Morocco Roadtrip: Marrakesh, Fez & Chefchaouen in 3 days

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I travelled to Morocco in September 2019, and wanted to see a maximum of this beautiful country in a limited amount of time. My friend and I planned it all well in advance, booking our riads, trains and daytrips to organize our trip as well as we could. 

We had only three full days, and in these days we managed to see Marrakesh, Fez and Chefchaouen. If you only have a limited amount of time and/or holidays, this guide is for you! If you have more time, I think the country deserves a much longer trip to experience more of Morocco, stay longer in certain cities, and add a few daytrips too. In any case I'd love to travel to Morocco again, since there's so much more to see and discover!

I flew into Morocco through the airport of Marrakesh in the evening, and since my flight was delayed, we weren't able to do much on our first evening in the city. We stayed at Riad Adika which was absolutely stunning, so accommodating and the perfect place to spent the first night of our trip. 

The next day we spent our day in Marrakesh, just wandering through the city and taking in all the beauty, with a walk through the souk marketplace, and a visit to the famous Yves Saint Laurent museum and its gorgeous gardens. 

We spent the day in Marrakesh till our 16.50 train to Fez. This took us 6 hours by train, but we packed up on good snacks, lots of water, and a game of Uno to make this trip as fun as we could. 

When we arrived in Fez in the evening, we went straight to our riad, which was just absolutely incredible. I couldn't recommend more to stay at the beautiful Hotel & Spa Dar Bensouda. The staff was absolutely lovely and so helpful, even serving us dinner outside of the kitchen opening hours since we arrived quite late and weren't able to have dinner in the city. 

The next day we woke up early, grabbed a quick coffee & breakfast at the riad, and left to catch our 8 am bus trip to Chefchaouen. The day trip we booked was this one, which is the best on the market in terms of what you get for your money. We left early with a small group of people and a wonderful guide, who explained us all there is to know about the gorgeous town of Chefchaouen. The scenery through the Moroccan mountains on our way there was absolutely stunning as well. 

Upon arrival, we were able to explore Chefchaouen at our own pace for about four hours, which was plenty to discover the beautiful streets of the Medina, admire all the gorgeous blue architecture and learn more about the history of this true gem. 

We were dropped back off in the centre of Fez in the evening, had a lovely dinner and went back to our riad for our last night in Fes before travelling back to Marrakesh. 

Before catching the train back to Marrakech, we went to explore Fez a bit more, and as well to buy a nice bag from one of the shops, since Fez is famous for its incredible tanneries. We had so much fun visiting all the market shops, learning more about the art of producing and dyeing leather, and choosing the bag that fit us the best, which also made a wonderful souvenir from our trip to Fez. 

We took the 15h40 train back to Marrakech for our last evening in the city before flying back to Paris. This time, we had quite a big delay since the track our train was on caught fire, forcing us to have an unforeseen stop in the middle of nowhere till the fire was put out. Luckily we were again armed with lots of snacks, water and a good old game of Uno, so before we knew it, we were back up and running, off to Marrakesh. 

Since this was our last evening in Morocco, we made the most of it, and booked yet another beautiful riad called Bliss Riad, with the most gorgeous rooftop that gave a view over the city, and beautiful rooms with a stunning sense of design and a bathtub. 

We went to have dinner at the famous Terrasse des Epices, a beautiful rooftop restaurant with the most delicious dishes. It was the perfect place to end our four day stay in Morocco, taking in the breathtaking view, delicious scents and flavours, and enjoy the Moroccan culture. 

We spent one last night at Bliss Riad, before flying back home the next day quite early. Overall this was one of the most beautiful destinations I've ever been, experiencing a culture so rich, and seeing three completely different cities in such a short amount of time. 

I hope this travel guide may help you for your own Moroccan roadtrip, and do let me know your own recommendations in the comments, since I'm definitely planning to travel back and experience more of the country!