Look of the Week at CosmoGirl!

4:07 PM Imke 43 Comments

I had such a lovely time this week, and I feel so happy; I had such a great time yesterday when I went out for dinner with friends from secondary school I hadn't seen for about a year or so. I decided to dress up a little, wearing my Oasap lace vest and my strapless DinoDirect dress! Yet again I have to warn you that you have to buy DinoDirect stuff one or two sizes larger than you usually wear, their clothes are really small. But I was so happy to receive this dress, I like it a lot and you combine it in so many ways. I paired it with this little lace vest for a chic look.

But, very important news: I'M LOOK OF THE WEEK @ CG! I was chosen to be Look of the Week by CosmoGirl Netherlands, but if you vote for me, I can become Look of the Month and appear in CG, my favourite fashion magazine! I would be so incredibly happy if you would take the time to do this, that would be so sweet of you, my lovely readers. You can vote for "Admirably Pretty" using this link: http://www.cosmogirl.nl/lookofthemonth/38325-look-of-the-month-oktober/

Tiger Sweater

8:54 AM Imke 36 Comments

I was so incredibly happy when I came home Wednesday after having a shitty day as I was up so early because I couldn't sleep all night! I came home and a DinoDirect package was waiting for me! It was the lovely tigerrrrrr sweater I'd ordered some time ago, and I was so happy when I opened up the package. It's so soft and I just love the little bow-tie. But one tip when you order at DinoDirect and you're a tall girl like me: pick a large size. This sweater is XXL and as you can see, it fits! And then I wonder who could ever fit into a size small over there... Now I'm back to studying, as I have a Dutch exam today, think of me at 10 AM! 

Sweater - DinoDirect
Skirt - Hampton Bays

Girly look

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I'm feeling quite a lot better, thank you for all your kind comments. This outfit is Friday's and yesterday's look, but as my weekend has been busy so far, I decided to put online this look today. I like this girly skirt, and it went so well against this kitty sweater. I love everything with a kitty print, so this sweater is one of my favourites! Today will be less busy, as I only have to make homework and prepare my suitcase to go back to Ghent, and after that I'm off to my work! 

Sweater - DinoDirect
Skirt - Pimkie

Sweater weather

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Autumn has arrived officially now, because I have the flu and sinusitis and feel like crap. I wanted to wear my big fat warm sweater, to feel comfortable, and in order to make it  not entirely about comfort, I paired it with my brown leather skirt. I like how the yellow goes along with the leather! I hope you don't see too much how  crappy I feel, because I managed to smile especially for you in these photos. Tonight, my digmates and I got free pizza and drinks from our housekeeper, how awesome is that? Afterwards we played Harry Potter Cluedo (HP marathon, remember?) and I did fairly well, regarding the fact that it's the only game I'm not good at. Not to be bragging, but usually I'm pretty good at party games, but Cluedo is not my cup of tea. I wouldn't make a good detective I guess. 

And for those of you who feel sick as well; watch fashion shows! I watched quite a lot of them yesterday, and the one I liked best was Louis Vuitton S/S2013. If you haven't seen it yet, do so over here, because it's the best show I've seen in a while. 

Harry Potter Marathon

4:53 PM Imke 18 Comments

Sorry again for the lack of updates. School is killing me, really! The second year in college is way heavier than the first one so far. Days are very long, and my headaches get worse. Luckily there are many things that make me happy! My dig-mates and I are hosting a Harry Potter three-week-marathon! Yesterday, we saw the first movie, and we're going to eat Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and drink Butter Beer. My best friend Chiara went to New York this Summer, and she brought the Beans with her, so they're the real ones. The tastes include vomit and black pepper, yikes. Crossing my fingers on getting something like vanilla or apple. Also, my parents went shopping with my sister but without me, as I had loads to do for Uni, and they got my the Steven Madden shoes I've been lusting after for months and months, but never bought them, and now my parents gave them to me! I'm so happy! They're amazing, and I want to wear them all the time! Also, they got me a Marc Jacobs iPad case, it's so beautiful! You can see it here, as I didn't take a picture of it yet! I felt so happy this weekend! 

Sweater - Hollister
Top - Shana
Shorts - H&M
Loafers - Steve Madden