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To all the Dutchies & Belgian: FIJNE SINTERKLAAS! Today we, people from the Low Countries, celebrate the day of the Good Holy Man 'Sinterklaas', which means you get candy, a present and mandarins if you've been a good girl/boy in the past year. Get into the Sinterklaas hype by clicking here. I was thinking I wouldn't get a present because I'm getting too old to be celebrating this holiday, but you can't believe how happy I got this morning! It is said Sinterklaas comes at night to put the candy in your shoes, but in my case, it was the postman that rang my doorbell and gave me a parcel. My diggmates came looking as well, and when I opened the package I was like a little girl again: a box full of chocolates, cookies and many other sweet stuff! My lovely parents Sinterklaas had thought of me, so I guess you can say I've been a good girl this year.

Mrs. Good Girl over here had an amazing day yesterday. I went shopping with my girls in Ghent, and we had lots of fun. Winter has arrived, which means snow snow snow, but the cold couldn't take away the fun. We had a fancy dinner at McDo and went to the Closet Sale of my friend afterwards. I got three lovely pieces, and my girls got some stuff as well, I'll show them asap! When we got back home, it was very-very-early-Christmas-gifts-time! We had bought each-other little presents, and it was such a lovely night. They gave me marshmallows and a LUSH bath bomb. Lovely! And now this happy girl is crawling into bed. Nighty-night!

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