Shopping in Antwerp

12:37 PM Imke 26 Comments

Yet another month has started. Time seems to pass so quickly I just can't follow. Long time no see; I blame it on school. Exams are coming closer and closer but there seems no end to the pile of tasks. Nevertheless I finally found the time to go shopping with my two lovely girlfriends Chiara and Jolien. We had a wonderful time in Antwerp, and I bought some amazing stuff! I got myself high-waisted River Island jeans shorts, a straight black dress with gold studded shoulders, and two shades of candy coloured nail polish. 

I've been lusting over high waisted shorts since last summer, and now I finally found the perfect pair. Outfit photo will follow as soon as temperatures rise above 15°C. As I look terrible due to entire days of studying, I will keep myself low-profile. This is supposed to be Spring Break, but I can't seem to find the "break" in that. I hope all of you have a wonderful spring break and enlighten me with your fashion stories!

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