Wildfox Couture

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This is my last post of 2012. I hope you lovelies had an amazing Christmas and got lots of presents. Mine was amazing! I was so happy with everything I got from my loved ones! The other days were all about studying, except for Friday, when I had some quality time with L. & C., two amazing friends! We went out for dinner and did a little shopping, but I kept calm and only bought nailpolish (Max Factor's Fantasy Fire, amazing colour!). Yesterday I had a little family party because it was my nephew's birthday, and now I'm back at my desk. 
I hope you like my newest outfit combo: white with white and florals. I bought the Wildfox sweater from Belgian fashionista Tiany Kiriloff, recently chosen as one of the most fashionable girls by Elle UK! The dress is a basic H&M dress and pairing this makes it comfy and a white statement in a season full of darkness.


Christmas Hairdo

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Busy busy busy! Exams are getting closer and closer and stress is coming up. It's been a stressfull period for me, as I had to finish tasks and stick to deadlines, but I wanted to share my hapiness of the day with you. I didn't believe the world would end today, but still I'm glad to be here. Christmas and New Year are getting closer, and I'm sure it will be lovely. I tried my planned Chrismas hairdo today, with the casual make-up, and I hope you like it. It's the first time ever I've done a side French braid, so I'm hoping to get better at it by Monday. For the rest I'll be studyin, studying studying till I drop, so wish me luck.

The Fashionistas Closet Sale

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Some of you may have seen this on my Facebook page alraedy, but my laptop died last Monday, so right now I'm updating from my Mum's laptop, not very convenient but better than being unreachable, right? It's been a while since my last update, and I got some lovely stuff at two closet sales. I went to a closet sale of a friend of mine as I told you in my last post, and last Saturday, I went to THE FASHIONISTAS - CLOSET SALE in Antwerp. It was a lovely little event, where five famous Belgian fashion ladies sold some of their clothes/bags/shoes. And by that I mean the huge brands like Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, even a Birkin bag was spotted, but down-to-earth brands like Zara and H&M as well. It was not really well-know, so only the fashion insiders were there, if I may say so. The women selling their clothes were Tiany Kiriloff (BELMODO), Anne Poelmans (ELLE), Virginie Morobe (designer March23), Delphine de Somer (designer DDS), Caroline Verdonck (owner Cosi Cosi) and Emma Gelaude (myfashionblog.be). I really admired their sense of style and amazing clothes, and they were really friendly as well, and tried to help whenever possible. The prices were amazing as well, I have to say. I got a Wildfox sweater, a Karl Lagerfeld bag, a Chanel make-up bag and a Yuki dress for a little more than €30! I was so happy when I walked out, it was just lovely. Oh, and Pieter Loridon was there as well, famous former Belgian basketball player, who now owns a coffee company. He made me a delicious strong coffee with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and most importantly little pieces of syrup waffle. Yummy! A perfect day of shopping, I must say.

This is yesterday's outfit, better late than never, while wearing my new Wilfox sweater! I'm not really happy about the way I look in these photos, but I hope you still like the outfit.


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To all the Dutchies & Belgian: FIJNE SINTERKLAAS! Today we, people from the Low Countries, celebrate the day of the Good Holy Man 'Sinterklaas', which means you get candy, a present and mandarins if you've been a good girl/boy in the past year. Get into the Sinterklaas hype by clicking here. I was thinking I wouldn't get a present because I'm getting too old to be celebrating this holiday, but you can't believe how happy I got this morning! It is said Sinterklaas comes at night to put the candy in your shoes, but in my case, it was the postman that rang my doorbell and gave me a parcel. My diggmates came looking as well, and when I opened the package I was like a little girl again: a box full of chocolates, cookies and many other sweet stuff! My lovely parents Sinterklaas had thought of me, so I guess you can say I've been a good girl this year.

Mrs. Good Girl over here had an amazing day yesterday. I went shopping with my girls in Ghent, and we had lots of fun. Winter has arrived, which means snow snow snow, but the cold couldn't take away the fun. We had a fancy dinner at McDo and went to the Closet Sale of my friend afterwards. I got three lovely pieces, and my girls got some stuff as well, I'll show them asap! When we got back home, it was very-very-early-Christmas-gifts-time! We had bought each-other little presents, and it was such a lovely night. They gave me marshmallows and a LUSH bath bomb. Lovely! And now this happy girl is crawling into bed. Nighty-night!

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Winter blues

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I've had two days full of headaches, so badly my head is pounding and I feel quite sick. Winter blues, I guess, I hope it gets better soon. That time of the year where you can only wear jumpers and woolen dresses has arrived, and I decided there's no such thing like dressing too warm, especially when you're feeling ill. I need to buy more jumpers, and spotter some cuties already. I'm going to shop with my lovely diggmates tomorrow, so we'll be having a lot of fun for sure. We're going out for dinner together, and afterwards we're going to a closet sale of a friend of mine - she has a blog as well. Go check it out, and now that you're at it, watch a friend of mine singing as well, he's great, I assure you. And last thing I have to say: please join my give-away dear readers, there are 25 Firmoo vouchers to win! 

Sweater - DinoDirect
Skirt - River Island
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Winter colours

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The weather's getting colder & colder, it's started freezing at nights, and I don't want to let go of colours. I decided to use some pops of colour in my outfit, to remind myself of something other than cold and darkness. This weekend was lovely. Yesterday, my best friend and I did a little Christmas shopping, and afterwards, my family and I went out for dinner at the best Italian restaurant in town to celebrate my Dad's birthday. The only thing about Winter that I like are the cozy sweaters, the cups of tea, the cuddling because you're cold and hot chocolate. Oh, and Christmas presents of course. Besides that, I can't wait till Summer's back.

To the music fans among you: I don't know if I've told you before or not, but a friend of mine is a really good singer, and he put online a song of his. He's a little insecure about his singing, but I think he's amazing! You should go check out his version of BREAKEVEN. I could listen to this singing on and on, and so should you. This guy will be famous some day, for sure. Click and support! 

Oh, and please do join my Firmoo give-away! You can win vouchers each worth 20$, so don't hesitate and join. 

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