Sweater weather

11:04 PM Imke 28 Comments

Autumn has arrived officially now, because I have the flu and sinusitis and feel like crap. I wanted to wear my big fat warm sweater, to feel comfortable, and in order to make it  not entirely about comfort, I paired it with my brown leather skirt. I like how the yellow goes along with the leather! I hope you don't see too much how  crappy I feel, because I managed to smile especially for you in these photos. Tonight, my digmates and I got free pizza and drinks from our housekeeper, how awesome is that? Afterwards we played Harry Potter Cluedo (HP marathon, remember?) and I did fairly well, regarding the fact that it's the only game I'm not good at. Not to be bragging, but usually I'm pretty good at party games, but Cluedo is not my cup of tea. I wouldn't make a good detective I guess. 

And for those of you who feel sick as well; watch fashion shows! I watched quite a lot of them yesterday, and the one I liked best was Louis Vuitton S/S2013. If you haven't seen it yet, do so over here, because it's the best show I've seen in a while. 

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