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Holidays are getting closer and closer, I'm getting ready for it! Party dress and matching necklace are bought, gifts as well, let them come! My last week of school before I gotta go studying all day long. Stressy! Praying everything will go fine. Today I was dressed blue-white, I really like this combo of colours, especially during winter, when you need a little bit of bright colours to make your day.

Skirt - Hollister
Vest - Primark
Blue top - H&M
White top - Hollister



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Busy busy busy! One more week of school & then it's studying time! Time to study even more intensive than I'm doing now. Luckily I can now still find some time to relax for a bit. My love, sister, Mom and I went to buy my Christmas & New Year's present: a Samsonite suitcase, in Champagne colour, I love it already! ♥ We even got a bottle of Champagne with it! Then Mom dropped us (= my boy and I) at the sports hall. I think I played rather well, if you know I played 2/3 of the time on a position I usually don't play. As it was "Day of the Supporter", everyone got a free pancake or a free Glühwein (hot wine), yay! Before we knew it, it was time to leave, and as I got home, I made my suitcase to go back to my place after work tomorrow, and to study for my exam on Monday, Word. Should go quite right, don't you think so? I do have faith! :)

Dress - H&M
Necklace - I Am
& That cat is the sweetest thing in the world, my Jef ♥



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I ain't got much to tell as I ain't doing much interesting lately. My life's all about school lately. Those freakin' deadlines, with exams getting closer and closer. I'm so nervous, my first exams in college! I want everything to be fairly well, I'm a little perfectionist. Today, I even cried for a bad grade... Guess I gotta sleep more and be less busy with school, it's freaking me out! So I'll be off to bed now, my eyes are falling down... 

Dress - Roxy
Tights - Pimkie
Blazer - internet?



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Today I feel very joyful, even though my head is aching like hell, and I still have to study for a bit. Getting out of bed was awful, but after the first class (Multimedia) had started, I felt better. Then Psychology, and my day of school was done! After school I went to the supermarket (Aldi, about a 2 minute walk away from my place!) and after lunch, I started studying, boring me. Then I went out for dinner with my family in law, it was amazing. I had a great meal; the company was great, I love them! When I got home, I went to see my best friend Chiara, and after chatting for a bit, we went to the room of one of our roommates, and the four of us had a great night, talking, laughing an eating. A great ending of a good day.

Top - Hollister
Skirt - Tally Weijl
Vest - Primark



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I'm so insanely tired, it's unbelievable... I've been working for school from 10 AM till 6 PM. After that, we went out for dinner, my grandfather's threat for us, so sweet! We went to "De cluyse", the restaurant of my boyfriend's Dad and his girlfriend, where I work. The food was great, as usual, and we had a jolly good time, the perfect time to shake off all the stress and just enjoy the food and the company, which consisted of my parents, my sister, my grandfather, my boyfriend and I. I had scampi with curry, calvados and apple, yummm! But now reality hits hard. I still have to do some work for school, one chapter of marketing and some German vocabulary... Wish me luck!

^ It was my Dad's B-day yesterday (:



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Tonight was the best night in ages I guess! My love and I went to the Winter Fair (a funfair) here in Ghent. It was so romantic! It was the first time we went there together, and it was amazing! We went into the giant Ferris wheel, in which we could see the skyline of Ghent, so beautiful! After that, my boyfriend ate "oliebollen" (oil balls) and I ate cotton candy, yum! I also drank chocolate-vanilla genever to get warm. My love tried to win a stuffed animal for me, but as usual, no luck for us! Anyways... Today was a lovely day, and I loved my outfit as well, so cosy and warm, hmm! Perfect for this season! Also, check out my new cracking nailpolish! Like it or not?

Dress - H&M



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I've been busy again, sorry for not having been able post again for some time. I did enjoy reading all your sweet comments so much, you're lovely ♥ Today was not so lovely, I have to admit. I woke up feeling rather ill, but found the courage to go to school. My throat has been aching all day, and I can't enjoy food or drinks or anything, which sucks. I have this terrible taste at all time, no matter how many pills or so on I take... But I've been able to make homework and cook dinner with my best friend and boyfriend, and now I'm here in my room, all alone and feeling ill. I have an headache as well, so after posting this post, I'll be off to bed, hoping I'll feel better tomorrow... Oh, by the way, about my outfit: I'm not feeling very confident about this pick, please let me know whether like it or not.

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Mexx



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Here I am, once again! I can't believe this is my 3rd post in a row, it's incredible, certainly if you know that I've been very busy lately with school, work, volleyball and friends. Today was a good day. I'm very tired, so I'll be off to bed after writing this post, but I managed to get out of bed and go to school! Only two classes today: German & Psychology, both went fine. Didn't get the results of my test yet, but they'll be online this weekend, so exciting! (Haha, I do sound like a nerd right now!) But okay. After school, I went home to clean the house (it's my turn this week) and now everything's shining so incredibly bright! After doing some homework, I went to Ghent City to go out for dinner with my boy and his family, as we do every Wednesday. Today was no exception on greatness. I had a tomato-mozzarella-olive-pine nut-and-basil salad, and it tasted delicious! After dinner, we said goodbye ("See you on Sunday") and they dropped me off at my place. Again I made some homework and listened some music. And now it's time for reading in bed. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but my camera was acting really weird. Those shades of yellow should be white, ahem. Oh, and thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my last post, they all made me smile. You guys really made my day!

