Pastel Biker Jacket

4:25 PM Imke 27 Comments

When browsing SammyDress and spotting this baby blue leather jacket, I fell in love at once. I've been looking for a pastel biker jacket for ages now, never finding the right fit and/our colour, and just when I considered just giving up on my endless search, my eyes fell on this gem. I ordered a size L, and the jackets fits just perfectly! 

Midnight in Paris

10:43 PM Imke 17 Comments

What's more beautiful than a night out in sizzling Paris? With Christmas getting closer and closer, the city seems to be shining brighter than ever, which is the perfect occasion for a LBD outfit with a twist. For a drink with my girlfriends in the city, this outfit was the perfect fit: this Vila little black dress is one of my favourites with its easy fit and original back. Paired with my brand new pair of shiny Sacha shoes, and my favourite red lipstick on, this outfit is a classic to-go look for a night out in the city. 

SammyDress Halloween Looks

2:42 PM Imke 7 Comments

BOO! Hope you're all having a happy Halloween, and may your night be the creepiest & craziest so far. In case you're still looking for a costume, as I know many of you are, here's some easy & last-minute-proof inspiration to get your Halloween vibe on!

What are you dressing up as this year? I'm going for the classic vampire look, wearing a cute little black dress, this blood choker necklace, and full-on make-up.

Petit Palais

8:06 PM Imke 21 Comments

When I wear this outfit I feel so Parisian that I'm starting to believe this city and I were meant to be, and half of what I'm wearing literally is Parisian. My new striped jumper is by Andy & Lucy, a relatively small fashion brand that makes the most amazing designs, simply yet so stylish, always with a modern touch, such as the pins in this case. The bright blue bag is from Parisian fashion house Weill's newest collection and my season crush: give a girl a cobalt purse and she can take the world!

StyleWe Autumn Wishlist

8:57 PM Imke 13 Comments

Autumn seems to hit the city good and well, and even though I still refuse to wear tights or my beloved wool camel coat, I'm slowly preparing my wardrobe for the moment the cold really hits the city.  This season I'm obsessed with combining basic grey, white and black pieces with fun pops of colour, such as mustard, mandarin orange and blue, to brighten up grey days. 

Striped Choker Top

8:49 PM Imke 22 Comments

I think you guys know by now how much of a nineties gal I really am, wearing crop tops, chokers et cetera non-stop, so you can imagine my utter bliss upon receiving this black & white (another favourite of mine) crop top, choker included. Paired with my beloved black suit trousers and black and white shoes I feel quite nineties with a Parisian twist.

Coffee Coloured Duster Coat

10:00 AM Imke 18 Comments

The perfect piece for this mid-season weather, when it's too cold in the morning to leave the house without a coat, but at the same time too hot to get that winter coat out of your closet. This coffee coloured duster coat is my new wardrobe crush, as it's so comfortable, stylish, the perfect addition to your mid-season wardrobe, plus shoppable at a very good price too! 

Statement Tee & Choker

8:02 PM Imke 17 Comments

Think about putting together a grey statement shirt, a pastel pink faux leather skirt, a velvet pearl choker and massive pink sunnies, and it seems like the worst outfit ever. Nevertheless I decided to combine all these items, and the outfit came out perfectly. A new favourite even. 

Rosegal Bell Sleeve Top

11:12 AM Imke 25 Comments

I've never been a fan of wearing a dress over a shirt, especially not the popular white shirt & slip dress combination, but I might just have fallen in love with a lace top, which I do wear under a dress. This black trumpet sleeve top is such a good fit, and I love the combination with the black dress. I also look forward to wearing this top with my black suit trousers and a bralette underneath - so many ways to combine this top! And those sleeves? I just can't get enough of them. 

I got this top for only $6 (yes really) over at Rosegal, and I'm so happy with its quality and sizing, which isn't always given for such a mini-price. I got some other items from their webshop as well, which will be online soon!  


What do you think of my new lace top? How would you combine it? Let me know in the comments! 

