Pastel Biker Jacket

4:25 PM Imke 27 Comments

When browsing SammyDress and spotting this baby blue leather jacket, I fell in love at once. I've been looking for a pastel biker jacket for ages now, never finding the right fit and/our colour, and just when I considered just giving up on my endless search, my eyes fell on this gem. I ordered a size L, and the jackets fits just perfectly! 

Midnight in Paris

10:43 PM Imke 17 Comments

What's more beautiful than a night out in sizzling Paris? With Christmas getting closer and closer, the city seems to be shining brighter than ever, which is the perfect occasion for a LBD outfit with a twist. For a drink with my girlfriends in the city, this outfit was the perfect fit: this Vila little black dress is one of my favourites with its easy fit and original back. Paired with my brand new pair of shiny Sacha shoes, and my favourite red lipstick on, this outfit is a classic to-go look for a night out in the city.