Pastel Biker Jacket

4:25 PM Imke 27 Comments

When browsing SammyDress and spotting this baby blue leather jacket, I fell in love at once. I've been looking for a pastel biker jacket for ages now, never finding the right fit and/our colour, and just when I considered just giving up on my endless search, my eyes fell on this gem. I ordered a size L, and the jackets fits just perfectly! 

I must say it's one of the most popular pieces in my closet; anytime I wear it, there's always a least one girl complimenting me (upon taking an Uber Pool, queing in the supermarket, even when going to the bathroom at a bar, honestly, never been complimented as much as with this jacket!). A total winner, especially as this beauty is only 16 euros - not even kidding. Enough said, right? Shop the jacket right here : click.


How do you like my embroidered leather jacket? Hit or miss? How how would you combine this piece; with a LBD like I did, or rather with jeans? Let me know in the comments! 

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