Book = Eat Pray Love
Top - H&M
Vest - Primark
Shorts - New Look



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Usually I don't post two days in a row, but today I'm in the mood! I'm 13 months together with my boyfriend today, so this has to be a cheerful day! I'm back home for the night, tonight I'm back off to Ghent. I've been thinking about this winter's obvious trends, and my conclusion was:

1. Fur, lots of fur!
2. Leather - pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, anything!
3. Red
4. Dotted tights

I may miss some things or be completely wrong, but as I can see on the streets, these four might rule this winter. All I prefer right now are my scarf and my coat, both surprisingly warm and cosy.



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I'm so terribly sorry I haven't been posting in such a while, but I've been so busy with school and cathing up with friends I can't see during school because they live in another city and are also very busy with school. Yet again, sorry for not updating, but it was quite hectic. Today was much better. My first class was Communication Studies. Our lecturer has been absent since the beginning of the year, but today, for our last class in CS this year, she was back, and I have to say she made it very interesting and fun, whereas the substitute lecturer went way too fast and made the curriculum quite boring. But my first class was great! My second class for today was German, and we had an important test that counted on our exam! I was very stressed out, and had learned quite a lot (the reason why I'm so tired) but when I saw that test... Easypeasy! It went great! I went home happy, but got sick by the time I was back at my place. I laid down for a while, and when I felt better, I wrote on "The Story Of James And Me", and read for a bit. Then my love came over, and after talking about our days, we went to his family, to go out for dinner together. We went to a cosy place here in Ghent, and had a great time. I had a salmon-shrimp salad, delicious! My boyfriend's sister, Dad, and his girlfriend had been to the Cape Verde Islands for a week, so they told about their vacation, we told about ours, about school ect ect. And you know what? On our staff day, we might go to Disneyland Paris! Gosh, I hope this is really going to happen, that would be wonderful! After dinner and having tea, we all went home, and now I'm back here, listening music, writing, and waiting for my best friend Chiara to come over! Oh, and my explanation for my face not being visible on the first photo? I had to laugh all of a sudden when my BF took the photo because he was being funny, and we didn't have the time to take another photo, 'cause we had to catch our bus. That's why I edited this picture ;)


OCTOBER 30 & 31

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HOLIDAY! It's midterm break for me, so I'm trying to have as much fun as possible ànd study at the same time, and so far it's going well! Saturday was amazingly awesome, just like today! I'll give you a short summary of my weekend...

Saturday: my boyfriend came over around noon, and after having lunch with him and my family, we went off to the Shopping Centre, my Mom, my sister my BF and I, and the trip was gooood! My love and I had to walk apart from my sis and Mom because it was my sister's turn to go shopping for lots of clothes. She bought lots of stuff at Hollister, the newest shop around here, but of course you all know this brand. The guys who welcomed us at the front doors were stunning. Those bodies, that's not even legal I guess! I tried on some things, but only bought sweatpants, silly me. Maybe another time, I'll find a big amount of clothes that suit me. But the trip wasn't useless at all; I bought this very cute dress at Trent, and I fell in love immediately. I'll show it to you in the pictures beneath. Around 5 PM, we left, because had to go play volleybal. So I did, it's always good to be sporty and be active, because I'm a sports lover (only to practise, not to watch or follow the news).  I went to bed rather tired.

Sunday: a great day at the most beautiful city in Belgium. GHENT! This is the place I study, so I dragged my parents, sister and Grandad over to go grab lunch. They invited my boyfriend as well, and so it was.... I ate waaaay too much, I think I can't eat pizza for two weeks now. (As much pizza as you can eat for only 9,5 euros, ain't that good?). After lunch, my parents dropped us off at the cinema! My love and I went to Tintin. I recommend you to go to this film; it's wonderful! All those childhood memories, so good, I loved it! Great soundtrack as well. And this "motion capture" technology; unbelievable! You should really see it. After the movies I picked my two friends Chiara and Laura up at the station and the three of us went to the house my best friend Chiara and I share with three other people. We ordered some food (pizza, as my friends were in the mood for pizza, but as I was still a little sick, not that much pizza for me...) We had a fun night, talked and laughed and sang along this silly LMFAO "I'm sexy and I know it"-song. We went off to bed around 1:30 AM, guess that's still okay...

