Vibrant bags

I can't get enough of how a colourful bag can brighten up any look, especially an all-black ensemble, and I'm obsessed with my bright blue Jacquemus bag adds that perfect pop of colour. Whether you choose a vibrant hue like mine or go for another striking shade, a colourful bag instantly elevates your outfit, making it playful and chic. Below, I’ve linked a selection of my favourite bags that will add life & personality into any wardrobe.

Travel guide: When in Rome

In February 2022 my boyfriend and I flew over to Rome for a long weekend of gorgeous views, the best food and an overall wonderful time in the Italian capital. It was my first time in the city, but in 3,5 days we managed to see so many things Rome has to offer. If you're staying 3 or 4 days like we did, this guide will help you to coordinate your visit.

We flew to Rome on a direct flight, arriving at Fiumicino airport in the evening, and went straight to our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Villa San Pio which we booked through Booking at a very interesting rate. I absolutely recommend this hotel as the value for its money is amazing: our room was very spacious and even had a big terrace, the staff was very friendly and helpful, and the location was great too: the hotel is on a quiet street, but only a short walk away from all the touristic hotspots. 

Day 1

We started off our day bright an early, but not without having a nice Italian breakfast: espresso and a cornetto con crema to get that energy you need to walk around a city all day. I wanted to see as many monuments as possible on my first day in Rome, as I simply couldn't wait to finally see them with my own eyes. We started with the Colloseum, the Forum Romanum that's right next to it and Palatine Hill

We wandered around the city, discovering so many beautiful places, before arriving at the Trevi fountain just before lunchtime. I think that of all the beauty there was to admire in this city, the Trevi fountain really was the one that impressed me the most. How a devine work of art can lift up a small and seemingly insignificant square is so impressive!

If you're looking for good food around this area, then Piccola Bucco is the perfect place, only two minutes of walking from Trevi. We arrived at noon on the dot, and it was a good thing we did, because the restaurant filled up super quickly. We shared a burrata with mortadella to start off the food party, and then had one of the most incredible pizzas I've ever eaten - couldn't recommend this place more!

In the afternoon we walked around the city some more, ending up at the famous Villa Borghese. It's the perfect place for a lovely walk around the huge parc and is actually shaped like a heart. Can it get any more romantic? We enjoyed the orange and golden hues of the sunset in Villa Borghese, the perfect break from all the walking we did on our first day in Rome. 

We ended our day with another amazing restaurant called Luciano, which is quite close to Piazza Navona. This place is a bit fancier than the other restaurants we've been to, but it's still super affordable and most definitely worth it. I do recommend that you book in advance, especially on the weekend, because the place tends to get very busy. Their cook, Luciano, also known as Rome's carbonara king, really does deserve his title, because the pasta carbonara we had was out of this world! 

Day 2

On our second day in Rome we went to the Vatican, which we'd booked quite a few days in advance to avoid the long lines everyone warned us about. And we were indeed very happy to have pre-booked tickets, because we were able to access the museums very quickly instead of waiting in line for two hours! We ended up spending our entire afternoon wandering around the extensive galleries the place offers. We of course went to discover the Sistine Chapel, which was just as beautiful as I'd imagined, and my boyfriend and I spent a good thirty minutes just sitting in the chapel, admiring Michelangelo's work of art. 

After the Vatican Museums we were craving Italian food (of course) and went to a small restaurant that sold fresh pasta, which was just a five minute walk from the St. Peter's Square (which was amazingly impressive as well by the way). The lunch place we went to is called EGG Pasta Fresca and offered just a handful of different dishes, all of them super fresh and delicious, so definitely a must-do when you're visiting Vatican City! Unlike most of the restaurants around the Vatican, it is quiet and modest and the homemade pasta was only about 6 euros, so this is definitely a hidden gem I can recommend!

During our afternoon in the Vatican we went to visit St. Peter's Basilica, also a definite must-do, as it was by far the most impressive church building I've ever visited. We also spent some time sitting in the sun on a terrace with a glass of wine, watching people walk by, before wandering over to the Castel Sant’Angelo and its beautiful bridge.  

In the evening we went to a local restaurant quite close to our hotel, since we were so tired from our day of walking around the Vatican, called Osteria Fratelli Mori. I had fettuccine with guanciale and artichoke and my boyfriend had the classic rigatoni all'amatriciana. We were about the only non-Italians there and the place was buzzing with life and laughter; the atmosphere was amazing and the food was beyond delicious!

Day 3

On our third day in the city we still had some Rome hotspots to see and food places we wanted to try. We started off our day with a trip up the Spanish Steps and wandered around all the luxury shops that surround the square where the steps are located. We also went to the Pantheon, another impressive building of Rome, and had lunch on the steps in front of it. We went to All’antico Vinaio just before noon, and I'm glad we went quite early, because by the time it was our turn, the line behind us had already tripled! Then again, I understand the hype, because the focaccias were so good, I wanted to go back and order a couple more, just to try every single one of them! 

During the afternoon we wandered around some more, stopping for an ice-cream at Giolitti, reportedly the oldest ice cream parlour in Rome and conveniently located next to the Pantheon. After our gelato we went inside the famous Rinascente, an Italian department store offering a range of high-end brands. We really liked admiring all the beautiful items that were sold here. The place also has a rooftop bar which we didn't visit, but that looked so nice to have a drink.

And because the weather was so nice, we decided to continue our walk along the Tiber river and have another ice-cream, this time a more contemporary place called La Romana. I had a scoop of biscotto della nonna, which was so creamy and delicious, I really couldn't recommend it more! 

