Goodbye 2015!

2:10 PM Imke 33 Comments

The end of the year is now very near, and as the weather is incredibly mild for the time of the year here, I can still wear some of my light Autumn dresses, ripped jeans, and skirts with 20 den stockings. Hard to imagine that one year ago, I came home to snow during winter break, and now I start sweating when I wear my winter coat and cursed myself for not bringing sunglasses when going out. 

Christmas Lights

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Happy National Christmas Jumper Day! Finally, it's acceptable to wear my big, cosy Christmas jumper, and push the button that's on the inside of the jumper, and have Jingle Bells play all the time. Yes, my jumper can play Christmas songs, and yes, I'm proud of it. I got it last year at Primark in London, and I'm still so happy with my purchase, as it't the most comfortable thing to wear ever. 

The Fishnet Challenge

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As you might know by now, I'm all about breaking the so-called fashion rules, as you could also read in this recent post about how to combine block heels, velvet & a turtleneck. I already mentioned to you in this post that I love fishnet tights, even though they are perceived as either grungy, either slutty, and I'm neither of them, but I still love them. Many among you told me they loved the style,  but couldn't figure out how to adapt them to your wardrobe, or simply said to be sure they wouldn't look good on you. 

Ladies, you don't know until you try, and I'm sure you too can find a way to adapt the fishnet stockings to your closet, and make it work with your style, whether you're classy, girly, tom-boy, grungy, minimalist, edgy or provocative style-wise. In my opinion, there's always a way, and today I'm showing you mine. I combined my fishnet tights with a comfortable woolen dress in blue marine and little silver details, which is slightly over-sized, and put on velvet high heels to keep the look a bit more business-like. Over it my favourite camel coat, and the grungyness of the fishnet tights is completely toned down, while still giving a certain edgy vibe to this look. 

What do you think of the way I wear my fishnet tights? How would you (or do you!) combine them? And do you love these new heels I got off Asos as much as I do? Let me know in the comments. 

A special thank you note goes to my friend and fellow blogger Gwladys from who took these amazing pictures - not only a great photographer but also a fashion blogger who just started blogging. Check it out! 

Dress - Gerard Darel
Shoes - Asos
Tights - Primark
Coat - Polo Ralph Lauren

Holidays Hair-do

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Holidays are coming up very soon: less than a month away from Christmas, and with Sinterklaas officialy over (sadly enough) it's now time to shift my focus from pepernoten and chocolate letters to Christmas and New Year, time lovingly spent with my family back home, and, quite imporantly, what to wear, how to do my make-up, and what to do with my hair. I love scrolling through Pinterest and watching YouTube tutorials, looking for inspiration, and decided to share some of my favourite hair looks with you, looks that are potentially to be mine for the Holidays. 


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Some say velvet clothes are for grannies and gymnasts only, others say big chunky heels are for goths, and many say turtlenecks shouldn't be worn by girls with a big buste. Well, this look proves them all wrong, as I combined every single prejudice and felt down-right velvetastic-fantastic in this look. 

Fishnet Tights

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Fishnet tights, also known as how to find the balance between rock-chick and hooker. Even though I love all things pastel, long hair, a nice nude lipstick & will always prefer a dress over jeans, I've always played with the thought of being a rock chick kind of girl, thoughts that started popping up right after Taylor Momson a.k.a. Jenny from Gossip Girl made this bad-ass transformation from nice schoolgirl to racoon-eyed rebel. I've never fully given into this tendancy, but I like to balance on the verge between the girly I-love-everything-pink kind of girl and the biker-boots-and-leather-jacket kind of girl. I love combining a girly dress with a chunky leather jacket, add a heavy cat-eye to the blouse & pencil skirt look, and wear my boots under literally anything. Another big inspiration for this look is gorgeous Luanna from Le Happy blog (hair goals).