Dr. Martens Antwerp

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Last Thursday (28/8) I attended the launch event of Dr. Martens in Kammenstraat 41 in beautiful fashion capital Antwerp. My sister and I went there together, all excited about this opening event, because Dr. Martens is a brand we both love, and this was the opportunity to release our inner rebel, and go all black/grey/punk scarf (sister) & leather jacket (me). Also my new pointy ankle boots made their debut, and I couldn't be happier about them.

Before going to the event, I browsed their website thoroughly, and decided I wanted this yellow scarf. Doesn't it just scream Clueless? And as for this launching event there was an exclusive -50% discount on everything in store. Everything. I swear you, the temptation to buy myself a pair of classic black shoes was incredible, but I resisted, and got my beloved scarf instead. Isn't it a masterpiece?

Also, how cute are these mini Dr Martens for kids? I decided straight away that my kid will strot around in a pair of these shoes, because how cool would that be? I actually saw this little 8 year girl trying on a few pairs, and she looked amazing, with her Harley Davidson leather jacket and Dr Martens shoes. Fashion has no age for sure!

And what's a store launch without good drinks & a bite? The drink of the night was Tanquerey Gin, served with pink tonic and strawberry. As you know me, anything pink makes me happy, so this gin was a little piece of heaven to me - not only very pretty and photogenic but also delicious. Also the food was amazing: right outside the Dr. Martens store, Bulls and Dogs were offering the best hot dogs I every had, straight from the Markthallen of Amsterdam City. I had a 'medium spicy' dog, and I assure you, it was delicious

I honestly had the most amazing night, discovering all these gorgeous shoes, bags and accessories - my love for the UK's coolest brand has definitely grown! 


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Everyone knows Havaianas, which are also known as the most comfortable shoes for holidays and the summer season in general. But then again, yes, they're comfortable, but aren't they unfashionable and only worn in public by kids, men with hairy feet and Australians? 

Controversy aside, if any brand can pull it off, it's Brazilian brand Havaianas, basically inventor pf the flip-flop, with the help of fashion blogger Sincerely Jules last summer (2014), when she went to Coachella and only wore Havaianas while living the good life at the world's trendiest festival, and the looks she styled with a bunch of pretty flip-flops were so gorgeous, that I decided that Havaianas are cool, period. 

River Island A/W 15

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Upon receiving the press release of the River Island A/W 2015 collection, I fell in love, deeply and immediately. There's sixties vibes, there's a lot of seventies vibes, and the mix is just perfect. Colours are earthy, dusty, but with a touch of unexpected colour and glitter to spice up your Autumn wardrobe.


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This, my dear readers, is proof that girls with broad shoulders can go for an off-the-shoulder look too! I've always avoided strapless looks & similar styles, in fear of looking like a man with my athletic build, but now that I've embraced my body type, I gladly take on the challenge of trying out new styles. I've discovered that the trick is to wear my hair over one shoulder, to 'break' the long line a.k.a. my shoulders. And my love for black 'n white stripes is neverending, hence the choice of this print.

Thank you Dressgal for this gorgeous dress, I love it to bits, and the quality is good. I do recommend going one size larger than usual, as otherwise it might get too tight on the chest and bum. Yes, it's a bit see-through, but it's white after all, and there's a reason seamless nude-coloured underwear was invented. I totally recommend you visiting their webshop and pick your favourite style - click here!

Primark Gent Shoplog

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One week ago, Primark Ghent opened its doors, and I must admit, I'm happy to see that the Irish chain is finally in my former student city as well. Yes, I'm aware of all the negative comments the store gets, but I'm sure every chain is about the same, and Zara, beloved by every fashion girl (except for me as I don't fit into the brand made for petite girls), is worse, if I can believe all the horror stories. Overall, I've always been happy with my Primark purchases in the past. And living in London made me a bigger fan, as there's more Primark stores in that one city than in the entirety of Belgium.

