MAY 20

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First of all, I have to tell you very sad news. Last Friday, my cute little Lola, a beautiful British short-hair, passed away... It was so sad, I wanted to burst out in tears, but it were better if I didn't, because I must say she's better off now. Anyone could see she was in lots of pain. She could barely walk, she walked as if she could drop down any moment.... She didn't want to eat, so she went from chubby to a bag of bones in less than a week. I was her Sunday, when she looked sad but I didn't know she was ill, but on Monday, my parents went to the vet with her, and when I came back home on Thursday, she was so skinny it became scary. Jef, my other lovely kitty-cat, is a fattie when you compared the two... So last Friday, we went to the vet with Lola and she went asleep forever. Writing this makes me sad again... Maybe I shall show you guys my new ring and the amazing Union Jack my roommate Jolien painted on my nails? And I'll show you a photo of Lola & Jef. Jef is my cat, and he is black & white, and Lola is the pretty girl, she was everyone's cat here in our family. 


MAY 15

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Can you believe it's raining & hailing right now, and this morning, there was thunder & lightning for a moment. It's freakin' May. Yesterday was a wonderful day. The weather was delightful, and I had only two classes, of which one lasted only about half an hour, so school was cool. After school, my love and I went into Ghent City to do some shopping and enjoy the weather, because we know the Belgian weather all to well: one day of good weather means three days of bad weather. And you know what? My love and I are together for 19 months today, and he bought me an amazing Gosh nailpolish. The colour is 605: Blue Balloon. Gorgeous colour, even prettier than Genius In The Bottle (cheap version of Chanel PĂ©ridot) I'm wearing on the photos in this post. 

When I'm typing this, my newest favourite song is playing on the radio! What a coincidence. I don't know if it's famous over there my dear readers, but you should definitely look it up: Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks. Best song released in the past few times. Furthermore I've got to say that my schoolyear is almost over. Only four classes to go & then I'll have to focus on exams. When are your exams starting, dear readers? Are you as stressed out as I am? More than one month to go & I can finally enjoy my summer! Let's think that way ;)

Dress - InWear
Sunglasses - H&M
Bow-tie Ring - Six
Pink Ring - Swarovski



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Good evening my darlings. I think my winter blues have arrived. I want to spend my days in comfy clothes and eat lots of dessert, and I want to wear big black clothes and polish my nails in dark colours. What the heck, it's MAY! The weather is awful, and exams start in less than two weeks. Luckily, I can still find some time to relax. Today, I went out for dinner with my boyfriend & his family, and it was so good to spend time with them. I can always relax on Wednesday evening and I love it. I love my boyfriend & his family, true story! I love my roommates as well! We did homework tonight, all together in the kitchen, listening to nostalgic childhood music, like Samson & Gert. For the non-Dutchies, check it out on YouTube! We sang along and had lots of fun, and actually did homework too! We're such multitaskers. 

And thanks to my classmate Elize as well for sending me this wonderful link: Chanel Makeup Confidential. You can make your own love letters & personal messages made of Chanel make-up & nailpolishes. So amazing, so Chanel, so classy. You fashionistas should go check it out for sure! Don't click if you need to watch your money, because it makes me want to spend lots of money on Chanel stuff.

Dress - Zara
Wedges - New Look



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It's been quite some time again, due to heavy schoolwork. Exams are getting closer and closer, and that pile of work doesn't seem to shrink! Luckily, I had some chance to relax this week. As I said, I was free from school Monday & Tuesday, mostly to study, but on Monday, I went to the club night of my volleyball team, which was lots of fun! It was my last chance to see my teammates because the season is now over, so I won't see them until August, which is way too long! On Tuesday I had to work, which I like a lot! Usually on Wednesday, my lover's family and I go out for dinner, but as his Dad & Stepmom both had to work, we decided to go shopping at Aldi together and cook our own dinner, which turned out very well! But I have to admit, Thursday was the best day of this week so far! I had school until 1 PM, so I was free all afternoon! My love came over around 4, and for dinner, all my roommates and I had loooots of free pizza! It was such a great night! After the pizza dinner, we went to see The Avengers at the movies! Definitely a must-see! The only bad thing about this week was my inhuman toothache, which started yesterday morning. I got to see my dentist today, but she told me she couldn't do anything about it right now, so I have to take antibiotics and painkillers, and wait until June to have that terrible tooth repaired. But to end this post with a happy touch: I'm going to have French fries tonight, and I had quite some success with my new purse! I hope you all like it! 

Purse - Pull & Bear
Skirt - Vero Moda
Top & Cardi - H&M