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I'm now listening to Fergalicious by Fergie. Instant feel-good song, in my opinion. I started to listen to her CD because Big Girls Don't Cry was on Pretty Little Liars last night... Quite an interesting story, right? Not. Anyways. Today was a long long day. Just got home from a tiring volleyball training. I tried my best, but my freakin' knee was aching again, a lot actually, so that didn't turn out as I expected... And I slept very badly last night, so I was up rather early, and had the time to have a nice rolled oats breakfast while watching PLL, and read my Dutch & Flemish Elle my amazing & loving boyfriend gave me yesterday with only "I just love you" as an explanation. Such a sweetiepie My two classes, Dutch and Media Analysis went quite fast, and when I got home, I went to my best friend, who's finally back here at our place! I've missed here a lot, and I'm glad she's back! My roommates and me had a  great night yesterday, having a cosy dinner together and chatting. My love was here as well, and we had a romantic evening, just talking and being together, special and nothing special at the same time. 

And oh, before I forget! Do you love my tights as much as I do? They're actually my sister's, and I was glad I could borrow them! I like the floral print, and how summerish I look. I keep my sunglasses with me wherever I go lately, but I don't need them, which is kind of sad... Let's hope Spring will arrive anytime!

Dress - H&M
Ballerina's - Unknown
Tights - Sister's
Ring - Market



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Hello my dear readers! Didn't have the time to update yesterday, so here it is! I haven't done much productive the past few days... On Thursday, I went to school, got home, felt ill, had some rest while reading the new CosmoGirl, issue 100, watch the Chanel s/s 2012 show again, and as I started to feel better after being immersed in fashion, I got up and did my homework. I was quite lonely that evening, to be honest, as my best friend is still at home, and my other roommates had already left for the weekend because they didn't have classes on Friday this week... I envied them a lot, actually! My best friend will be back next week, I'm so happy, because I miss her a lot! I haven't seen her since Sunday, and normally, we see eachother every day... But she's feeling a lot better now, and things look good, so she started working for school, catch up with the stuff she missed, and next week, she'll be back on track again! 

Dress - H&M
Tights - Primark
Booties - PKM
Ring - Primark
Coat - Hampton Bays



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It hasn't been February 23 for a long time, but I do feel like posting. Yesterday was such a romantic day! My love and I watched Gossip Girl together, went shopping, and after that, had a romantic dinner here in Ghent. I had a salmon salad, and my love had tuna steak. It was lovely and tasty and we had a great time. Then we wandered through the streets so romantically, and kissed on the middle of a famous square. It felt great, you should try it sometime. After that, we went to see "The Iron Lady". Amazing! I was stunned by Meryl Streep's performance, and I cried a lot. The movie was so beautiful, defenitely a must-see. But I warn you, there's not much real action, for which my boyfriend was kind of sad, but I do like tragicomedy-like biographies, and everything that has to do with England, my beloved country. Deserves an Oscar in my opinion. Summarized: most romantic night in ages. 

Now I'm going to get ready for school, first class to go is my English class. As you all know, and as I mentioned already in this post, I love love love English, England, London, etc. I'll live in London one day, that's for sure. 

Skirt - Hollister
Cardi - Jackpot
Top - H&M
Trenchcoat - Hampton Bays
Scarf & gloves - H&M
Purse - Primark 
Wedges - New Look
Ballerinas - Hilfiger



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Wicked weekend I've got, I've been busy all the time! This black & white look was my Friday & Saturday look, I hope you lovelies like it! I was not so sure about the white knee-highs, and my friends' opinions were very different, some positive, some negative, but I'd like to hear your opinions! I like this look, and that's what counts right? Oh, and about my weekend? Friday was busy, with a full day of school and straight after that my volleyball training, and after that a little bit of homework, just to make sure I wouldn't have to stress out on Sunday night (= right now). Early rise on Saturday to bake "speculoos" cupcakes (can't translate that into English, it's a typical Dutch shortcrust biscuit, so yummy!), do some homework and play my volleyballmatch. We didn't win, but that doesn't mean we didn't have fun, because we certainly did! And then today, I went to see my grandparents, yet again worked for school (it's better to learn 3 times for 1 hour than to learn 3 hours on one day, right?), and went working. And now I'm at my desk at my place in Ghent, preparing myself for school tomorrow. I'd planned on going to bed before 11 PM, guess I failed on that one! 

Dress - Esprit
Knee-highs - Primark
Shoes - Mum's



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For all those who asked, my Valentine's Day was a day like another, maybe seeming to be a lot longer than a usual day, and with messy hair due to raining while biking, and tiredness due to long days of school. But I'm not complaining! I'm happy to have celebrated Valentine with my true love, even though we didn't really see eachother that day. Our special day was yesterday, because we were 16 months together then, which is more special IMHO. We just had fun at my place, just being together, talking, laughing, talking about our days, about our classes & teachers, and after some time, his Dad picked us up to go out for dinner. We had a great time, like we always do. Today wasn't really a special day. English class was interesting though! Arts, defenitely an interesting topic. Oh, and I went shopping for baking stuff, but even though the collection came in only yesterday, most of it was already gone! That's one dull thing about Aldi. Everything cool is gone way too fast. I managed to grab some flavourings and a decorating pen. That means cupcake time this weekend! My best friend got out of hospital just yesterday, so I'll try to make her the best cupcakes she ever ate.