Monday - today: After breakfast, we went off to the Veldstraat, the most famous shopping street in Ghent. We shopped, shopped, shopped, did some sight-seeing, went to Starbucks, ate, and shopped. After that, we went back to pick up our bags and caught our train home. We had such a good time, it was amazing ♥ Oh, and before you ask, Halloween isn't that big of a deal here in Belgium, so no costumes and trick or treating for me... 

Dress - Mer du Nord
Tights - Hema



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Today I felt like wearing my new fancy leather shorts. I love them! But they're so hard to combine, it's not easy to wear those! I hope I combined them well... Please let me know! And how do you combine leather shorts? I'd be glad to hear some other combos, as I wanna wear them a lot this winter! But how was my day? Very good actually! It started too early IMHO, but as I'm a little ill, every hour is early to get up... I had three courses today; Image Communication, German & Communication and Psychology. They were okay, but I didn't feel so well... Headaches, I hate them. Also, my tummy hurts, ugh. Maybe I ate a little too much tonight, as I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and his family. We had a great time, as usual, and the food was yum! Ravioli with pumpkin, Gorgonzola, hazelnut and lemon, great combo! As the restaurant was rather fancy, I had extra room for dessert, my favourite part of the meal ♥ Oh, now that we're talking about dessert! My BF bought me Ferrero Rocher & seashell chocolates, hmm! The boy knows what women want, haha! Now I'm going to do some French excercices and maybe I'll watch Gossip Girl, but I'm really tired because I'm ill, so I think I'll be off to bed early again...

Vest - Mango
Top - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - APM



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Today I had an amazing shopping day ♥ My Mom, my boyfriend and I went shopping together, and I got a lot of beautiful stuff. I'm sure pictures not shown in this post will follow. I bought a cute pastel-pink purse, a pair of leather shorts, a little white dress, a little black dress, a little black&white dress, a camel coat, two pairs of gloves, a cute headband, a scarf and a pair of wonderful & warm shoes. I love everything I bought ♥ After that, we went home to drink something and grab a little bite before going to the best Italian restaurant in town. My boyfriend, Mom, Dad, sister and I went all together, and as that restaurant is so cosy and authentic, it was a great night out. My sister and I were dressed alike, to show off we are sisters. After that, we ate a scoop of ice, dropped my BF off at his place and went home. Now I'm home, with my cat in my lap, thinking of all the gorgeous combo's I'll make with my new stuff... ♥

Bag - vintage (got it from my Grandma)
Dress - H & M
Shoes - SPM



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Today I was in a blue-yellow-combo day. Turned out to be a good choice, as today was a rather good day! My classes at school were interesting, except for Communication & Psychology (that's one course by the way).  I spent most of my afternoon learning, making homework and watching Gossip Girl, and then went out for dinner at Ikea with my boyfriend and his family. We had a good time, like we always do. It's great we come along so well, all of us. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the following: I WON AT A GIVE-AWAY! ♥ Unbelievable, right? Usually, I never win at such things, but now I did! I won €25 shopping money to shop online at Giksmode, thanks to the amazing blogger Krizia. Be sure to pay her a visit! :)

Also, I tried to do a fishtail braid, but it didn't work out the way I wanted, but I have to admit it's been the best fishtail braid I've ever done, haha! I think I still need to work on that one...


Blazer -
Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Primark
Knee socks - New Yorker
Shoes - Hilfiger



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Today was a very special day for me... It's my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend ♥ We've been in love for 365 days now, and actually even more, but didn't have the guts to tell eachother, haha! And today, I'm even more in love. He came over to my place around noon, and I couldn't wait to see what he bought for me! He told me to sit down and close my eyes. When he told me to open them, he was on his knees right before me, with the most beautiful ring in a cute little box. I was so incredibly happy with this admirably pretty Swarovski ring! Then it was his turn to close his eyes. I gave him the present I bought, a great Fossil watch! I fell in love with it when I saw it, so I had to buy it for him. He was so happy, he has been checking the time every five minutes today.

For lunch we ate a lovely omelette with lots of vegetables, hmm! After that, I had to go to my volleyball match, and my BF came along to cheer for us. (I'm not sure he found it all that interesting, as he had to sit and watch for more than 4 hours. They say you have to make an effort for love, right?) We won, and I think I played rather well, as I was in a great mood today. Everyone would be, right? After the match, my teammates and I had some drinks, a girl had made soup and lots of dessert, and we had a good time. My teammate made cheesecake, cute little cupcakes and appelflap (puff pastry filled with little apple parts, cinnamon and raisins). Delicious!

Around 9 PM my love and I took the bus to the city nearby to go to the place we kissed for the first time one year ago, to relive those amazing memories, and to go to the best ice cream shop of the city. I had a scoop of tiramisu ice and a scoop of tarte tatin ice, and tea, magnificent! We chatted and had fun, and looked eachother in the eyes to discover we were still in love, maybe even more. At 11 PM, my parents picked us up and dropped him off at his place, and now I'm back home, enjoying the amazing memories of today, and looking at the photos.