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First of all: sorry for neglecting blogging for such a long time. I've been incredibly busy with my studies, cramming all the time. I figured no-one world be interested in the sweatpants of the day with the comfy top of the day. But today I went outdoors, away from my books for a short while and did a little dressing up for the occasion. 

Beige is one of my favourite colours in fashion, and I think every girl should own a basic blazer. It can give a professional touch to any casual outfit and is really comfy at the same time. I really should own more of them!

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  1. Hi dear, you look so chic and sophisticated, this is a brilliant outfit idea for the office.

  2. Hey, you are back!!! Ik dacht die geeft er de brui aan, haha. Had die sweatpants best willen zien hoor ;). Ist weer afzien op school? Aah, nog ffkes en dan ben je er vanaf. Super gaaf en chic outfitje btw. Beige staat je inderdaad echt geweldig.


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    1. Als ik er de brui aan zou geven moet er al heel wat gebeuren hoor, en dan zou ik het je zeker en vast laten weten ;) En dan moet je me maar ompraten haha! En ja ik ben er al vanaf op school! Nog even stressen tot ik mijn resultaten krijg maar voor de rest hoef ik nu eindelijk niet meer te blokken!

      Bedankt voor je lieve bericht! ♥♥♥♥

  3. No worries, totally understand:) And your outfit is chic for work:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  4. I'm just gonna say 2 words... well, three counting the emoticon. THE BAG <3

    Thanks for your opinion! I guess the thing with the skort was a sign, but i'm sure that with your legs you would have rocked it!!!! You need to show me that holographic clutch now!

    1. Haha thank you! I told my Mom today how much her bag was loved here on the blog and she was so proud! I think I may even keep the bag!

      And yes I'll feature it soon, especially for you! ;) But it's so sad that I can't use it anymore :( It's an iPhone clutch that I bought before I got myself an iPhone but my old phone fit perfectly. Then I bought the iPhone 5, turns out the clutch only fits 4/4S. Quite sad... So now I can only use it when I don't bring my phone :(

    2. You think? You have to!!! I repeat, the bag is great! Uhhh sad to hear that about the clutch, the thing is, when nowadays are you going out without your phone??? Thats gonna be a hard to wear then.

  5. Great post!!!lovable pics!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!do u want to Follow each other!?

  6. I need your bag!
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  7. Very nice look! :)

  8. Very professional indeed!!! I love it!

  9. Ohhhh you look so chic and professional! No need to apologise for the lack of blogging all the hard work will be worth it :)