Cardigan - Primark
Top with lace - Hollister
Top - H&M
Shorts - River Island
Shoes - New Look

And this is my Valentine present! Cute huh? I love it ♥



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Hello my dear readers! Today was a great day, yet again. I went to Ghent with my love, spending most of the afternoon in Starbucks, me drinking Vanilla Latte, and Earl Grey tea for him. It was so warm and cosy in there, and as we had managed to take place in the sofa, I wanted to stay there all day, and not face the cold ever again. Temperatures are rising, but it's still freezing and freakin' cold... By the way, don't you love my boyfriend's pants? I'm in love with that colour! 

Yesterday, my friend Jolanda and I went to Primark, a 2 hours travel, but so worth it! I bought lots of accessories, like the tights I'm wearing, the double ring I've been looking for for weeks, and other little things you just have to buy because they're so cheap. We had lots of fun, but it was so tiring, I got a terrible headache, just terrible. I honestly thought I was about to burst in tears, but I managed to get home without fainting or crying, took 2 pain killers and had some rest, and this morning I woke up with a fresh head & mind, ready to go!

Tomorrow I've got a reunion with my last year's classmates from high school, haven't seen them in quite some time! I think it will be fun, and good to see those people who are studying in other cities again! 

Dress - H&M
Tights - Primark
Knee-highs - New Look
Double Ring - Primark
Nailpolish (pink) - Chanel: Rose Exubérant
Nailpolish (glitters) - American Apparel
Shoes - Mom's



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I'm not very confident of the photo of today's outfit, it looks better in real life IMHO, and the way my face looks, but that's because today was actually all about visiting my best friend who's in hospital (accute appendicitis, so freakin' painful as they say), so I didn't pull much of an effort putting on make-up and stuff. I went for a little shopping before visiting hours to buy my best friend a stuffed sheep, because she loves sheep and presents, and I won't forget that smile on her face when we gave her her present, as I knew she was in pain, and she only managed to smile when she really meant it. I spent all afternoon in her room, talking, and asking how she was doing. And besides that, I didn't do very much today, as I couldn't go to my volleyball training because I was with my friend. Please hope with me that she will be feeling better soon! The more the merrier!

Top & Cardigan - H&M
Skirt - Mer du Nord
Purse - Mum's



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I got my grades yesterday, and they were good, so I'm happy! Vacation can now start - officially! I've had a great time since the last time I posted. I went to my BF's new house, and had a cosy day of laying in bed, playing Scrabble with his little sister, and reading Sherlock Holmes while my love watched TV, his arms around me. Romantic, right? I freaked out big time on Friday, as I had to go to school for my grades. I won't post it in detail here, but let's say I did well. (I found out I had the best grades for English of all the 1st year students. That's kicking ass, right?). Oh, and I started to get freezing cold over here! These photos were taken a few hours before the snowing started, and before Belgium broke its record on traffic jams - 1200 km of traffic jam yesterday... But we managed to get through it and be safe. But as degrees get to -15°C or even lower, I guess I will be drinking lots of tea and wearing even more layers of clothes the next couple of days! 



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First of all: EXAMS ARE OVER WOO-HOOW. My friends and I celebrated pretty well, and had lots and lots of fun. We went watchin' "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", you should def go check it out, even when you've seen the Swedish movie. Now I shall party till Friday, 'cause that's the day I'll know my grades... Cross my fingers and lick my elbow! My love got his grades today, and he passed every single exam, so I'm very proud! Now hoping I can make him, my family and my friends proud as well!

I had an amazing but tiresome day today. I left home around 8:30 AM, to catch the train to Antwerp with my boyfriend, to go shopping all day long, and end this wonderful day in a cosy restaurant. As trains are never in time here in Belgium, we were in Antwerp around 10 AM, and we shopped till we dropped at 4 PM. We had around 5 hours of shopping, and I'm one lucky girl having a wonderful boyfriend who loves shopping nearly as much as I do! I bought an amazing pair of shoes, that will probably be online this Friday (I know you will love them) and a fancy glitter nailpolish from American Apparel. Not much huh? I also spotted these superpretty shoes at New Look, but they were there in every size, even 43, but mine, a 41, crap... But I'll look for them when I'm in Liège next Wednesday! 

After shopping, we went back heading home, but stopped at the square on which my love and I shared our very first kiss, and went to a cosy little café and drank something - he an apple-carameltea, me a latte macchiato. After that, we wandered through the city, and had dinner at this wonderful little Italian restaurant called "Giardino", and had amazing pizza, while listening to beautiful Italian music, looking into each others' eyes, with a red rose in a vase on our table. This was the perfect ending to our wonderful day.

Dress - Ralph Lauren
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Shoes - SPM