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I'M SO HAPPY! I got my exam results, and I can't believe I can tell you this, but... I passed them all! No retakes, none at all. I can't believe this, I still don't get it. I worked really really hard, and now I've got the result I've been longing for! My holidays have started, and they will last for three months. I even cried when I got those numbers in a list, haha! My parents read the text I sent them two or three times they said, because they were amazed as well. That makes me a happy girl!

I said my last post would be the last one before my trip to France, but I found the time to update, woohoo! I had a splendid day yesterday, despite the fact that I was near the edge of a break-down because of all my stress. I went driving, and it went pretty great, and after my driving course, I went to Ghent to see my darling and go out for dinner together. It was our last afternoon together before my departure - gosh that sounds dramatic! We had a wonderful time, it makes me smile by just thinking about it.... I said goodbyes to my best friend Chiara as well, I'll miss her big time when I'm so far away! My only friends will be my very very high pile of books and my lil' sister, but I'll survive! 

And now I'm off making my luggage, I'm hoping for a safe, sunny and wonderful trip, and I hope you lovely readers will have an amazing time as well! I'll be thinking of you a lot, and if I have an Internet connection over there -which I doubt- I'll update for sure. If I don't update for two weeks, don't panic, it's just because I'll be staying at a tiny town! Au revoir!

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And summer has arrived! Spent the day with Jolanda, one of my best friends, and we had lots of fun. Had some drinks (non-alcoholic because I had to drive later tonight) and tapas, ultimate summer feeling! It's been a while since we saw eachother, so we had lots of things to talk about, and so much stories to tell. Time flew be, and I had to go to my driving course, which went well! The one thing he had to tell me was that I was a little too fast, haha! I had to be slow down when approaching a bend, but if that's my biggest problem, I think I'm safe. And now I'm back home with the most terrible head-ache in ages... I guess this night will bring no more than watch some TV or read for a bit and after posting this post I'll have another painkiller. One of the most awful things summer brings me are those headaches, I get them when I'm in the sun for too long. Luckily there are amazing things as well, like today, and yesterday as well. Yesterday my love and I had a great day. First of the day we went to the supermarket for food for lunch and dinner, and after lunch, we went to Ghent City to go shopping and grab a frozen yoghurt, yum! I had macaron & nougat topping and my love had kiwi & strawberry topping. We had a great day, and I wish times like these could last forever. Within two days reality will hit me hard, because that's when I'll get my exam results. I don't know what to expect, I just hope all my efforts were worth it. And before I forget: my sister in these photos as well, doesn't she look lovely? My little sister wearing MY shirt, haha! 

This might be my last update before I leave for France this Friday, I'm not quite sure. I don't have that much time with preparing for my trip to Nice and with having to go to school and my driving courses, but I'll try my best. I hope there will be Internet in the little place we'll be staying at, and if not: au revoir mes chéries, vous me manquez déjà! (See you my darlings, I miss you already.) 

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Today was the best day in ages! Yesterday, I had my last exam, and it went okay. I guess we'll see how it turns out when I get my results! It's so amazing to finally be able to have fun again and to relax. Today, I went to Antwerp with my love and my parents, and we actually had lots of fun! It was amazing to see people again, instead of being locked up in my room all day, haha! I did a little shopping, but only bought sunglasses at River Island, I want to wait until sale starts, because that way  I can buy more for the same amount of money! And I loved it that I could spend some time with Mr. Boyfriend & my parents, because I didn't see them all that much during exams. And I'm looking forward to Monday, because then I'm going to Ghent with him, and I'm sure it will be a lovely day full of love and kisses. Sadly, Cedric couldn't join us for dinner, so together with my parents, I went to a cosy little Italian place where they have the best pizzas ever, really! We had lots of fun, and I'm sad this day is over, it was lots of fun! And I'm happy that I feel happy again, I'm smiling all the time! And about the OOTD: I wasn't in the mood to wear something high-heeled and tight, I wanted to go comfy, so I did! Perfect look to go chilling with my family!

