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Today was a great day! The weather was delightful! 28°C, in our rainy little country, oh my! During lunch break, I sat in the garden of my school with my friends, talking for a bit and having lunch, when my boyfriend texted me that he was done early with school & that he'd come to Ghent City to see me. I said that was okay, and after saying goodbye to my friends, I went to my little home to pick up and drop some books for my lesson of Dutch that afternoon. My break was from 11:15 AM till 3:00 PM, because our teacher of Sociology was absent.

I met my BF around 1:30 PM, and after walking through the City, we decided to buy a large bucket of Ben & Jerry's to eat while sitting in the grass and enjoying the sun. Which we did. It was a great lunch break, and it has been soooo long since the last time I ate B&J, it tasted so good ♥ You gotta love them! Unfortunately, I had to go back to class, so we said goodbye and I joined my friends again. After Dutch class I went back to my place to get my suitcase and grab a bite before going home with my best friend. She and I told eachother about our days and so on. Also, she seems no be developing Mysophobia. She seems to have the habit to clean up every mess, even if it isn't hers. I won't complain ;) Thank you bestie! We got ready to go home, went back by train, and my Mom picked me up there to bring me to my volleyball training. And now I'm back at home, in my own bed. Feels kind of weird. But good at the same time. Not that I was homesick; not at all actually, but it feels good to be here again.

But I have to admit I'm freaking tired after this first full week of school and sports and friends and BF and assignments. I guess you can see it at my face... So off to bed now, rather early, but it will be good for me...



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See how tired I am? ;) Oh, and as you asked, finally a picture of my golden wall!
Shirt - borrowed from my sister
Skirt - Tally Weijl

I've been quite busy lately, now school had started, so sorry if I'm not updating so much, I just need to find the time between learning and volleyball and work and seeing my friends and boyfriend in. School is pretty great, definitely if you consider it's school! My classes have been pretty great so far, and I already made some friends. I study Communication Management by the way. Today, I had an "Image communication" class, where we watched video clips about how images make us able to understand things and shape our lives. After that, I had my German class, which was okay, but it was a pity we literally start from the beginning, which is kind of boring for me, considering I've had 3 hours of German a week the last two years. After that class, it was time for Psychology, for which I was rather 'scared' because I personally think it's very difficult. But guess what? Our lecturer was absent, so no Psychology today.

I came home rather early, and after having lunch, I browsed the internet, and after my little break, I made my homework! Ain't that good of me? I did all my tasks for this week and a task for which the deadline is November 7, so I worked rather well. Just when I finished that task, my BF came over. His classes ended later than mine (ghehe!) and he had to wait for a bus etc etc so he came around later late, let's say about a quarter to 4. He told eachother about our day and hadd some fun, and then his Dad texted that they would be over my place in a second. After rapidly putting away my pile of school stuff and my box of chocolate, I asked them to come in, and showed them my room.

We stayed in my room for some time and tried to cath that annoying fly that had been bothering me for days, without succes, and then left to go out for dinner. We found a restaurant that looked rather well; it was quite crowded and the dishes looked good, so we asked for a table for six. My boyfriend, his twin brother (who appeared to be an avid reader of my blog), his sister, his Dad and his Dad's girlfriend. I'm always happy to see them, we come along quite well and I see them as my family, so we had a good time. Only the restaurant wasn't the way we had expected it to be.. Not at all, actually. The food was good, but the service wasn't. There were 5 waiters, but only one of them really worked, and so on. That one working waiter got a tip by the way. Explaining all of their mistakes would take ages & is rather boring, so I'm not going to.

And then we walked back to the parking, and they dropped me off at my place. As far my great night. My BF is now at his place, my best friend is at an event called "Student Kick-Off" here in Ghent, but I'm not really in the mood. I'm planning on reading (The Talented Mr. Ripley) in my own cozy sofa and going to bed in time, because I'm really tired. And tomorrow I can sleep late, hooray! Classes don't start until 11:45 AM, hmmm...

