Firmoo Giveaway

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And yet again this post starts with some wonderful news! I'm very proud to announce a new give-away on this blog. This time it's Firmoo that's so sweet to give you the chance to win 25 vouchers each worth 20$ to spend on their website. Oh, and don't forget that doesn't include shipping, and you can't pick designer glasses with the voucher. But besides that, I think this is a lovely opportunity for you to get new glasses of sunglasses! All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter and you're done, easy as that. You have time until December 15, as the voucher will expire December 25. Hurry hurry!

Other than the give-away, I received something new and fabulous in my mailbox: a new pair of Boohoo wedges! They're really crazy, but I love them!  I've always wanted a pair of Gaga cut-out heels, but I could never find them in my size at a reasonable price. These were only €38, so that's really cheap, compared to the Jeffrey Campbell nightwalks! I'm reaaaaaly tall wearing these cuties, 195 cm to be precise, and they told me people were looking at me - a lot. But I don't care, I'm the only girl at my school with this kind of heels, so I feel quite fashionista ;) You can check them out here, but I warn you, they're on the edge! But to be honest, they walk really good. People think it's hell to walk in these wedges  but it's just the same as regular heels. They're really special, but I'm so glad I bought them!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Scrunchie fever!

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My days are as busy as ever, but I'm proud to show you my newest eBay haul: a pink velvet scrunchie! I noticed it already at the Olympics, but now the trend seems to have arrived in the blogging world as well. My diggmates were very nostalgic about they, appeared they'd worn it a lot during their childhood, in every colour possible. Every trend comes back at one point, and now it's time for Mrs Scrunchie to do so! You can see Amy Valentine, one of my fav bloggers rocking it over here, and thanks to this lovely lady I was able to order one from eBay very cheap, check out the link over here. Over with the days were scrunchies were horror, I say! Now I'm off to school again, so see a French movie. Oh la la, au revoir!

London life

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Sorry it's been such a while again, but my days have been crazy, therefore the lack of posts! I've been to LONDON from Wednesday until Friday.. I love London so much, it's unbelievable, and I feel so happy when I'm there. I really needed a break from the busy school/volleyball/work-life, and this was the perfect break. I'm still tired from walking all day and not sleeping much, but it was totally worth it! We visited nearly everything, and I did some shopping as well. I didn't buy as much as I wanted to, because I'm really picky, but I found some lovely stuff. I bought some Primark items like tights and hair-buns, a lovely nude Forever 21 dress, a flowered Topshop dress and my first Victoria's Secret bra! Also, I bought some souvenirs for my sister, parents and my best friend. My favourite place to visit was Westminster. I love Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament, and everything is just so beautiful. I loved those little streets with little shops and a lovely atmosphere and great food. We did two museums as well, and saw some really famous paintings, like The Sunflowers by Van Gogh and some compositions by Piet Mondrian. Here are some photos from my lovely trip, I hope you like them!