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I am quite a noob when it comes to make-up, especially two years ago, I hardly wore make-up, By now I have learned a lot, and feel naked when I am not wearing any make-up at all. So I thought it was time for me to share with you my most used make-up that I keep under my bathroom mirror in this amazing organizer. 

A. CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet. My winter foundation, as it is very light and covers well, but still has a very natural finish. When I wear this foundation, people think I am not wearing fond de teint at all! 

B. Make Up Forver 'Full Cover'. The best camouflage cream I ever had! It covers incredibly well, with a natural effect, and you do not need much cream at all, so even if it is a little tube, you can use it for a very long time! I have it more than a year now and I am not even half-way! 

C. CHANEL Joues Contraste 'Discrétion'. My favourite blush; it is a very beautiful shade of pink that matches my skin colour really well and looks so natural. 

D. H&M Brush. Not the best brush I own - I also have a Chanel Kabuki which is way better, but this one was so cheap (€3 I believe) and it is perfect to use just to brush away any left-over mattifying powder. 

E. CHANEL Lèvres Scintillantes 'Sexy'. A very un-Chanel name, and the colour looks way too bright at first sight, but when applying this gloss, it is a very nice and subtle shade of pink, that is not sticky at all. A very nice gloss that looks good on anyone! 

F. CHANEL Sublime Waterproof 10 Black. A very nice mascara that makes my eyelashes way longer; I use it in combination with La Volume de Chanel to make my lashes both curled, long and with volume. I should probably get myself a mascara that combines all three instead of using two different ones, haha! 

G. CHANEL Le Volume 10 Black. The best mascara I had so far: very natural and easy to apply - very happy with this mascara! 

H. CHANEL Correcteur Perfection Concealer 10. A good concealer that covers well and is not as thick as the Make Up Forever concealer is. I love Chanel because they make really light colours for vampire girls like me, and this concealer is just the perfect colour for my fair skin. Other concealers I had before were always slightly too dark, even in the lightest colour they offered, and that makes your zits and bags under your eyes look even worse in my opinion. 

I. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine 'Satisfaction'. The perfect shiny nude colour; it looks so natural and goes literally with any other colour. My basic lipstick that I use all the time! 

J. CHANEL Rouge Allure 'Délurée'. This is a very dark brownish lipstick that I do not wear a lot as it is very dark and quite unique. I think it might look better on a dark skin than on my, but still I love this lipstick a lot, and like to wear it for a night out with nude eyes and a black dress, to draw the attention to my lips. 

K. CHANEL Rouge Coco 'Dédicace'. A really nice pink lipstick that goes well with my very fair skin. I think most people would find this colour too doll-like because it has a bit of a Barbie vibe, being bright pink, but as I love any shade of pink, this does not bother me at all. It does not last as long as my Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks, but it is still a very nice lipstick of good quality! 

L. MAC Russian Red. The classic red lip - matte and lasts very long! I only apply it in the morning, and rarely have to re-do it. A very beautiful shade of red that will suit almost everyone and adds immideate red-carpet glamour. 

M. CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet La Somptueuse. My number one lipstick, such a gorgeous shade of red, and matte as well. Its lasts incredibly long - I just apply it in the morning and it stays even after lunch and dinner, quit impressive huh? 

N. Kiko Invisible Powder. A very good mattifying transluscent powder that applies nicely and stays for a very long time. The only things I find negative is that this powder has a weird smell, and that it is really easy to spill so I always apply it when I am not wearing my clothes yet. But maybe the smell and the spilling is just me! 

So, I hope you like this post. This was very hard for me to write, as I am quite the noob concerning make-up, and do not know all 'make-up vocabulary', but nevertheless I found this fun to write! Should I do beauty posts more often? And what are you must-have beauty items? 


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