Night-Time Skincare Secrets

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I spent the biggest part of my life totally clueless on the skincare & make-up department, up until my internship at Chanel I hadn't heard of a highlighter, didn't know you should apply a day cream before putting on make-up, nor did I do more than wear mascara, the (very) occasional lipstick and  a drop of concealer when a pimple popped up. And then aged 20 I interned with Chanel, discovered the beautiful world of make-up and skincare, and got hooked. 

I'll never be a fully make-upped kind of gal, but I did learn how to take proper care of my skin, and got insider info on hydrating & cleansing. Unfortunately, I almost never share any beauty posts, so when luxury online boutique Farfetch asked me to show you guys my routine and tips in honour of their new beauty selection, I found this the perfect opportunity to share my skincare secrets with you. 

I'm a great fan of micellar water to clean my skin & there's two of them I use: Bioderma H2O Sebium (the green one for mixed skin) & Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal. In order to give my skin some change of products, I go for Bioderma when I finish Yves Rocher and vice versa. Important side note! There's a secret addition to the micellar water though: two sprays of shea butter oil  (I have the Kiya one) to leave my skin smooth, soft and smelling wonderfully. 

As I have very sensitive eyes, I don't get my mascara off with the micellar water but with the Yves Rocher Démaquillant Express Yeux. I've tried many other brands, but this remover is really the only one that doesn't leave my eyes all red and irritated. A must if you've got sensitive eyes like I do!

Do you know that blissful feeling of a freshly scrubbed skin? Once a week, usually Friday night, I use my Sephora Double Duty Exfoliater + Mask to get off that dead skin and feel like a newborn. Instructions are simple: once a week, rub on damp skin, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse. And hey, there's shea butter in here as well - shea butter = life.

Easy peasy: my 2 euros night cream I get at Dutch store Hema really does do the job, clear and simple hydration of my skin over-night. I only recently started using it after MUA friend Jolien told me how important it is to hydrate before bed, and recommended me Hema. 

I actually love everything by Hema, from their skincare products to their candy to their shirts and stationary items. I literally did a happy dance when my favourite Dutch store opened their first Parisian store two years ago! #homesweethome

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About once a month, two if I'm motivated, so basically whenever I hop into Sephora to browse their make-up & skincare products, I get their sleeping mask - I'm obsessed with the green one, which promises to be mattifying and anti-blemishes. And guess what? It does! Love this one, especially for its tiny price. Smear on your face before bed, last step after cleansing & hydrating, and wake up as fresh as a daisy.

All products below are other skincare products I tested and loved, or still use on a daily, weekly or monthly base but aren't mentioned above.

So how did you like this beauty post? What's your skincare routine, any fabulous products you can recommend me? I'm still kind of a beauty noob, so all of your tips are more than welcome! Let me know down below in the comments.

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