Night-Time Skincare Secrets

6:19 PM Imke 20 Comments

I spent the biggest part of my life totally clueless on the skincare & make-up department, up until my internship at Chanel I hadn't heard of a highlighter, didn't know you should apply a day cream before putting on make-up, nor did I do more than wear mascara, the (very) occasional lipstick and  a drop of concealer when a pimple popped up. And then aged 20 I interned with Chanel, discovered the beautiful world of make-up and skincare, and got hooked. 

Moda Bridal

1:46 PM Imke 18 Comments

I'm kind of a modern gal, not planning to get married anytime soon, nor dreaming of a fancy white wedding dress, but what I do love, is attending weddings, and all that comes with it. I love planning out a fancy outfit, do my hair, do my make-up, be surrounded by utter happiness all day, and congratulate the newly wed couple with a glass of champagne. I love the atmosphere on weddings, the positive vibe, and those big smiley faces. 

Up The Hill

11:04 PM Imke 22 Comments

I've talked about my love for Parisian neighbourhood Montmartre before, having written a to-do guide with nice restaurants, shops & other things to do, and today I'm back with another thing to add to your list next time you're in Paris: climbing all up the Sacré Coeur. 

SheIn Summer Wishlist

10:08 PM Imke 19 Comments

This weekend I'm leaving for a mini-holiday to the South of France, for a tour of the Pays-Basque, where my friend Gwladys is from, and I'm mentally preparing my suitcase, whereas I'll finally be able to take my Summer outfits out and spend all day in a bikini on the beach, and just throw a light dress over for the evenings out in the city. It's my first time going to this side of the South of France, and I'm looking forward to discovering a new place & enjoy the sun for a few days.