White Ankle Boots

10:16 PM Imke 22 Comments

A couple of years ago I would have cringed at the thought of wearing white boots, I honestly despised white shoes in general. I once owned a pair of white heels, and this was more of a love-hate-relationship we had. But as we all know, style changes, as does your taste in fashion, and when spotting these beauties on the New Look sale I couldn't resist. Especially for €12. (I'm the queen of online sales, really).

An outfit post featuring my new babies is coming online soon, but until then, here's some inspiration as to how to wear white booties, for those who were (or still are) as clueless as I was before as to how to style white boots without either looking cheap or like you're getting married, wedding robe and all. I say "wedding" because I invested in a pair of white satin Louboutins I'm still in love with, and they appeared to be from the Louboutin wedding collection. And wore them to a wedding. (So technically I wore them correctly, no?). Oh well. It's like ordering a Topshop dress off the Petite collection by accident when you're 178 cm / 5 ft. 10'. (Yes, that happened too. Ended up giving the dress to my little sister). The struggles of being tall...


Enjoy the white boots inspiration, and let me know in the comment what you think of this style, and how you would wear them? Curious to know! Also, none of these photos except for the first one are mine, so besides the first one all pictures are clickable & they lead to their original source.


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