Day 4

Our fourth day was our last day in Rome, and we only had until 2 pm until we had to leave to the airport to catch our flight back to Paris. We decided to spend our morning walking around the famous Trastevere neighbourhood where you can find a lot of nice bars and restaurants. Our last morning in the city, we enjoyed our walk on the narrow cobbled streets and the warm Italian hues of the small houses of the area. Around half past eleven we decided to stop at a random restaurant we liked immediately to have a coffee before finding a place to have lunch, little did we know that we ended up at one of the most famous restaurants of Trastevere! 

The place is called Tonnarello, and as the name suggests, it's specialised in the thick type of egg pasta called tonnarelli. We came to this place for just a drink but ended up having lunch as well, since everything looked so good we most definitely had to try! The tonnarello pasta with amatriciana sauce was delicious and we were so glad that we discovered this place; a wonderful discovery as  the last visit of this trip!

I hope you’ve found this Rome travel guide useful for planning your own adventure, whether it's a first-time visit or a come-back trip. I do hope you'll make the most of your own Roman Holiday! 

Morocco Roadtrip: Marrakesh, Fez & Chefchaouen in 3 days

I travelled to Morocco in September 2019, and wanted to see a maximum of this beautiful country in a limited amount of time. My friend and I planned it all well in advance, booking our riads, trains and daytrips to organize our trip as well as we could. 

We had only three full days, and in these days we managed to see Marrakesh, Fez and Chefchaouen. If you only have a limited amount of time and/or holidays, this guide is for you! If you have more time, I think the country deserves a much longer trip to experience more of Morocco, stay longer in certain cities, and add a few daytrips too. In any case I'd love to travel to Morocco again, since there's so much more to see and discover!

I flew into Morocco through the airport of Marrakesh in the evening, and since my flight was delayed, we weren't able to do much on our first evening in the city. We stayed at Riad Adika which was absolutely stunning, so accommodating and the perfect place to spent the first night of our trip. 

The next day we spent our day in Marrakesh, just wandering through the city and taking in all the beauty, with a walk through the souk marketplace, and a visit to the famous Yves Saint Laurent museum and its gorgeous gardens. 

We spent the day in Marrakesh till our 16.50 train to Fez. This took us 6 hours by train, but we packed up on good snacks, lots of water, and a game of Uno to make this trip as fun as we could. 

When we arrived in Fez in the evening, we went straight to our riad, which was just absolutely incredible. I couldn't recommend more to stay at the beautiful Hotel & Spa Dar Bensouda. The staff was absolutely lovely and so helpful, even serving us dinner outside of the kitchen opening hours since we arrived quite late and weren't able to have dinner in the city. 

The next day we woke up early, grabbed a quick coffee & breakfast at the riad, and left to catch our 8 am bus trip to Chefchaouen. The day trip we booked was this one, which is the best on the market in terms of what you get for your money. We left early with a small group of people and a wonderful guide, who explained us all there is to know about the gorgeous town of Chefchaouen. The scenery through the Moroccan mountains on our way there was absolutely stunning as well. 

Upon arrival, we were able to explore Chefchaouen at our own pace for about four hours, which was plenty to discover the beautiful streets of the Medina, admire all the gorgeous blue architecture and learn more about the history of this true gem. 

We were dropped back off in the centre of Fez in the evening, had a lovely dinner and went back to our riad for our last night in Fes before travelling back to Marrakesh. 

Before catching the train back to Marrakech, we went to explore Fez a bit more, and as well to buy a nice bag from one of the shops, since Fez is famous for its incredible tanneries. We had so much fun visiting all the market shops, learning more about the art of producing and dyeing leather, and choosing the bag that fit us the best, which also made a wonderful souvenir from our trip to Fez. 

We took the 15h40 train back to Marrakech for our last evening in the city before flying back to Paris. This time, we had quite a big delay since the track our train was on caught fire, forcing us to have an unforeseen stop in the middle of nowhere till the fire was put out. Luckily we were again armed with lots of snacks, water and a good old game of Uno, so before we knew it, we were back up and running, off to Marrakesh. 

Since this was our last evening in Morocco, we made the most of it, and booked yet another beautiful riad called Bliss Riad, with the most gorgeous rooftop that gave a view over the city, and beautiful rooms with a stunning sense of design and a bathtub. 

We went to have dinner at the famous Terrasse des Epices, a beautiful rooftop restaurant with the most delicious dishes. It was the perfect place to end our four day stay in Morocco, taking in the breathtaking view, delicious scents and flavours, and enjoy the Moroccan culture. 

We spent one last night at Bliss Riad, before flying back home the next day quite early. Overall this was one of the most beautiful destinations I've ever been, experiencing a culture so rich, and seeing three completely different cities in such a short amount of time. 

I hope this travel guide may help you for your own Moroccan roadtrip, and do let me know your own recommendations in the comments, since I'm definitely planning to travel back and experience more of the country!

Summer bliss in Sardinia

One of the most beautiful destinations I've ever visited was most definitely the island of Sardinia, which offers the perfect balance between gorgeous beaches with clear blue water, the most delicious Italian food, glitz & glam and calm, serene villages. Sardinia offers it all, and I fell in love with this island straight away. 

Most Instagrammable places in Paris

1. Rue Crémieux
In a city where beautiful beige hues reign, Rue Crémieux is an original change from the typical Haussmann architecture. On this street, right inbetween Bastille and Gare de Lyon, you can find all the pastel shades you could possibly long for. My blog wouldn't be called Pastellics if this street wasn't my number one in Paris!