Silver Skirt

7:00 AM Imke 18 Comments

If there’s glitters, sequins or metallics involved, you can bet I’ll snatch it like a magpie would. I love anything pink, anything pastel-coloured and anything shiny, so you can probably imagine how happy I was when I found this silver skirt on Asos, it was love at first sight! I actually got this skirt quite some time ago, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared this silver gem with you guys yet! 

Night-Time Skincare Secrets

6:19 PM Imke 20 Comments

I spent the biggest part of my life totally clueless on the skincare & make-up department, up until my internship at Chanel I hadn't heard of a highlighter, didn't know you should apply a day cream before putting on make-up, nor did I do more than wear mascara, the (very) occasional lipstick and  a drop of concealer when a pimple popped up. And then aged 20 I interned with Chanel, discovered the beautiful world of make-up and skincare, and got hooked. 

Moda Bridal

1:46 PM Imke 18 Comments

I'm kind of a modern gal, not planning to get married anytime soon, nor dreaming of a fancy white wedding dress, but what I do love, is attending weddings, and all that comes with it. I love planning out a fancy outfit, do my hair, do my make-up, be surrounded by utter happiness all day, and congratulate the newly wed couple with a glass of champagne. I love the atmosphere on weddings, the positive vibe, and those big smiley faces. 

Up The Hill

11:04 PM Imke 22 Comments

I've talked about my love for Parisian neighbourhood Montmartre before, having written a to-do guide with nice restaurants, shops & other things to do, and today I'm back with another thing to add to your list next time you're in Paris: climbing all up the Sacré Coeur. 

SheIn Summer Wishlist

10:08 PM Imke 19 Comments

This weekend I'm leaving for a mini-holiday to the South of France, for a tour of the Pays-Basque, where my friend Gwladys is from, and I'm mentally preparing my suitcase, whereas I'll finally be able to take my Summer outfits out and spend all day in a bikini on the beach, and just throw a light dress over for the evenings out in the city. It's my first time going to this side of the South of France, and I'm looking forward to discovering a new place & enjoy the sun for a few days. 

Pastel & White Sneakers

9:00 PM Imke 36 Comments

White sneakers have been a big hit for quite some time by now, and I finally got my very own pair as well - better late than never, right? I got these beauties from Goliath, they're called the Dutch Army Trainer II, and are now on sale - go & get 'm here if you like them : click

Summer Platform Shoes

6:19 PM Imke 23 Comments

Platform shoes seem to have taken it over from classic heels & flat shoes. Sneaking in some extra centimetres all while being comfortable and with a stronly reduced chance of tripping, I'm a fan. I do own a pair of platform shoes but they're literally falling apart so the time might have come to say goodbye to them... 

Romwe Review & Wishlist

11:08 PM Imke 24 Comments

I remember, years ago, browsing around Romwe and being so surprised by its prices, but being too sceptical of those prices to ever order. So when they contacted me some time ago, asking if I'd be interested to review one of their products, I was very eager to try, as they offer the most amazing range of cute clothes - and not only crazy one-size pieces, but lovely dresses and shirts for girls like you and me. 

Aubergine Jumpsuit

11:49 PM Imke 25 Comments

I kind of feel like an eggplant wearing this jumpsuit, but then again, I like eggplants so no harm is done! I've always been the first one to scream that I hate wearing purple, but this shade of aubergine-purple is just the perfect exception to this year-long rule. I got this piece on Asos and I love its fitting: slightly oversized but in a fairly elegant manner. But goodness, I melt whenever wearing this piece! This Northern girl can't really support the temperatures to which my body rises when wearing this jumpsuit, but then again, Paris has gone back into winter mode, so I can pull this winter piece back out of my closet! 

Festival & Summerproof Hair-Do

1:53 AM Imke 32 Comments

I think about no-one noticed, but I did an ombré myself a couple of weeks ago with some bleach I bought in London quite some time ago, and the result turned out loads better (and blonder) than expected, all while keeping it quite natural. But then again, when wearing my hair down like this, like I almost never do, it's much, much more noticeable that I went for an ombré, and I must admit I quite like the effect.

