Snow in Ghent!

11:15 PM Imke 33 Comments

Well hello there my lovely readers! I'm still really busy with school, but I had to share this news with you. It snowed in Belgium, mid-March. It's been more than a century since that happened. This made me and my digmates have a wonderful day of snow-fun. We made a snow man, had fun playing outside like little kids again, and had wonderful hot chocolate. It felt like Christmas, and gave me the opportunity to get my big cosy sweater out of my closet again. Temperatures are dropping and the wind is killing, so I had to change from floral summer dress to biggest jumper within a day. I paired it with a more tight-fitting skirt to keep it feminine, and I hope you like this new skirt. I got it in Sweden when I was there visiting my friend, and I'm in love with it. The little golden beads are just wonderful IMHO. I bought it at a store called Bik Bok, only found in Scandinavian countries, sadly enough. And that's why Scandinavian people are always so stylish ;)

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