Miss Dior

9:06 PM Imke 14 Comments

Ever since fellow Belgian Raf Simons took over at Dior I've been a huge fan of their collections, but of the Miss Dior perfumes, I've always been a big fan. So when the Miss Dior exposition in the Grand Palais in Paris was announced, I knew I had to go. Today was the first day of the exposition, and you can visit it until November 25. Furthermore, entrance is free, so if you live in Paris or happen to be there in the two weeks coming, be sure to stop by at the Grand Palais.

The exposition is dedicated to the famous Miss Dior scent, and to celebrate this famous perfume, 15 female contemporary artists made a tribute to the genious Christian Dior and his legendary perfume, containing sculpture, paintings and videos but also a giant bow-tie and gorgeous Dior dresses. It was a beautiful exposition and I learned so much more about Dior, and me and my friends felt so wonderful at this exposition, because of all the luxury and beauty exposed here. 

If you can, GO THERE, if you can't, enjoy my pictures! 

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