Hotel Negresco

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If you know Nice, you know the Negresco - the famous five star hotel on the Promenade des Anglais. Tourists are no longer allowed in (I saw an American tourist couple being kindly shooed away), but my guy and I got in as we knew there was an Art Deco exposition organised in the hotel for only three days. As this was just when we where there, this was the perfect opportunity to discover this beautiful hotel from the inside. 


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When the lovely Rebecca over at Zaful contacted me and asked whether I was interested in doing an honest product review, I was thrilled. Because you guys, go over there and browse their website: it's full of very cute looks at really afforable prices, and I love the minimalist lay-out of the webshop. 

I decided upon this amazing set, and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Customer service was great; the delivery fairly quick, and I had to sign for the parcel, which always feels safe to me. But when I opened up my parcel, I was quickly deceived, as in my eyes, it didn't look at all like the item I ordered. I decided to be honest with the Zaful team, and told them about my problem, and they were very kind and appreciative about my comment. They told me they would talk about this with their supplier, and thanked me for my honesty and this makes me appreciate the webshop even more. Because I got this for free, I didn't ask for a return, but left it in my closet for some time, thinking about what to do. 

But this week, when going through my clothes, I decided to put it on anyway, and goodness, how I liked this style! I have to warn you, it's quite see-through, but with nude coloured underwear it's perfectly possible. I put on my beloved holographic heels, threw in a satchel, and bam, outfit complete! In the end I'm still a bit deceived about the online / in real life comparison, but overall I love the shape of this outfit, and the customer service over at Zaful was impeccable. 

I think I will pair the skirt with another white crop top, as this top is quite revealing, and the bra pads are too visible to my liking, but in general I think this is a really cute summer look that compliments you very well if you have a tan. Throw in a pair of heels and a coloured bag, and you're all summerproof! 

What do you think about this look? Like/dislike? Make sure to go over at Zaful.com to check out their collection, I'm sure you'll find many things to your liking, and their sales are great! The set I got is even cheaper then when I ordered it a few weeks ago, so for about $12 you'll have a great skirt that's nice and flowy and perfect for the summer, and you can always pair it with another top if you don't like the one that goes with it.

A day in Brighton

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These photos were taken quite some time ago, during the month of June in beautiful seaside city Brighton, just under an hour by train from London. You can get there from London Victoria very quickly and for only £10 return if you book in advance. So if you're visiting the UK's capital and you have a day to spare, Brighton with its famous pier is definitely a must-go!

My Brighton Top 5: 

1. There's this little kiosque on the promenade where you can win Minions related toys & plush only. It was meant to be for me, as I'm cray cray obsessed with the little yellow cuties. Me and my guy won a small unicorn (and yes, it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!), and I defenitely recommend taking a chance on this kiosque! Look for a lot of yellow, and a small little kiosque on the beach and you'll be bound to find it.
2. London's famous Meat Liquor is also to be found in Brighton. Yay for amazing burgers!
3. The Royal Pavillion is defenitely the coolest building of Brighton. It's an exotic royal palace, built for King George IV, and is defenitly worth a visit!
4. What's a trip to the beach without fish & chips? Place to be: The Regency, with an excellent sea-view.
5. And of course: the famous Brighton Pier. You're bound to have a lot of fun at the arcade, try out a few of the attractions, and have some churros or cotton candy while you're at it.

Touch of Pink

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When cleaning up my wardrobe this week, I re-discovered this pink Zara dress I bought in France two years ago. I hesitated between donating it to charity or giving it another chance, and went for the second option. (Also, my sister and I gave three big bags full of clothes to charity, so no judging about me keeping this one for myself).

When the constand downpour stopped here in rainy Belgium, and temperatures rose above 20° again, I decided to go pink once again (I'm not being very original here, am I?) and wear my Chanel-style Zara dress, styled with my pearly pair of Nike Air Force (with bright pink socks in them, of course) and all-pink make-up. Sometimes I feel like a 9 year old girl, but oh well, at least I'm enjoying it.

On a side note: the title of this post comes from the old Lacoste advertisements for their 'A Touch of Pink' perfumes, of which I made an 'amazing' compilation for you guys :D