Romwe Review & Wishlist

11:08 PM Imke 24 Comments

I remember, years ago, browsing around Romwe and being so surprised by its prices, but being too sceptical of those prices to ever order. So when they contacted me some time ago, asking if I'd be interested to review one of their products, I was very eager to try, as they offer the most amazing range of cute clothes - and not only crazy one-size pieces, but lovely dresses and shirts for girls like you and me. 

Aubergine Jumpsuit

11:49 PM Imke 25 Comments

I kind of feel like an eggplant wearing this jumpsuit, but then again, I like eggplants so no harm is done! I've always been the first one to scream that I hate wearing purple, but this shade of aubergine-purple is just the perfect exception to this year-long rule. I got this piece on Asos and I love its fitting: slightly oversized but in a fairly elegant manner. But goodness, I melt whenever wearing this piece! This Northern girl can't really support the temperatures to which my body rises when wearing this jumpsuit, but then again, Paris has gone back into winter mode, so I can pull this winter piece back out of my closet! 

Festival & Summerproof Hair-Do

1:53 AM Imke 32 Comments

I think about no-one noticed, but I did an ombré myself a couple of weeks ago with some bleach I bought in London quite some time ago, and the result turned out loads better (and blonder) than expected, all while keeping it quite natural. But then again, when wearing my hair down like this, like I almost never do, it's much, much more noticeable that I went for an ombré, and I must admit I quite like the effect.

5 European Summer Destinations

5:00 PM Imke 28 Comments

As you probably know, I’m as European as it gets – I love living on the continent and all the wonderful cities it holds. The continent of Europe is home to a whole number of interesting destinations that are definitely worth a visit. From sandy beaches and blue seas to historic ruins and vibrant cities, Europe definitely has everything to offer when it comes to making sure that you’re spoilt for choice when choosing where to visit this summer. If you are thinking of taking a holiday in Europe this summer and aren’t sure exactly where to choose, here are five fantastic destinations to inspire you.

Pale Pink Jumper

4:07 PM Imke 25 Comments

I think every girl needs a pale pink jumper in her life, to snuggle, look cute and feel comfortable at the same time. I used to have one of those but then gifted it to my sister in a moment of generosity. And then, some time ago, the lovely people over at SheInside asked me if I wanted to review one of their products. Upon browsing their website, I found this gorgeous pastel pink jumper, which I loved at once. 

The jumper arrived after 10 days, and my fear of the item being to small (one-size just isn't my size in general) appeared to be unnecessary. It fits as a glove, the sleeves are even slightly too long (not that I'm complaining as this is something that almost never happens to me), and the colour is just what I wanted!  I decided to go with my black flared jeans from Missguided and my all-favourite Jonak shoes: a comfortable look for a casual style that's just perfect for this depressing rainy weather.


So what do you think? Isn't this shade of pink the best? What colour do you like your jumpers in? Let me know in the comments!