Skirt & cardi - Primark
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Quick update before I'll be studying non-stop for my last exam, Law. Quite a difficult exam to end with, but it has to be done, and I want it to be good, so I'll have to study very hard. I feel like my holiday has begun already, but it has not, and that's the hard thing about studying. Mr. Boyfriend had his last exam on Tuesday, so I'm jealous. Luckily there are people that still haven't finished, so I don't have to feel sad. I'll be so happy when this is over, it's been too much, and I'm so tired I could sleep all day I guess. Luckily, my exams of the past week went well. I've had German oral and German written, and both of them were fine. And now I'm hoping Law will go as well. Think of me tomorrow from 11:45 AM till 1:15 PM! 

And weather's finally getting better, about 20°C over here, but there ain't no sunshine. Guess there's a storm coming up. Nevertheless, I felt like wearing summery colours & a lace skirt, which motivates me to study hard so I don't have to retake this exam. To all those who are still suffering: I'm with you. We can do this. Only one day till summer can start! 

Skirt - Hollister
Cardi - Primark
Top - H&M
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Quick update huh? Exams are coming to its end, so I have a little more time now! Yesterday was amazingly amazing, my boyfriend and I had so much fun. I got him Spicebomb, by Viktor & Rolf, and I have to say it smells better when he's wearing it than when you smell it it the shop. I couldn't help myself but sniff all day, haha! This morning, when he called me to get me out of bed, he told me that he had discovered there was peperkoek in it. Don't really know how to translate that, but it's some sort of bread replacement, but sweeter and much better, I love its taste & smell, because there often is cinnamon in it. Oh, and I bake my boyfriend and his family, namely his twin brother, delicious cinnamon coockies with a little bit of rum in them, because they turned 19, which is quite old. I turn 19 this summer as well, but still! He loved all of his presents, and he called me this morning just to tell me how great his day had been. Mission accomplished ;)

Sadly, exams aren't over until Friday, so I will be studying until then. After that, I will finally be able to do the things that I like to do, and not long after that, I'll be off to the French Riviera, so lovely! But before I start dreaming again, I'm off to go studying, just a couple of days to go. Wish me luck!

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The world is turning good again! My first exam isn't till Wednesday, so I can finally find the time to combine studying with relaxing, instead of just study all the time. Only three more exams to go, namely German written, oral exam of German and Law. One more week and I'll be free! They day after I get my results, I'm off to Nice, Côte D'Azur with my family. I'm so looking forward to the summer. Just tanning, sipping cocktails, go shopping with my friends and spend time with my love. But first it's working time! 

The outfit I'm wearing is the Lipsy London dress I got from my parents for finishing high school, and I love it. Especially the cut-out part is lovely! It's a pity I can't wear it that much. I wore it last Friday to pass my French exam, to try to look good for the oral exam. I think it worked pretty well, the lecturer was friendly, and in my opinion I did a fairly good job, so I guess it will be good! Last week, I slept about 4 to 7 hours at night, so this weekend, I got to bed as early as possible, on Friday even at around 8 PM because I was so freakin' tired. But I feel better now, off to go studying Law & German. 

And before I forget: it's my boyfriend's 19th birthday tomorrow! We'll be having lots of fun, and I'm hoping he'll like the present I got him. Can't tell you yet, in case he reads my blog post before tomorrow, but I will tell you later! I want to give him the best birthday he's ever got, because I think it sucks big time to have your birthday during exams. But hey, lovely presents can always make things better! 

Dress - Lipsy London
Cardi - Primark
Shoes - Mum's



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I've got two fabulous items of news for you! First: yesterday, I discovered my first "featuring" at Social Wardrobe. I felt very honored to be on a website other than mine! But that isn't the only fabulous piece of news I have to tell you...  I don't know if you noticed the post on my Facebook page about petite Choupette, the cutest cat on earth? Her Daddy is Kaiser Karl, one of the best designers in the world, if not the best. And when he does something, it's special and gorgeous. As everyone who knows me well knows, I'm a cat-freak. I love cats, and everything every time I see one, I want to cuddle it, especially when it's cuddly and fluffy. I even think my own cat Jef can understand me, that we have some kind of cat connection. And no, I'm not weird. It's the truth. I think I was a cat in another life. But back on track: you have to check out her Twitter account. You'll find some photos of the cutest cuddly cuddlecat on earth, with, believe it or not, ombre nails. Chanel ofcourse. And you might think her head is up way high in the air because she's so spoiled, but she's not! She even replied to a Tweet I sent to her. Choupette is Chanel, and Chanel will always be Chanel: classy and fabulous at all times. 

