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You can't believe how lovely my day was yesterday! My boyfriend is studying for his last resit, so I went to visit him, as you definitely need some relaxing as well. There was a yearly fair going in his town, and as the weather was amazing, we went there for a couple of hours. There was a lot to do, such as grease paint for children (and secretly I wanted that as well), pottery classes, a puppet-show, lots of food, like pancakes, and it closed with a performance of a semi-famous Belgian singer. My fellow Belgian may know him: it was Wim Soutaer and he smiled at me, yay! My boyfriend and I had a lovely, lovely time, and I wish everyday could  be like that. But now I'm back to the real world of working, reading and doing chores. And what do you think of my newest outfit, this is a combo I never wore before, because I simply never thought of is! It's one of my favourite shirts, as the word London is on it, and I love the little studs in it. Oh, and I thought I'd share a photo of me with my hair loose, as you probably never saw that before.

Purple & Yellow

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And the weekend is now finally over. Mine was all about working and reading, nothing more, nothing less. How was yours? On Saturday, I woke up, read for a bit, went out for drinks with my boyfriend and his parents, and after that, we went working together, how romantic! His Dad owns the restaurant where we both work, you see, so working is very beautiful for me, even though it was very busy all weekend long. Today I had to work as well, and tomorrow too, so never tell me I'm a lazy-ass. Oh, and regarding my outfit, you would never guess it's summer huh? It rained like crazy today, our garden even flooded! I had to take outfit photos in between two giant rain showers, I really hate the Belgian weather. You have two lovely days, and then a week of rain and storms. And what do you think about this colour combo? My Mum nor my love really liked it, and they're my main advisers, so I'm not quite sure. Please tell me your opinion!

Sweater - Vintage
Skirt - Shana


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First of all, I need to say I'm sorry that I'm too lazy to put on make-up. The way you've seen me on this blog for the past two months, is the way I get out of my bed, and after a wash and combing my hair. No make-up at all, and my skin kind of likes it. It's just that I envy the way some of the fashion bloggers and all of the beauty bloggers can look so beautiful. The only thing I can apply is mascara and lipstick, and even that is quite hard. 

Today, I let my boyfriend pick my outfit, and I like it a lot. And I really like my necklace as well! It suits so many outfits, and I got it from my lovely friend Laura, thank you so much! We didn't do so much today, we went to see my grandpa and played the cards together, which is rather lazy. Maybe that's a good thing, because I haven't been feeling all too well lately, seems like I'm getting ill. I'll go to bed early today, and I'll probably feel much better tomorrow. 

Twirling Around

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When I wear this skirt, I want to twirl around all day long, feeling very much like a girl from Grease. I liked the white and the light shade of blue together, so I went for it. Today was quite a lot cooler than the past few days, so believe it or not, but I was cold! I had a lovely day with my lovely boyfriend, and we had so much fun. I just couldn't stop cuddling, because I don't see him as often as during the school-year, and because summer makes me feel melancholic. We went to eat frozen yogurt together, isn't that lovely? Are you as obsessed with it as I am? I want to try every topping! Today I went for raspberry yoghurt with dried cranberries and strawberry sauce. Delicious, and quite creative if I may say so myself! Mr. Boyfriend went for a natural yogurt with strawberries, safe but good choice.  But enough about food and love, I have to tell you about a certain website I recently discovered. DinoDirect is an amazing online shop with a massive amount of clothes, you can literally find everything you want. You should go check it out for yourself over here and on Facebook over here. Like their Facebook page and you might get free gifts, they told me so themselves  Don't hesitate, it's worth the effort of clicking. I found a cute sweater with kitty-cats on them, and everyone knows how much of a cat person I am, so you can all understand how excited I am about this shop!

Skirt - River Island
Top - H&M

Hot Hot Hot!

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Hot hot hot! The weather over here is rising to points I can't bear. Yesterday, it was around 38°C, and Saturday wasn't that much cooler. I found that the only clothes you can wear during that heat are a bikini or hotpants and a bralette, but as I don't have a bralette and wearing a bikini on the streets isn't quite acceptable, I had to find my lightest and shortest dress. Turned out this cutie is the one that's perfect for this weather. I love the colour scheme, so I matched my nails with it. But now I'm off to work, so see you later my lovely readers!

