Winter blues

8:49 PM Imke 16 Comments

I've had two days full of headaches, so badly my head is pounding and I feel quite sick. Winter blues, I guess, I hope it gets better soon. That time of the year where you can only wear jumpers and woolen dresses has arrived, and I decided there's no such thing like dressing too warm, especially when you're feeling ill. I need to buy more jumpers, and spotter some cuties already. I'm going to shop with my lovely diggmates tomorrow, so we'll be having a lot of fun for sure. We're going out for dinner together, and afterwards we're going to a closet sale of a friend of mine - she has a blog as well. Go check it out, and now that you're at it, watch a friend of mine singing as well, he's great, I assure you. And last thing I have to say: please join my give-away dear readers, there are 25 Firmoo vouchers to win! 

Sweater - DinoDirect
Skirt - River Island
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