Scrunchie fever!

2:11 PM Imke 39 Comments

My days are as busy as ever, but I'm proud to show you my newest eBay haul: a pink velvet scrunchie! I noticed it already at the Olympics, but now the trend seems to have arrived in the blogging world as well. My diggmates were very nostalgic about they, appeared they'd worn it a lot during their childhood, in every colour possible. Every trend comes back at one point, and now it's time for Mrs Scrunchie to do so! You can see Amy Valentine, one of my fav bloggers rocking it over here, and thanks to this lovely lady I was able to order one from eBay very cheap, check out the link over here. Over with the days were scrunchies were horror, I say! Now I'm off to school again, so see a French movie. Oh la la, au revoir!

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