5 European Summer Destinations

5:00 PM Imke 28 Comments

As you probably know, I’m as European as it gets – I love living on the continent and all the wonderful cities it holds. The continent of Europe is home to a whole number of interesting destinations that are definitely worth a visit. From sandy beaches and blue seas to historic ruins and vibrant cities, Europe definitely has everything to offer when it comes to making sure that you’re spoilt for choice when choosing where to visit this summer. If you are thinking of taking a holiday in Europe this summer and aren’t sure exactly where to choose, here are five fantastic destinations to inspire you.

Pale Pink Jumper

4:07 PM Imke 26 Comments

I think every girl needs a pale pink jumper in her life, to snuggle, look cute and feel comfortable at the same time. I used to have one of those but then gifted it to my sister in a moment of generosity. And then, some time ago, the lovely people over at SheInside asked me if I wanted to review one of their products. Upon browsing their website, I found this gorgeous pastel pink jumper, which I loved at once. 

The jumper arrived after 10 days, and my fear of the item being to small (one-size just isn't my size in general) appeared to be unnecessary. It fits as a glove, the sleeves are even slightly too long (not that I'm complaining as this is something that almost never happens to me), and the colour is just what I wanted!  I decided to go with my black flared jeans from Missguided and my all-favourite Jonak shoes: a comfortable look for a casual style that's just perfect for this depressing rainy weather.


So what do you think? Isn't this shade of pink the best? What colour do you like your jumpers in? Let me know in the comments!

Cold Shoulder Blouse

10:54 PM Imke 27 Comments

I seem to have developed an obsession with baring my shoulders: cold shoulder blouses & no-shoulder tops have been trending for a long time now, and I'm digging it! Even though the name "cold shoulder" always reminds me of the hard shoulder on the motorway (don't as me why) and it's a dangerous look for a broad-shouldered girl like me, I can't get enough of this look. 

Off-shoulder Choker Top

11:12 PM Imke 25 Comments

The nineties are back for real, and I've never been happier about it. I've always been a 90'S kind of gal, still listening to the Backstreet Boys, Eminem and good old Britney, playing Pokénon & watching Rocket Power. My style can sometimes downright look like I came straight from a time machine. 

En rouge et noir

7:38 PM Imke 24 Comments

I've never been a big fan of wearing red, and neither have I ever loved black combined with red, as this always reminded me of punkers, horror movies or a zombie apocalypse (don't ask me why). I've never been a fan of this look, but then again, when seeing Yves Saint Laurant designs from the 80's, it's such a gorgeous combination.


10:17 PM Imke 22 Comments

When the lovely people over at Hiphunters sent me an e-mail introducing their webshop, I was immediately very curious to hop over to their site & check out their shop. I love discovering new webshops, and this one is totally my style! In this post I'll introduce you to Hiphunters as well, because I'm sure you'd love to discover this gem, as much as I loved discovering it! 

High-Waisted Jeans Struggles

2:37 PM Imke 34 Comments

All my life I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans, but evertime there was some trouble with the size. As I’m an hourglass kind of gal either the jeans are too loose on the waist & good on the thighs or no way getting them over my thighs if I get a smaller size. There seemed to be no way in between. 

When I ordered this black gem on ASOS I was prepared to send them back straight away, as high-waisted jeans just didn’t seem to be made for me. But when I slipped these Missguided jeans on, holy moly, they are utter perfection. They are super stretch so the comfort level is very high and it fits just as well on the hips as on the waist. Also I love the fact that they’re flared, they make me feel like such a nineties kid (which I am, honestly). 

As Seen on Me: Seventies Style

10:35 PM Imke 30 Comments

You could read in my Asos shopping guide earlier this month, I'm quite crushing on the seventies trend that's yet again a big thing this summer. We pretended to be a few decades back in the past last winter already, and the trend is here to stay. Embrace those suède skirts, denim dungarees, flared trousers and colourful stripes, and don't forget to add a modern touch.

Asos Trend Report: 70's Style

10:06 PM Imke 19 Comments

This post is the third (and last, boohoo) one in a series op Spring/Summer 2016 Trend Reports, the subject being the Seventies, featuring (almost) everyone's favourite online shop, Asos. I'm now an official ambassador of Asos France, with which I'm so incredibly happy because as y'all know, Asos = life which I decided to combine with Spring/Summer 2016 and their specific trends finally getting very close.