Sadly, the world not only consists of happy things like these. Exams are giving me a very hard time, and the end isn't near. I had a difficult exam today, very technical, and I hardly slept tonight. Getting up at 4:45 AM is way too early, but I had to. And now I'm back home, and I don't know if it went well or not. I had a mixed feeling, guess I'll pass but we'll have to wait and see. Friday the next one's up: French. Je vais étudier beaucoup, en je vais commençer cela tout de suite. Ha. Sounds good huh? Oh, and before I forget: Netherlands - Germany tonight! Sorry to my German readers, but we're going to beat you tonight. You'll be crying yourselves to sleep tonight. Be afraid of the Flying Dutchmen! I even painted the Dutch flag on my pinkie.

Update 14/06: Okay, I admit, we did not win, but it was a good match, I really enjoyed watching it. Next Sunday, we'll play better, and Van Persie will be back on track. I still believe in it! :)

Dress - A little shop in London
Purse - Vintage
Knee-highs - New Look 
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It's been quite some time again, due to these freaking exams. They just seem endless, really! I'm about halfway now, but it feels like I've studying non-stop for ages. I've had three exams this week, and tomorrow another one. The one that went amazingly well was my oral exam English. I had to talk about UK politics, the different parties,... Went better than expected, I think I'll get a very good grade on that one. Nevertheless, there are exams that don't quite as well. Media-Analysis for example was very difficult. I have mixed feelings about that one! At first I thought I did quite well, then started doubting and now I really don't know. We'll see I guess! 

Yesterday afternoon was great! I made a personal pitch on A3 paper for my presentation about myself tomorrow, which was very relaxing. It was good to be able to be creative again, instead of having to sit at my desk, studying till I explode! I also had the chance to talk to my best friend Chiara, whom I don't see quite so often during exams, because she studies at home. Then she had to go home, I worked on my pitch for some time & then went out for dinner with my lovely boyfriend and his family. As always, it was great. I had Gentse waterzooi, I think only the people who speak Dutch will understand what I mean? If you're curious, Wikipedia will tell you more! I had some time to relax, to cuddle with my love as much as I could. We don't see each other quite as much as we're used to, so I was in need for lots of cuddles! Then we had to say our good-byes, and I spent the rest of the night relaxing, without a laptop, without a phone. It felt great! And now I'm going to practice my presentation, wish me luck! 

Shirt -  Miley Cyrus for Max Azria
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Yay, it's June! After this, it's July, and that means lots of sunshine - hopefully! I'm looking forward to my summer holiday so freaking much. I hope I can enjoy it, and don't have to resit too many exams. I've already had three exams this week. History, Dutch and Economics. Three of the most difficult courses I follow, of which Economics was definitely the hardest! Today was economics-day and I can't decide whether it went good or not... I didn't have enough time to take a second look at my answers, and I don't know if they are right or not, but we'll see I guess. My two other exams went much better than expected, especially History! Let's hope for good results huh? Next week I have four exams. English oral, English written, Media-Analysis and "Professional Development" when you translate it literally. English is my cup of tea, so those will go pretty well. Media-Analysis is very difficult, it's very confusing. I have to study every media company in Belgium, know every paper, every magazine, ever TV station, and so on. It's interesting to read, but hard to remember every single name. The last exam of the week will be the easiest. It's a really light course for which I'm sure I'll have a good grade, as half of the points go to being present during classes, so I already have 50% of the points. I have to give a presentation about myself, my studying attitude, how I am during exams and so on. 

Only three more weeks to go and I'm free. I'm so sorry for not being able to update much, but I'm so stressed out all the time, it's just terrible. I can't eat, wake up way too early and I freaked out every morning before an exam. I hope this feeling is over soon because I don't like it at all. And when this is over, summer's there. The better my results are, the more I can relax. I'm hoping for a careless and examless summer,but I'll have to cross my fingers for that, it will be very hard. This is my first laid-back evening in quite some time, and I really like it. After my exam I spent some time with the loveliest people on earth: my best friend and my boyfriend. After lunch my love and I did a little shopping, but I only bought a new nailpolish, again. A white one, and I love it! And now I'm going to watch Pan-Am and study some English vocabulary. Do some of you watch Pan-Am as well? If you don't, DO! Way better than Gossip Girl, maybe even better than Pretty Little Liars, haven't decided over that yet. Cheers!

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Cardi - Zara
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