Petit Palais

When I wear this outfit I feel so Parisian that I'm starting to believe this city and I were meant to be, and half of what I'm wearing literally is Parisian. My new striped jumper is by Andy & Lucy, a relatively small fashion brand that makes the most amazing designs, simply yet so stylish, always with a modern touch, such as the pins in this case. The bright blue bag is from Parisian fashion house Weill's newest collection and my season crush: give a girl a cobalt purse and she can take the world!

StyleWe Autumn Wishlist

Autumn seems to hit the city good and well, and even though I still refuse to wear tights or my beloved wool camel coat, I'm slowly preparing my wardrobe for the moment the cold really hits the city.  This season I'm obsessed with combining basic grey, white and black pieces with fun pops of colour, such as mustard, mandarin orange and blue, to brighten up grey days. 

Striped Choker Top

I think you guys know by now how much of a nineties gal I really am, wearing crop tops, chokers et cetera non-stop, so you can imagine my utter bliss upon receiving this black & white (another favourite of mine) crop top, choker included. Paired with my beloved black suit trousers and black and white shoes I feel quite nineties with a Parisian twist.

Coffee Coloured Duster Coat

The perfect piece for this mid-season weather, when it's too cold in the morning to leave the house without a coat, but at the same time too hot to get that winter coat out of your closet. This coffee coloured duster coat is my new wardrobe crush, as it's so comfortable, stylish, the perfect addition to your mid-season wardrobe, plus shoppable at a very good price too! 

Statement Tee & Choker

Think about putting together a grey statement shirt, a pastel pink faux leather skirt, a velvet pearl choker and massive pink sunnies, and it seems like the worst outfit ever. Nevertheless I decided to combine all these items, and the outfit came out perfectly. A new favourite even.