The problem with the food that there was more fruit than salad in my scampi-chicken salad. So I made a piece of art out of it ;)



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Today, I went to Ghent to bike through the city to discover nearby shops etc. I really like what my room looks like right now, after painting the walls again, and buying some fancy new furniture at Ikea. One wall is painted gold (ain't that fab?) & the others white. Other accents are brown/beige/white and I love it.

I'm still a little ill, so I'm wearing cozy clothes, soft and warm :) Hopefulle I'll be better when school starts, this Friday. I already picked my clothes by the way, ha ha! You can't be too early. It's my first day in college, and I don't know a single person in my class group, so I want to look good, try to give a good first impression. You never know who might be your classmate. And also, I just want to walk in with confidence, and as we all know: when you wear clothes you like & you're proud of, people will notice and you will shine.



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I'm so so sorry I haven't been posting in a while, but I was so busy with work and school and friends & quite ill at the same time. But I'm getting a little better now, I got my voice back, so I'm blogging some more now.

Today, my BF and I went to Antwerp for a shopping trip. I finally found the time to visit the new Forever 21 there. It was a-ma-zing ♥ Lots & lots of wonderful things, but I didn't buy that much. I bought a light brown pencil skirt and a hairbrush. I also bought some stuff for my lodge in Ghent like my own shampoo, cornflakes, etc. Nothing really interesting ;) But I had lots of fun today, and saw some wonderful clothes & styles! Also, my best friend was on my bus, and we didn't know of one another we would be there, funny coincidence!

Also, I went to the Global Cooking Event by FoodInvest last Wednesday. There were lots of famous Belgian cooks & actors etc, and we had lots & lots of freeee food! I went home with cookies, cupcakes, soup, chocolate, kidney beans (yes really!), yogurt etc etc... Also, we could eat food made by famous cooks there, and you could let a photographer take a picture of that cook and yourself. We had an amazing day, really! And because it was a kind of chic event, I could dress up, and put on a pretty dress! Below a re some of the pictures taken by the photographer...



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Today, I was rather lazy... Time to rest after a tiring vacation :) My BF came over around 10 AM, and we had lots of fun. He picked my clothes (I have to admit, the boy got taste) and talked, hugged & kissed for some time, and watched Neighbours, my Grandma's fav TV programme. We had to admit it was pretty cool :D We also watched "La vita รจ bella", such a beautiful film! I had to cry 3 or 4 times, for real. That movie is simply beautiful, I have to cry every time I watch it...

Also, I got my school schedule today! Except for my Mondays (I start at 8:15 and end at 18:15) it looks okay! Can't wait, there's a whole new world going to present itself to me! Also, I planned lots of things I have to before school starts like when I'm going to get my books and stuff, and before I knew it, it was time for him to leave. Now I'm going to check out other blogs & read my September Issue for a bit, and then off to bed. I'm freaking tired, even after such a lazy day. Actually, lazy... Depends on your definition of lazy, haha!

And yes, I do love Primark. I love it how you can buy three bags of clothes and pay what you'd normally buy two dresses for :D I don't care about the price of my clothes, I wear Primark & Hilfiger, or H&M and Fornarina for example, in one outfit. It's not about the money, as Jessie J would say.

Skirt - Primark
Vest - Primark
Top - ?



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I'm baaaack from Spain! The weather was perfect & hot, the shopping was marvelous, and my friend & I had soooo much fun! Barcelona was amazing, so beautiful! I love the architecture, and the way people were dressed. I loved the shops, the clothes, the weather, everything. No pick-pocketing for me, lucky as I am!

I bought a Tiffany's blue ring, a beachdress, a skirt you can also wear as a top, an actual top, and a new bikini. Oh, and the September Issue of the UK Elle. Love it ♥ Great to have when you're waiting for your bus and/or train. Also, I have been drawing, while tanning by the pool, I'll post those pics soon!

Here are some of the pics we took, if you want to see all of them, you should check out my Facebook page, right next to this post. Don't forget to like ;)



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I'm leaving for Spain tomorrow morning, so I won't be posting until next Saturday. See you in a week, my dear readers! ♥