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Yesterday was such a lovely day! My amazing friend Jolanda and I went shopping all day, and we found amazing stuff! I bought two skirts. One brown leather one from River Island and a knitted skirt from Urban Outfitters. Jolanda bought a lovely flower dress, a shirt, a tight skirt and two bandeaus. I didn't find what I was actually looking for, but that's always the case when I go shopping. What I still need is a plissé skirt, a bralette and a giant jumper with a kitty on it. Especially the last one.  I bet it will look amazing on my leather skirt! I'll show it to you asap in a OOTD. My friend and I talked and talked and laughed, so that was an amazing day. I was tired like I've never been, unbelievable. Today is a bit lazier. I've been reading War & Peace by Tolstoj and watching the Olympics, perfect way to spend your spare time. After this relaxing I'll be off to work, because when you shop, you need to earn money too! I hope you lovely readers had an amazing weekend so far, tell me all about it! 

Skirt - eBay
Top - LeMule
Purse - Primark



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I feel so happy right now I feel like I'm going to explode. My boyfriend is sitting next to me, and we had the most wonderful day in ages. I picked him up at the station around nine and back at home I helped my Dad with some jobs in the garden, while my love worked a bit for school and helped afterwards. After lunch, we went to the public pool here just around the corner of my street. The weather was delightful, and we had lots of fun in the pool and the little playground. A perfect summer day, as I can say. The rest of the week will be as wonderful, so I'll be working in the garden, reading while lying in the grass and be glad I work in the afternoon, when the weather isn't too hot. Now I'll be giving my love a little more attention, we're watching a series about the airport Gatwick, quite interesting! 

Skirt - Hollister
Top - H&M
Flats - Hilfiger



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Today I had such a lovely time with my best friend and my family, it was simply perfect. My best friend Chiara came over in the afternoon, and we went to eat ice-cream at Foubert, the best place to eat ice around here. I had so much ice-cream I couldn't eat dinner, haha! After Foubert, we went to Ghent, to the "Gentse Feesten", an annual kind of festival with some artists, different activities and little stalls with food and drinks. We had a lovely time, and the weather was good, for the first time this summer here in Belgium, hooray! We talked and laughed and I was happy to spend time with my best friend. I got very tired by all this walking, so I'm off to bed. But first I will read in The Lying Game for a bit. If you haven't read this before, you most certainly have to, it's reaaaally good! 

Dress - No1else
Shoes - Mum's
Shawl - Mayerline



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And the rain keeps on falling. I wish I was somewhere sunny, where you don't feel like it's winter instead of summer, and where you can sit outside the house without getting a cold and without wearing a coat. I read books, watch SATC, et cetera, while I wish I would be lying in the garden reading a good book and getting a tan, but I'll have to keep on dreaming about that. Yesterday it was my little cousin's birthday and we had lots of fun! I felt like a child again when we played hide-and-seek and other games. Pity they always found me first because I'm to tall to hide myself properly... It was great to see my family again, because I missed the last few family parties because I had to work everytime, but not yesterday! In a couple of hours I'll be off to work, and I'm glad I can because sitting at home is rather boring. 

Also, I'm so happy to tell you guys the amazing Eeva tagged me on her blog with the Liebster Award! She's asked me 11 question which I'm going to answer in this blogpost, so enjoy reading this! 
1. What's your favourite place to shop? I love shopping at Zara, because the clothes are so beautiful, but to be honest, I like to shop anywhere, on condition the shop's not a mess, which can be the case at  H&M. 
2. Who's your style icon? Definitely Audrey Hepburn. She inspires me in every way, and she's my favourite actress as well. She's got this timeless style I totally adore. When I have to pick someone more recent, I'd go for Alexa Chung, because of her feminine looks, or for Agyness Deyn, for being original and wearing whatever she likes.
3. What is your favourite hobby? Hm, that's a difficult one! I love reading, practicing sports backing cookies and cupcakes, going out with my friends etc. But I can only choose one hobby? Then I go for reading! Geeky me.
4. If you had only one beauty product that you could use, what would it be? I'm not really into make-up, so I'd go for my nailpolish. Couldn't miss it! (Is that a beauty product? It is huh?)
5. If you had one superpower, what would it be? Why? I love watching superhero movies, and my favourite heroes are Iron Man and Catwoman. I'd love to have a cat's senses, but I'd love to be able to fly even more. If I have to choose one superpower, I'd for the ability to fly very very fast, so I can sneak out the house at night and be back very quickly, haha!   
6. Who's your favourite blogger? Can I pick two? Pretty pretty please? Yes? My two favourite bloggers are Imogen from Une maison de la mode and Nadia Esra. They have very different styles, yet I love them both. And when I reaaaally have to pick, I pick Imogen.
7. If you had to describe yourself with three adjectives, what would they be? Feminine, stubborn and social. 
8. Who's your favourite singer? Paolo Nutini! He's got the voice, the looks and the talent, what do you want more? 
9. Which do you prefer: curly or straight hairstyles? Hmm, depends from person to person. On myself, I prefer straight hair, but on some people it just doesn't look right.
10. How often do you shop? I go windowshopping almost every week, but really buying something. Once a month I guess, and buying lots of clothes I do only twice a year.  
11. Tell a funny mistake or an awkward moment that has happened to you!  I could write a book about that, haha! But now I can't think of an example, give me a moment... Oh, I have to think about that time I had to take the bus to my boyfriend's place to go out for dinner with him and his family, and then I lost my direction, didn't know where I was. I appeared to be a couple of kilometers too far and my boyfriend's Dad and his girlfriend had to come pick me up because I was totally freaking out and didn't know what to do. I said sorry about fifteen times. That was quite awkward. 



