Pastel & White Sneakers

White sneakers have been a big hit for quite some time by now, and I finally got my very own pair as well - better late than never, right? I got these beauties from Goliath, they're called the Dutch Army Trainer II, and are now on sale - go & get 'm here if you like them : click

Summer Platform Shoes

Platform shoes seem to have taken it over from classic heels & flat shoes. Sneaking in some extra centimetres all while being comfortable and with a stronly reduced chance of tripping, I'm a fan. I do own a pair of platform shoes but they're literally falling apart so the time might have come to say goodbye to them... 

Romwe Review & Wishlist

I remember, years ago, browsing around Romwe and being so surprised by its prices, but being too sceptical of those prices to ever order. So when they contacted me some time ago, asking if I'd be interested to review one of their products, I was very eager to try, as they offer the most amazing range of cute clothes - and not only crazy one-size pieces, but lovely dresses and shirts for girls like you and me. 

Aubergine Jumpsuit

I kind of feel like an eggplant wearing this jumpsuit, but then again, I like eggplants so no harm is done! I've always been the first one to scream that I hate wearing purple, but this shade of aubergine-purple is just the perfect exception to this year-long rule. I got this piece on Asos and I love its fitting: slightly oversized but in a fairly elegant manner. But goodness, I melt whenever wearing this piece! This Northern girl can't really support the temperatures to which my body rises when wearing this jumpsuit, but then again, Paris has gone back into winter mode, so I can pull this winter piece back out of my closet! 

Festival & Summerproof Hair-Do

I think about no-one noticed, but I did an ombré myself a couple of weeks ago with some bleach I bought in London quite some time ago, and the result turned out loads better (and blonder) than expected, all while keeping it quite natural. But then again, when wearing my hair down like this, like I almost never do, it's much, much more noticeable that I went for an ombré, and I must admit I quite like the effect.