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BOO! Hope you're all having a happy Halloween, and may your night be the creepiest & craziest so far. In case you're still looking for a costume, as I know many of you are, here's some easy & last-minute-proof inspiration to get your Halloween vibe on!

What are you dressing up as this year? I'm going for the classic vampire look, wearing a cute little black dress, this blood choker necklace, and full-on make-up.

Wednesday Addams

My Halloween costume last year - so easy, that white-collared dress is an investment piece, not too much of a struggle in the make-up area, and you can look as grumpy as you want all night - part of the costume you know. What more can a girl wish for?


Yes, this is my all-time favourite! Just a little black dress, a great smokey eye, some blood dripping from your mouth, vampirte teeth if you thought about picking those up, and you're all set to bite people all night. 
Boots / Dress / Necklace 

Black Cat

Literally the easiest, laziest costume of them all - just go for an all-black look, perfect that cat-eye eyeliner and draw yourself some cute whiskers for a black cat ensemble. Easy jet effect, meow!


The look my little sister is going for this year: the ever-so popular skeleton look. You can go for the full-on face make-up if you're good at it, or if you're a little less gifted in the make-up area, you can go for skeleton thights, a skeleton shirt - anaything with a skeleton on really. Always a good bet for Halloween!

So what are you dressing up as this year? And how do you celebrate, if you do celebrate that is. Curious to hear about your 31st of October - let me know in the comments

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  1. Davvero molto carini questi outfit per Halloween :) Kiss!! VLifestyle

  2. Love them!! :)

  3. BOO to the baddest babe in the game; you beaut babe! Loving your hawt Halloween picks Imke, they're all so cosmic, chic and unique! Can imagine you looked so stunning as a vampire, all the vamp and glam for sure! The blood choker necklace is all the gorg, I love it. In lust with that stunning shearling jacket too, I say you can't beat going as a black cat but that's down to my pure laziness hahah ;) Loving the edge to the skeleton look, I always admire those that can create perfect sugar skulls, (if only I had talent in the MU department haha) and I love the idea of opting for skeleton thighs and that dress and jumper are total killer! I hope you had the hottest, happiest Halloween possible gorgeous girl! <3

    I'm a bit boring when it comes to Halloween, I do love it but never really get dressed up or go anywhere that happenin' for it. Usually it's all about pumpkin carving, fast food and chilling indoors with scary movies which was what this year was all about. Me and my boyfriend watched A Tale of Two Sisters and I was chilled to the core! ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. I love the wednesday addams look! I always have something like it in my closet :)


    Novelstyle Blog

  5. Cool and fashionable costume ideas!