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As you probably have noticed, there has been no activity on my blog so far this year. I've been very busy with work and personal projects & have also been travelling quite a bit the past year. Many things have changed, like a new flat, taking on new responsibilities, and sadly, I wasn't able to follow up on my blog with this new and fast rhythm. As I'm shifting into yet another rhythm and have set new goals for the upcoming months, I've decided to update this blog, and to publish a couple of travel guides that I've been thinking about for a while (from Israel to Lapland, I have a quite a lot of content to share with you!). To follow up on a daily basis, I kindly invite you to follow me on Instagram, where I'm much more of a regular than on here, and I'll keep you posted on my upcoming travel guides, as well as some looks & trends that I wanted to share on here. Speak to you soon ♥

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