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Yesterday was to lovely to be true. I could spent some time with my boyfriend, finally, after almost three weeks of not seeing eachother. We went to the hairdresser together -and that's why my hair is loose in the photos- and went to the supermarket to buy groceries for lunch. Quite boring huh? The afternoon was just perfect. We went shopping but as it began to rain very heavily we went to a cosy little place to grab some coffee and after that we went out for dinner together. It was such a gorgeous place, it was all so luxurious and they played Fashion TV, what's more to want? After lunch we went to see a movie, The Amazing Spiderman! We both loved it very much, must-see! Today was more relaxed, no rush, as I just went driving and this afternoon I'll go see my Grandpa, it's been quite some time and he missed me and my sister when we were away. And tonight I'll see my best friend Chiara again! So looking forward, because it's been way too long since we've seen eachother! Oh, I love holidays, if only the weather was a little more like it! And what do you think of how I combined the Oasap vest I received this weekend? How would you combine this cute piece?

Vest - OASAP
Dress - Zara
Flats - H&M



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And I am back home... I like it and I don't like it. I like the fact that I can be typing this with my lovely cat Jef on my lap, and being able to see my friends & boyfriend again. I love it when I got here and saw that this lovely Oasap vest has arrived! I'll be wearing it in my next blog post, pinky promise! What I hate about getting home is the freaking RAIN! Ugh! I'm wearing my winter clothes right now, and I'm still cold. Isn't that  depressing? From 30°C every day to about 14°C and lots of rain. Even thunder and lightning gave me a welcome back message. I'm very tired of travelling all day, and my back aches a lot, so I'm crawling in to bed to get some rest. Tomorrow is back into real life, as I have to work and help my parents empty the suitcases. Oh, and the photo was taken just before we left France, so that's why the sun shines.

Shorts - H&M
Top - Hollister
Cardi - Primark
Flats - H&M



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Today was hot hot hot! Almost 35°C, luckily my sunburn was over so I could enjoy this hot weather! Today was the last but one day before my departure. I leave Saturday morning, so tomorrow will be my last real holi-day.  We went to Italy today, and visited Ventimiglia and San Remo. Lovely cities with amazing beaches and wonderful streets full of shops. As my Mum still can't walk all that well, we did most of it by car, but I still enjoyed it very much. Even though I understand very little of Italian, I really like the language and the atmosphere is these towns. I finally found a present for my boyfriend, which I'm not going to give away because his might read this before I get home, and was happy I could wear this flowery dress again. I bought it for my little niece's Confirmation a couple of years ago, but I don't wear it all that often. And now I had the chance to do so, and I was happy, because I really like this dress and its print. Now I'm going to enjoy the sun for a bit, and mentally prepare to packing my bags which I'll have to do tomorrow night. Arrivederci!  



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Today we went to Cannes again, city of the rich and famous. We went shopping at Sephora, I discovered an amazing holographic glitter polish, and right now, I pity not buying it so much! I guess I'll have to go back this week and buy it, because I'm quite obsessed with it, it could look at it all day. Oh yes, that's what I did. No, just kidding! We didn't do that much because my Mum twisted her ankle last Sunday, and now she can't walk properly, such a pity! I hope she'll feel better soon, because this is her only holiday she has all year, and now she can't walk. I went shopping together with my little sister while my parents waited for us on the Croisette, the boulevard of Cannes. Oh, and the reason I'm wearing a long dress is because I have a severe sunburn. My knees hurt so much it makes me wanna cry when I have to use them. Seriously. My back is red as well, but that doesn't hurt that much, lucky me! And it's not only because of the sunburn that I wear this dress, I just love long dresses, I need to buy some more I guess. So summerish and stylish I think. And FYI, I finally finished Sense & Sensibility, it seemed endless. I know some of you would really love this book, but I hated it. Proud of myself I finished it. It made the world look like in love only money is important. Not quite a happy view of life, and I'm happy the book is quite dated. Now I'm going to watch some SATC, gives a way better view of life I guess! Ciao!

