Tiger Sweater

8:54 AM Imke 36 Comments

I was so incredibly happy when I came home Wednesday after having a shitty day as I was up so early because I couldn't sleep all night! I came home and a DinoDirect package was waiting for me! It was the lovely tigerrrrrr sweater I'd ordered some time ago, and I was so happy when I opened up the package. It's so soft and I just love the little bow-tie. But one tip when you order at DinoDirect and you're a tall girl like me: pick a large size. This sweater is XXL and as you can see, it fits! And then I wonder who could ever fit into a size small over there... Now I'm back to studying, as I have a Dutch exam today, think of me at 10 AM! 

Sweater - DinoDirect
Skirt - Hampton Bays

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