Summer wishlist

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I think I don't speak for myself only when I say summer is one of the most expensive times of the year (right after Christmas, that is). There's holidays to be booked, festivals to go to, a summer wardrobe to expand and expensive cocktails to be drunk. In order to avoid going bankrupt over summertime, there's some solutions, among which the Summer Sales, which are about to start, and budget shopping in general. Above you can see my wishlist from webshop Dresslink, on which you can get all these pieces for just $30. You're not going to break the bank on this one, but I assure you you'll look stunning and totally ready for the sunny season! 

Roses & Stripes

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Brace yourselves, summer has arrived in London! Quite shocking to the usually rainy city, and all the more reason to spend my free time in one of the many parks in the beautiful UK capital. Last weekend I discovered a new part of the big and popular Hyde Park, namely the little Rose Garden which is situated on the south-east side of the park, next to Lancaster Gate Tube.

Last weekend I spent walking around, visiting many places, as I try to cram in as many things as possible because my departure is getting closer and closer. So usually my weekend gear consists of something light to bear the sunny weather, like this easy striped high-neck jersey dress, and a pair of cool kicks to walk around the city. And how cute are these little frilly semi-transparant socks? For me, this is the ultimate big city look - comfortable yet stylish.

A Dream Come True - Christian Louboutin

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Keep your head, heels and standards high. And on that note, my ultimate shoe dream had come true, and I am the proud owner of this gorgeous pair of Louboutins. The perfect nude colour that goes with literally every outfit, amazing quality leather and a sky-high stiletto that makes my legs look about 2 metres long and tones them perfectly. I might be 1m90 wearing these, but I couldn't care less, because seriously, they're perfect. Now I now what the fuss is all about - they might not be the most comfortable shoe in the world, but they are extremely beautiful, the quality is amazing, it does something magical to your legs, and the red sole will always have this special vibe. I simply can't believe these babies are actually mine - I put them on every day, just to admire them. Thank you, Monsieur Christian Louboutin, for making me the happiest girl on the planet with my dream shoes finally on my feet! And I assure you, outfit photos will follow.

Willesden Green

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Sometimes, you stumble upon nice places where you definitely weren't expecting them. I live in Willsden Green, a nice location with lots of shops, families, green, and good public transport. But nice is about it when describing my area - it's not exciting at all, it's just a plain, safe middle-class north west London area. But when going for a walk with my flatmate to show her where the sports centre is (we do have a nice and modern sports centre within walking distance!), we stumbled upon a nice park. Never knew it was there, and it's so calm and beautiful, without screaming children and annoying dogs. It's as if you're not in London at all! Defenitely going there more often when the weather's nice and I need to relax! 

The Dress

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Remember my post about what to wear for the wedding I have coming up? I'm glad most of you guys thought a black dress and statement clutch was a good plan, so I decided to go through with it. So, when browsing Asos, I found this dress, and seriously, it looks so amazing! I'm in love with it, and can't wait to wear it. I got really lucky getting my size, because everytime Asos stocks it up, it sells out so fast, especially if your size is quite regular like mine! Never checked out so fast in my life, haha. And I can see why it sells out so fast, because it's gorgeous, great quality, and compliments the body really well. I'm quite excited about this maxi gem!