunder & lightning for a moment. It's freakin' May. Yesterday was a wonderful day. The weather was delightful, and I had only two classes, of which one lasted only about half an hour, so school was cool. After school, my love and I went into Ghent City to do some shopping and enjoy the weather, because we know the Belgian weather all to well: one day of good weather means three days of bad weather. And you know what? My love and I are together for 19 months today, and he bought me an amazing Gosh nailpolish. The colour is 605: Blue Balloon. Gorgeous colour, even prettier than Genius In The Bottle (cheap version of Chanel PĂ©ridot) I'm wearing on the photos in this post. 

When I'm typing this, my newest favourite song is playing on the radio! What a coincidence. I don't know if it's famous over there my dear readers, but you should definitely look it up: Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks. Best song released in the past few times. Furthermore I've got to say that my schoolyear is almost over. Only four classes to go & then I'll have to focus on exams. When are your exams starting, dear readers? Are you as stressed out as I am? More than one month to go & I can finally enjoy my summer! Let's think that way ;)

Dress - InWear
Sunglasses - H&M
Bow-tie Ring - Six
Pink Ring - Swarovski

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  1. Bedankt voor je comment! Die gouden nagellak in combi met die ring is erg leuk!

  2. Gorgeous nailpolish color! And I am inlove with your sleeveless mini coat! :) So chic!

  3. Lovely look! Your ring is so cute, and so are the nails :) I feel bad now that I sold my golden polish, heh.

    Indie by heart

  4. Of course I can believe that it's raining! In fact also here it's raining and full of thunders... May, may where are you with the warm sunny days?!?!
    Lovely look and great nail polish color!
    ps: I'm going to see The Avengers tomorrow!! So excited! :D

  5. So sorry about the weather. Ours has actually been too hot. Last week it still rained but halfway through it, the weather decided it wasn't Winter anymore so it moved on to Summer. Not Spring, Summer. I hate Summer because I hate heat. Baaah.

    Anyway, you look great! I like your nails :)

  6. I love this nail polish - GREAT color. I definitely want to wear this for the weekend. And, thanks for the song suggestion - checking it out now!


  7. So cute, lady!! kisses

  8. so cool your outfit
    is lovely and amazing! :)

  9. thanks for the comment and nice post!! would u like to follow us each other? I can also follow you in other blogs or twitter!

    lovely blog!

  10. Lovely nail polish! You look fabulous as always :) Good luck with your exams! I've got one left (German intro) though it isn't until the first week of June. Like you, I can't wait to be finished!

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  11. ooh your nails are sooooo pretty! love the color!! and what an adorable ring! :)

  12. I love the Swarovski pink ring...
    It looks gorgeous & cute...

    Follow my blog at

  13. the gold nail polish is so pretty!! love the metallic sheen to them. and I've got exams coming up too! :( good luck for yours!

  14. the bow-tie ring is cute and the nail polish is great!


  15. Love your bow ring! So cute! ;)

  16. pretty dress! Following you also on bloglovin do the same if you want

  17. Bedankt voor je lieve comments op mijn blog! Ik heb er alleen per ongeluk 1 verwijderd en dat kan je blijkbaar niet ongedaan maken :( Sorry daarvoor in elk geval!
    Prettig weekend! x

  18. those are gorgeous nail, and your dress so unique, and looks amazing on you. :) love your hair!

    have a great wknd!

  19. tees joli verni.