Dress - Camieu



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Today we went to see the tiny little country of Monaco. You can find more Ferraris than restaurants over there, and the girls are so pretty and stylish! Even though it's little, we walked around there for quite some time in the hot summer sun. I remembered the movie "Monte-Carlo" with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester when I walked by Hotel De Paris and the Casino. I even entered the Casino, now that I'm eighteen and old enough, but I only looked at the gamblers instead of gambling myself. Not really my cup of tea, but I loved how pretty everyone looked. The guys wearing their most expensive suits and the women amazing dresses and expensive purses. I also drooled over the cars, and I have to tell quite some handsome young men walked over there. I know, I do have a boyfriend, but I just happened to notice this as a tip for single women who are looking for a handsome single and rich young man. I wouldn't say things like this, but it's just because I'm currently reading "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen, and it's all about young rich men and marrying. Actually, I hate this book, but I wanted to read it just for the sake of it, because it's so famous, but I can't see why. I finished "Searching for Alaska", which is an amazing book you should definitely check out. It's that kind of book that keeps haunting you after you finish reading it, in a very good way. Yes, during Holidays I'm a total nerd, reading one book after the other. 

Shorts - River Island
Top - H&M
Sunglasses - River Island



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Another tiring day in hot France. Got up early to go market shopping at Ventimiglia (Italy), and I got some great things, mostly little present, so can't tell because my friends read this! It was hot and I had a hard time not fainting, and after this shopping trip, we went to a little place called Aize-Sur-Mer, where Bono (U2) actually has a house. Unfortunately I didn't stumble upon him, so I tanned instead, and walked around the beach for a bit, of which the following photo is a result. After dinner, we went to Nice again, for a late night walk and a scoop of ice-cream, and now I'm back home, as tired as one can be. Sleep tight!

Dress - H&M



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Bonjour à tous! Another day of lovely weather and a beautiful city. We went to see Cannes, the most glamorous city around, with all its expensive shops, unbelievable cars and beautiful people. I saw shops like Chanel, YSL, Hermès, Gucci,... and I envied those people who walked out with about five bags full of fabulous stuff. I spotted an amazing pair of wedges today, I totally wanted them, but €1550 was a little over my budget. I also read for a while, I'm currently reading the first Harry Potter in French, I told myself to use this vacation to practice my French, and I started with an easy one. I read by the pool, did some swimming, went to Cannes, had dinner, wandered around for a bit, and now I'm back here, typing this post. Besides that, not that much to say. Off to bed after a tiring day!

Playsuit - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Claudio Ferrici



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Another update from France my dear readers! Time seems to fly by. I've read 4 books so far, currently reading the 5th one and this is the 4th day of holiday. I got a little tan and got quite red, and had a lovely time bathing in the sun and wandering around beautiful French cities and towns. Today, we're off to Nice again, lying on the beach and visiting some shops. Yesterday we went to Antibes to go see the gigantic yachts. They were stunning & made me have a yacht as well. Keep on dreaming! I'm already missing my lovely boyfriend and my amazing best friend and my other friends who are still in rainy Belgium. Mr. Boyfriend is going to Barcelona today, the lucky man! I'm secretly hoping his flight has to make an emergency stop in Nice so we have to pick him up until his next flight, but I guess that won't happen, haha! Oh, and about the dress: usually I never ever wear strapless, because I have broad shoulders & it just doesn't suit me, but I don't want to have tanned straps, so holidays are an exception. Don't judge me! 

Dress - Vila
Shoes - Marco Tozzi 



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And there's an Internet connection over here! I've visited Ventimiglia (Italy) today, and yesterday we wandered around the beautiful city of Nice. The weather's delightful, and the place we're staying at is amazing, the sight is just unbelievable! And I love our pool, it's as if you can swim straight into the beautiful nature! After this post, I'll be off swimming and trying to get a tan, and after dinner we'll be visiting Nice again. One of my favourite cities in Europe. Besides that I have some wonderful news as well. I received the Sunshine award from the lovely Aki a couple of days ago, I felt so flattered! Most of you are known with these awards, but I'll give you the rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award. 
  • Write a post about it. 
  • Answer the questions that come with it.
  • Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award
  • Favorite Colour: Peachy pink! 
  • Favorite Animal: There's no doubt about that: CATS! I love everything with cats on it, from jumpers to a teacup, and my heart melts whenever I spot a cute kitten. I wish I could adopt them all!
  • Favorite Number: 1!
  • Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Usually, I drink water & tea, but I like to drink Diet Coke and Gini when I get tired of that.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook! 
  • My Passion: I'm passionate about books. Sounds very geeky, but I read lots of books, every single kind of them, and I write stories myself as well. Also, I'm very much into classic movies, and of course fashion!
  • Getting or Giving Presents: I'm a disaster at picking gifts for people, even for my best friend. Her birthday's the 4th of August and I don't know what to get her at all, and we've know eachother for about 16 years, does that say enough? I'm happy with every little present I get, so I go for the first one.
  • Favorite Flower: Classic one: roses! I love to get roses, red, white, pink, blue,... I almost cried when my love got me 18 red roses for my birthday. I love how they look so beautiful but can be pretty painful when you don't watch out enough.
  • Favorite Celebrity Role Model: Audrey Hepburn. I even called my blog's name after her, because I think she's admirably pretty.
People I pass the award to: