Rosegal Bell Sleeve Top

I've never been a fan of wearing a dress over a shirt, especially not the popular white shirt & slip dress combination, but I might just have fallen in love with a lace top, which I do wear under a dress. This black trumpet sleeve top is such a good fit, and I love the combination with the black dress. I also look forward to wearing this top with my black suit trousers and a bralette underneath - so many ways to combine this top! And those sleeves? I just can't get enough of them. 

I got this top for only $6 (yes really) over at Rosegal, and I'm so happy with its quality and sizing, which isn't always given for such a mini-price. I got some other items from their webshop as well, which will be online soon!  


What do you think of my new lace top? How would you combine it? Let me know in the comments! 

Silver Skirt

If there’s glitters, sequins or metallics involved, you can bet I’ll snatch it like a magpie would. I love anything pink, anything pastel-coloured and anything shiny, so you can probably imagine how happy I was when I found this silver skirt on Asos, it was love at first sight! I actually got this skirt quite some time ago, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared this silver gem with you guys yet! 

Night-Time Skincare Secrets

I spent the biggest part of my life totally clueless on the skincare & make-up department, up until my internship at Chanel I hadn't heard of a highlighter, didn't know you should apply a day cream before putting on make-up, nor did I do more than wear mascara, the (very) occasional lipstick and  a drop of concealer when a pimple popped up. And then aged 20 I interned with Chanel, discovered the beautiful world of make-up and skincare, and got hooked. 

Moda Bridal

I'm kind of a modern gal, not planning to get married anytime soon, nor dreaming of a fancy white wedding dress, but what I do love, is attending weddings, and all that comes with it. I love planning out a fancy outfit, do my hair, do my make-up, be surrounded by utter happiness all day, and congratulate the newly wed couple with a glass of champagne. I love the atmosphere on weddings, the positive vibe, and those big smiley faces. 

Up The Hill

I've talked about my love for Parisian neighbourhood Montmartre before, having written a to-do guide with nice restaurants, shops & other things to do, and today I'm back with another thing to add to your list next time you're in Paris: climbing all up the Sacré Coeur.