Most Instagrammable places in Paris

1. Rue Crémieux
In a city where beautiful beige hues reign, Rue Crémieux is an original change from the typical Haussmann architecture. On this street, right inbetween Bastille and Gare de Lyon, you can find all the pastel shades you could possibly long for. My blog wouldn't be called Pastellics if this street wasn't my number one in Paris!

Beret mania

Some may say it's a big cliché, but I absolutely love berets, and think they add that French chic touch to any look. Whether you choose a bright one to add a pop of colour, a classic beige hue, smooth black leather of a fluffy one with pearls like the one I'm wearing; you're sure to add the finishing touch to any look.

Wandering around Vienna

Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by the Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert and always used to watch the concert on TV, wishing I could be there, taking in the classic music brought by the world's finest and the breathtaking surroundings. Until now, I've never been able to get my hands on tickets for the concert, as it's incredibly hard to get those, but I did manage to go to Vienna and enjoy a concert at the Musikverein in the one and only Goldener Saal where the New Year's Concert is held. 

Pretty Porto

My trip to Porto in March was quite a random pick: my boyfriend and I wanted to spend a romantic weekend away for our anniversary and didn’t have any destination in mind. As I just changed jobs, I wanted to find a flight that left late on Friday evening from CDG airport. We opened the CDG website, checking out all flights leaving on Friday evening, and stumbled upon the 9 pm flight to Porto. Tickets were cheap (thank you EasyJet!), and off we went to Porto. 

Discovering Copenhagen

This month I discovered the stunning city of Copenhagen, for the short time of two days, but it convinced me I need to head back to Denmark to discover more of this beautiful country. Not only the colours of the city were so pretty, but also the food was amazing, and the people extremely nice and kind and very helpful. What’s not to like about this city?