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Tonight was the best night in ages I guess! My love and I went to the Winter Fair (a funfair) here in Ghent. It was so romantic! It was the first time we went there together, and it was amazing! We went into the giant Ferris wheel, in which we could see the skyline of Ghent, so beautiful! After that, my boyfriend ate "oliebollen" (oil balls) and I ate cotton candy, yum! I also drank chocolate-vanilla genever to get warm. My love tried to win a stuffed animal for me, but as usual, no luck for us! Anyways... Today was a lovely day, and I loved my outfit as well, so cosy and warm, hmm! Perfect for this season! Also, check out my new cracking nailpolish! Like it or not?

Dress - H&M



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I've been busy again, sorry for not having been able post again for some time. I did enjoy reading all your sweet comments so much, you're lovely ♥ Today was not so lovely, I have to admit. I woke up feeling rather ill, but found the courage to go to school. My throat has been aching all day, and I can't enjoy food or drinks or anything, which sucks. I have this terrible taste at all time, no matter how many pills or so on I take... But I've been able to make homework and cook dinner with my best friend and boyfriend, and now I'm here in my room, all alone and feeling ill. I have an headache as well, so after posting this post, I'll be off to bed, hoping I'll feel better tomorrow... Oh, by the way, about my outfit: I'm not feeling very confident about this pick, please let me know whether like it or not.

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Mexx



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Here I am, once again! I can't believe this is my 3rd post in a row, it's incredible, certainly if you know that I've been very busy lately with school, work, volleyball and friends. Today was a good day. I'm very tired, so I'll be off to bed after writing this post, but I managed to get out of bed and go to school! Only two classes today: German & Psychology, both went fine. Didn't get the results of my test yet, but they'll be online this weekend, so exciting! (Haha, I do sound like a nerd right now!) But okay. After school, I went home to clean the house (it's my turn this week) and now everything's shining so incredibly bright! After doing some homework, I went to Ghent City to go out for dinner with my boy and his family, as we do every Wednesday. Today was no exception on greatness. I had a tomato-mozzarella-olive-pine nut-and-basil salad, and it tasted delicious! After dinner, we said goodbye ("See you on Sunday") and they dropped me off at my place. Again I made some homework and listened some music. And now it's time for reading in bed. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but my camera was acting really weird. Those shades of yellow should be white, ahem. Oh, and thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my last post, they all made me smile. You guys really made my day!

Book = Eat Pray Love
Top - H&M
Vest - Primark
Shorts - New Look



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Usually I don't post two days in a row, but today I'm in the mood! I'm 13 months together with my boyfriend today, so this has to be a cheerful day! I'm back home for the night, tonight I'm back off to Ghent. I've been thinking about this winter's obvious trends, and my conclusion was:

1. Fur, lots of fur!
2. Leather - pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, anything!
3. Red
4. Dotted tights

I may miss some things or be completely wrong, but as I can see on the streets, these four might rule this winter. All I prefer right now are my scarf and my coat, both surprisingly warm and cosy.



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I'm so terribly sorry I haven't been posting in such a while, but I've been so busy with school and cathing up with friends I can't see during school because they live in another city and are also very busy with school. Yet again, sorry for not updating, but it was quite hectic. Today was much better. My first class was Communication Studies. Our lecturer has been absent since the beginning of the year, but today, for our last class in CS this year, she was back, and I have to say she made it very interesting and fun, whereas the substitute lecturer went way too fast and made the curriculum quite boring. But my first class was great! My second class for today was German, and we had an important test that counted on our exam! I was very stressed out, and had learned quite a lot (the reason why I'm so tired) but when I saw that test... Easypeasy! It went great! I went home happy, but got sick by the time I was back at my place. I laid down for a while, and when I felt better, I wrote on "The Story Of James And Me", and read for a bit. Then my love came over, and after talking about our days, we went to his family, to go out for dinner together. We went to a cosy place here in Ghent, and had a great time. I had a salmon-shrimp salad, delicious! My boyfriend's sister, Dad, and his girlfriend had been to the Cape Verde Islands for a week, so they told about their vacation, we told about ours, about school ect ect. And you know what? On our staff day, we might go to Disneyland Paris! Gosh, I hope this is really going to happen, that would be wonderful! After dinner and having tea, we all went home, and now I'm back here, listening music, writing, and waiting for my best friend Chiara to come over! Oh, and my explanation for my face not being visible on the first photo? I had to laugh all of a sudden when my BF took the photo because he was being funny, and we didn't have the time to take another photo, 'cause we had to catch our bus. That's why I edited this picture ;)