As Seen on Me: Geek Chic

12:38 AM Imke 31 Comments

As you might remember from this post earlier this month, one of my favourite trends for this Summer is the 'geek chic' look, better known as Granny goes 2016. I went for an (almost) all ASOS look, the trousers being Asos Tall, and the turtleneck and glasses being Asos as well. You might be slightly weirded out by me wearing glasses, and you have the right to be, as I absolutely don't need glasses. I've always hated the trend to wear glasses when you don't actually need them but it seems like about 10 years after this was trendy, I decided to embrace this style. It can totally change your look, and goes so well with the Geek Chic look I had in mind. 

Asos Trend Report: Metallic

9:00 AM Imke 29 Comments

This post is the second one in a series op Spring/Summer 2016 Trend Reports, the subject being Metallics, featuring (almost) everyone's favourite online shop Asos. I'm now an official ambassador of Asos France, with which I'm so incredibly happy because as y'all know, Asos = life, and we're now off for a month of Asos infused posts, which I decided to combine with Spring/Summer 2016 and their specific trends finally getting very close.

The Boohoo Store Paris

1:32 AM Imke 30 Comments


Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the opening event of The Boohoo Store, the pop-up boutique by the British webshop I love so dearly. And the word pop-up indicates it; the store is unfortunately not bound to stay in Paris, and even leaven very soon, namely THIS Saturday, April 16th. So if you're from Paris, or just visiting, pop by their showroom at 72 rue Saint Honoré in the first arrondissement before Boohoo packs it all back up and ships back to the U.K.

Asos Trend Report: Geek Chic

4:11 PM Imke 20 Comments

This post is the first one in a series op Spring/Summer 2016 Trend Reports, the subject being the Geek Chic look, featuring (almost) everyone's favourite online shop ASOS. AsI'm now an official ambassador of Asos France, which I announced on Instagram this week, and with which I'm so incredibly happy because as y'all know, Asos = life, and we're now off for a month of Asos infused posts, which I decided to combine with Spring/Summer 2016 and their specific trends finally getting very close.

This particular post focusses on the Geek Chic style, better know as Granny goes 2016. It's interesting how trends change, and for Spring/Summer 2016 we don't go for short summer skirts and dresses, but keep it conservative, but with a chic twist. Pleated midi skirts, turtlenecks, Peter Pan collars, Mary Jane shoes paired with a big pair of nerdy glasses and a tight bun are trendier than ever, and seen as a stylish and chic look. A great Spring style, and obviously perfect to wear in the office as well - I'm a fan! SHOP NOW.

Wild Ocean

12:02 PM Imke 21 Comments

First of all, thank you so much for all the love and support on my last post you guys, you seriously are the best! The e-shop I'm collaborating with this month has been revealed on Instagram, make sure to go and have a look, or wait for my first branded post that's coming up later this week! 

The look I'm sharing with you today is the one I wore for the Beth Ditto trunk show, where I had the wonderful opportunity to meet this gorgeous gal who was so nice & sweet and incredibly stunning, I would love to be her BFF hehe! Hence the incredibly happy face I have on these pictures - I literally jumped for joy and had a happy dance after the event and my picture with Beth. 

The trousers I wear here are Asos Tall, my favourite tall girl brand out there, and I'm just obsessed with its cool print, which reminds me of a wild ocean, or maybe a modern art painting. Not only do I love the print and the cut (trousers that are long enough are a rare thing for me), it's also made from my favourite fabric, neoprene, about which you can read in this previous post, and also it's a litteral bargain - I paid only €14 for this cutie. Y'all convinced there heh - go get them right over here

I decided to go with a grey crop top that goes with the wild ocean colours, throw over my all-time favourite leather jacket and these moccasins that have seemed to grow onto my feet - I just can't let go. This outfit makes me feel quite cool & British, which makes me want to back to London to go and celebrate the Queen's birthday that's coming up soon! 

So what do you guys think about this look? Doesn't it remind you of the ocean? Or you see something else in there? And who's a fellow Beth Ditto lover out there? Let me know in the comments!