Valentine's Day

11:38 AM Imke 15 Comments

A belated but very happy Valentine's Day for you all! I hope you had a lovely time, and to those who think V.D. is too commercial, I can understand, but my love and I mostly celebrated our 28 months anniversary. My gorgeous digmate Jolien did my make-up (take a look at her blog and see how good she is at it!) and I put on my new Fornarina dress. My love and I went to a restaurant called Het Kapittelhuis in Ghent, and it was so sad. We had to wait for houuuur till we got our food, and by the time we got it, we weren't hungry anymore. We were really pissed at the bad service, but we still had a lovely time laughing and talking, and watching other people get their food. Lesson learned: don't take the Valentine's Menu but go à la carte, that way you can leave even before we got our appetizer. I was so glad we could just have a laugh about it and had a great evening. We went into the restaurant at 6:30 PM and got out at 11:00 PM, haha! Now I'm off working for school so I can go to Antwerp this afternoon.

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