Dress - H&M

Liebster Award

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Yesterday was such a lovely day, simply perfect. Especially the afternoon. In the morning I went driving with my Dad, practicing on my parking skills. It went quite good, considering it was the first time I parked my car, haha! I need to practice quite a lot, as I want to have my driving license before school starts again on September 24. But about the more fun stuff: in the afternoon my darling came over. The weather was very hot, so went swimming at the public pool about half a kilometer from here. It wasn't as crowded as the last time, so we had more fun and more space to do silly swimming moves, and my boyfriend dives through a hula-hoop with some guys, very impressive! I laughed a lot, and I was so glad to see my boyfriend again. He had to study all week, and today was our first fun day in quite some time. We (my love, my sister and I) took some photos, outfit and non-outfit, and they turned out quite well. Do you like my combo of two shades of green? I'm into combining different shades of one colour lately, and I decided to pick this green one. 

And before I forget -again- my lovely friend Jolien, who had an amazing beauty blog (check her out!) tagged me with the Liebster Award! I love the questions she came up with, so I'm going to answer them in this post!

1. What was the last dream you dreamt about? Tonight, I dreamed something about having an iPad and being able to play my all-time favourite App, Airport. It's not available for Android, so I can only play it on my love's iPod. And that's my silly dream, haha! 

2. Would you eat raw fish like Gollum (costume included) from LOTR and film it, if I paid you €50? For only fifty euros? NO WAY! For 5000, I'd consider it.

3. The gouvernement votes a law that you can wear only one polish colour for the rest of your life, what colour would it be? Damn, that's a difficult one. I'd go for a simple French manicure. Suits every outfit.

4. Heels, flats or barefoot? Barefoot! At home, I'm always barefooted -yes, now as well- and I'd hit the streets that way if it were acceptable. Can't explain why, I just like it, a lot!

5. Autumn, winter, spring or summer? And why? Summer makes me happy, with its sunshine and free time and the ability to wear my loveliest clothes. You see, I like my summer wardrobe better ;)

6. Who's the man/girl you want/have a freepass for? JUDE LAW! That was a very easy one, haha! Mr. Boyfriend and I even have discussed that one!

7. How much do you change your manicure? Depends on the quality of the polish. If it chips fast, I change it as soon as it's no longer pretty to wear.

8. Cocktails or beer? Which brand of beer or name of cocktail do you like the best? Yikes, no beer please! Gimme some coctails. I love Cosmopolitan, it makes me feel so glamorous! 

9. Horrormovies, yay or nay? Why? Yay, if it's only blood and murder, like in Scream, but nay if it's something psychic like The Ring. 

10. Do you thinks clowns are creepy? Haha, Jolien! For a fact, I know she has a phobia of clowns, very typical to ask this one. But no, I don't think they're creepy. Only the one in the Phoenix Wright game maybe.

11. Would you move to a foreign country for your career, knowing you have to leave your family and beloved ones? Tricky one... Depends on which country it is, I want to be able to over whenever I like. My big dream is to work and live in London, and that's not far away at all, so in that case, yes, I'd leave my family and friends. 

Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shirt - H&M

Post No. 100

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Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes, you are so sweet! Many more years of blogging may come with lovely readers like you. I love you all! Today is another day of partying, as this is my 100TH post! Such a coincidence that my first anniversary and post number 100 are so close! And not to forget: it's my Grandfather's birthday today! The weather is delightful, so after reading some more in War & Peace by Tolstoj, I'll be off to wish my Granddad a happy birthday and have some cake together. After that I'll be working, just like yesterday. Yesterday was a holiday here in Belgium, so everyone was home, and as I work in a restaurant, it was crazy busy! I actually like that kind of days, only the morning after aches a lot. Tell me about your holiday lovelies! 

Yellow Sweater

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I proudly announce... The famous sweater I've been talking about so much! Despite the good weather, I wore my new over-sized lover today, combined with my jeans-shorts. I can think of some many combos, so I think you'll see this jumper quite a lot on this blog. And the piece of clothing brings along luck! I had a lovely day. Mr. Boyfriend came over, we had a lovely day together, and went to Ikea to buy some mirrors and to have dinner. It was just a calm day, exactly what I needed. I felt lots of love, and was so happy to be snugging in my sweater. Are you so much in love with it like I am?