Band shirt bias


I've always been a great fan of classic rock, with a hint of metal at times, but my style has always been very pink, feminine, with lots of frills, always wearing a cute little blouse instead of a large-cut shirt. Ever since living in London two years ago my style has switched more to the "dark side", adding leather, fish nets, large shirts and tartan to my wardrobe, and I've also found myself being obsessed with band shirts. Good thing they're very popular at the moment, which allows me to expand my band shirt collection. However, I still get the side-eye whenever wearing one of my band shirts...

Tweed & ankle boots

In a world where Zara seems to dominate every fashionista's wardrobe, I can't help but wonder where all these Instagramistas seem to find these gorgeous pieces & rock them so well. Whenever I try to shop at Zara it's either one big mess, I don't fit into anything (I know it's a Spanish brand, but does an XL really have to be too small / not covering my bum for me?) or the quality is depressing. I think I manage to find one piece a year at Zara, an it's usually the leftovers no-one else seems to shop. 


January is coming to its end, the first month of a brand new year, it's been more than two months since my last post, and tonight, the last weekend of January, I'm back at my desk behind my good old laptop after too long of a blog silence, feeling like 2017 started ages ago while it's only been four weeks. I took some time off the blog to focus on work and plenty of other things, and those two months I felt like I was drowning. Now that my head is back above the water, back to breathing normally and settled down in my beautiful Paris, I go back to blogging. 

No New Year's resolutions for me, only a lot of motivation and goals set for the upcoming months. Bigger, bolder, better, and even though I might not be as active on my blog as before, I'll still be up-to-date on my favourite social medium, Instagram. Drop your Instagram in the comments & I'll make sure to take a look! Have a lovely Sunday evening, hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Pastel Biker Jacket

When browsing SammyDress and spotting this baby blue leather jacket, I fell in love at once. I've been looking for a pastel biker jacket for ages now, never finding the right fit and/our colour, and just when I considered just giving up on my endless search, my eyes fell on this gem. I ordered a size L, and the jackets fits just perfectly! 

Midnight in Paris

What's more beautiful than a night out in sizzling Paris? With Christmas getting closer and closer, the city seems to be shining brighter than ever, which is the perfect occasion for a LBD outfit with a twist. For a drink with my girlfriends in the city, this outfit was the perfect fit: this Vila little black dress is one of my favourites with its easy fit and original back. Paired with my brand new pair of shiny Sacha shoes, and my favourite red lipstick on, this outfit is a classic to-go look for a night out in the city.