9:40 PM Imke Db 44 Comments

Holidays are getting closer and closer, I'm getting ready for it! Party dress and matching necklace are bought, gifts as well, let them come! My last week of school before I gotta go studying all day long. Stressy! Praying everything will go fine. Today I was dressed blue-white, I really like this combo of colours, especially during winter, when you need a little bit of bright colours to make your day.

Skirt - Hollister
Vest - Primark
Blue top - H&M
White top - Hollister



1:00 AM Imke Db 24 Comments

Busy busy busy! One more week of school & then it's studying time! Time to study even more intensive than I'm doing now. Luckily I can now still find some time to relax for a bit. My love, sister, Mom and I went to buy my Christmas & New Year's present: a Samsonite suitcase, in Champagne colour, I love it already! ♥ We even got a bottle of Champagne with it! Then Mom dropped us (= my boy and I) at the sports hall. I think I played rather well, if you know I played 2/3 of the time on a position I usually don't play. As it was "Day of the Supporter", everyone got a free pancake or a free Gl├╝hwein (hot wine), yay! Before we knew it, it was time to leave, and as I got home, I made my suitcase to go back to my place after work tomorrow, and to study for my exam on Monday, Word. Should go quite right, don't you think so? I do have faith! :)

Dress - H&M
Necklace - I Am
& That cat is the sweetest thing in the world, my Jef ♥



10:27 PM Imke Db 20 Comments

I ain't got much to tell as I ain't doing much interesting lately. My life's all about school lately. Those freakin' deadlines, with exams getting closer and closer. I'm so nervous, my first exams in college! I want everything to be fairly well, I'm a little perfectionist. Today, I even cried for a bad grade... Guess I gotta sleep more and be less busy with school, it's freaking me out! So I'll be off to bed now, my eyes are falling down... 

Dress - Roxy
Tights - Pimkie
Blazer - internet?



10:32 PM Imke Db 33 Comments

Today I feel very joyful, even though my head is aching like hell, and I still have to study for a bit. Getting out of bed was awful, but after the first class (Multimedia) had started, I felt better. Then Psychology, and my day of school was done! After school I went to the supermarket (Aldi, about a 2 minute walk away from my place!) and after lunch, I started studying, boring me. Then I went out for dinner with my family in law, it was amazing. I had a great meal; the company was great, I love them! When I got home, I went to see my best friend Chiara, and after chatting for a bit, we went to the room of one of our roommates, and the four of us had a great night, talking, laughing an eating. A great ending of a good day.

Top - Hollister
Skirt - Tally Weijl
Vest - Primark



10:50 PM Imke Db 36 Comments

I'm so insanely tired, it's unbelievable... I've been working for school from 10 AM till 6 PM. After that, we went out for dinner, my grandfather's threat for us, so sweet! We went to "De cluyse", the restaurant of my boyfriend's Dad and his girlfriend, where I work. The food was great, as usual, and we had a jolly good time, the perfect time to shake off all the stress and just enjoy the food and the company, which consisted of my parents, my sister, my grandfather, my boyfriend and I. I had scampi with curry, calvados and apple, yummm! But now reality hits hard. I still have to do some work for school, one chapter of marketing and some German vocabulary... Wish me luck!

^ It was my Dad's B-day yesterday (: