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Hello my dear readers. Damn it's weird to talk in English when you've been studying German all day, and spoke Dutch to your family 'in law'. Today was a great day! I woke up, studied for my German exam tomorrow (think of me at 11:45 AM!) and left in the late afternoon to catch a train with my love to go bowling with my boyfriend and his family. We had lots of fun, and I actually managed to do good, for like the first time. I usually throw the ball in the gutter or hit only 3 pins, but today I scored two (!) strikes. Don't know where that came from... After that, we had dinner, which was very good, as usual, and I especially loved the fact that it was an all-you-can-eat-buffet. I'm a big dessert-fan, so I enjoyed it very much! After that, his Dad and his girlfriend dropped us off at the place my love will move into tomorrow, with his Mom. It was very exciting to finally see his new place! I like it very much. But now I'm off learning for some bit, I even haven't had the time to watch the newest episodes of GG and PLL, such a pity, and I won't have the time until Saturday, as I have my Dutch exam on Saturday, and it's quite heavy.... To all of you who've also got exams: lots of succes! And to those who don't, good luck as well, luck is always welcome, right?

Dress - Mer Du Nord 
Purse - Six



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First of all, thank you sweetiepies for all those amazing comments on my last post, they made my day, every single day, you can't imagine! Also, I got my tablet pc today, yaaay! I'm so happy! And I'm hoping I won't play too much during exams... Today I had my English exam, which went quite good, to not say great! I think this might be my best exam. Monday's sociology, oral exam, so I'm stressing just a little (that was irony) so I'll be off to bed now. And about my outfit: I wanted something girly with a twist, so I went for a cute pink cardigan ith heartshaped buttons (YES REALLY! Ain't that cool?) and my leather shorts. And it's the no-make-up look because I had to walk home as my tyre of my bike had been destroyed by who-knows-what, and I had to walk to my place in the pouring rain... Whick kind of sucks. But now I'm in my cosy bed, way better than that. 

Top - Hollister
Cardigan - New Look
Shorts - H&M



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I felt like dressing in nude colours and a little tad of colour, so I made a combo I've never worn before, and it worked out pretty well! My exam today went better than expected, but I'd expected a total disaster, and when you think that way, it can only get better! I don't now what my results will be like, as my lecturer is a artsy type of person, so I don't really know the way his brain works, and what he sees as "the right answer". I'll have to wait and see... Monday I've got two exams: psychology and "communication studies" (I don't really know how to translate that into English). Tonight's a night off, and tomorrow early rise to study all day long, yay! Anyways. I'm insanely tired, so I'll be off to bed now, after letting the ones I chose for the.... Versatile Blogger Award!! 

Skirt - Forever21
Top - Urban Outfitters
Vest - Mango
Belt - H&M

Thanks to the lovely, lovely Elvira for this award! It means very much to me, to know there are people out there who appreciate what I do, and like my style. Every comment makes me happy, and I love every single follower I have. You're amazing, all of you!

7 random facts about me:
  • Sparkling water makes me sick, literally. I cant have it, never will. 
  • I'm a little freak when it comes to my notes. My structure has to be the same everywhere. Titles with blue marker, subtitles highlighted with this awesome blue-greenish marker, and subsubtitles highlighted with a yellow marker. ALWAYS.
  • I have two cats. The first one is officially mine, and I love him. He's called Jef and is black with white pats and a white chin. The second one is Lola, and she looks amazing, as she's a British Shorthair, but she can whine as hell, no matter how much affection or food you give to her.
  • Before this blog, I had another fashion blog called "Mango chapstick", I think that was about two years ago. Then I deleted it because I didn't know what to blog about back then. Geez that sounds like I'm a no-lifer. 
  • I think I lived in London in my former life. It's the most beautiful city in the world IMHO and I want to live there when I'm graduated. When I was there for the first time, I knew my way around, and could tell where was was without even have been to the city in my whole life. Creepy huh?
  • I have a shirt with "Jude is my law" on it. No need to say he's my favourite actor, and I want to meet him one day. 
  • I'm taller than my boyfriend and I don't give a damn about it. When you're in love, such things don't matter.
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