Happy holidays!

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Crazy heels

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Twirling around

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My week on Instagram

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Miss Dior

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While in Paris

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On the dot

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Tour Eiffel

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Louis Vuitton streetstyle

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La vie en rose

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Pink outside the box

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Pretty in pink

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Bad romance

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Goodbye August, hello September

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Neutral & professional

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Polka dotting

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Popping up in St Tropez

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Blanc et noir

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Hilfiger holiday blues

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Triple velvet

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Neon yellow paradise

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Shebusa bracelets

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A little party never killed nobody

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Black & gold

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Skorts invasion

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Summertime madness

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Modern Lolita

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We'll always have Paris

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MET Ball

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Patterned tights

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Summer fun

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Shopping in Antwerp

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Snow in Ghent!

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Valentine's Day

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Goodbye Sweden

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Hello February, hello school, hello good quality photos and goodbye Sweden! My trip to Sweden last week was amazing, I had such an amazing time. I went to visit my good friend Jolanda who's studying in Sweden for 5 months! We had a lovely time, visited lovely places and ate amazing Swedish food. I stood on a lake and a mountain top, and saw a frozen sea. I learned some Swedish words and went to Ikea. It wasn't as cold as expected, and I had to leave way too soon! Now it's time to get back to "real life" = school life. I'll update much more now that school has started again, as I have my personal photographer (= mr. Boyfriend) again!

Breaking news: wearing trousers

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Breaking news! The end is near, exams are almost over! Today I had my last heavy course, and Wednesday is the very last day of exams. The last one is English, so that's gotta be an easy one! It's been a very hard week last week, I haven't slept for more than 6 hours in weeks but still I try to keep my head up. Exams have their advantages as well, even though they're limited, and I liked it when my and my friends here at our dig studied together, very motivating, and studying with my boyfriend was much more fun than being all on your own, with only thick books to study. And food brings comfort as well, ofcourse!

But that's not the only breaking news... As you can see, I'M WEARING TROUSERS! First time ever since... Forever? It's very weird to see myself wearing something else than dresses and skirts but I kind of like it. I don't think I'll ever wear an actual pair of jeans, jeggins are a big deal to me already. I think I like them, because they're comfy and totally different from my usual style. I guess I'll have lots of fun combining my new jeggings! Oh, and yet again my apologies for the bad quality of the photos, there's something wrong with my camera :( Macro photos are perfectly clear, but when I use the timer, it seems to fix on anyhting but me, and I can't find a way to solve this problem... I'll work on after my exams are over :)

Sweater - H&M
Jegging - 3Suisses

Happy New Year!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Better late then never, so I give you all my kindest wishes for the new year. I know it 's January 13 already, but I've been incredibly busy the past weeks. I'm in the middle of my exam period, and my Christmas "break" was all about studying. I'm in my second year Communication Management now, and it's quite heavy. Luckily I had some lovely days as well, where I could take a little break of sitting at my desk all day. Christmas and New Year's were amazing, visiting family, and being with my boyfriend and his family. Cosy and lovely. I didn't see my loved ones that often, but when I saw them, we had a wonderful time. Those who liked my Facebook page might have seen my 2013 message, but I'll share it here as well: Thank you, my lovely readers, for the past year full of your endless support & lovely comments. You make it worth blogging, and your comments make my day, everyday. Thank you, and I wish you all a very happy New Year. I hope all your dreams & wishes will come true! 

I know it's kind of silly to tell you guys all of this two weeks late, but those who have exams right now understand me I think. It's been really hard, and I'm just halfway, and time passes by so quickly, I didn't even notice it was the 13th already, haha! Oh, and this dress is a new piece, I found it at Vero Moda when I went pity shopping after a very difficult exam. Shopping always makes me feel better. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break, and to those studying: I know your feeling!