We'll always have Paris

10:48 PM Imke 33 Comments

Beter late than never: here are some photos of me in Paris! I went to Paris this weekend & had the most wonderful time! I went to all the touristic spots and wandered through the lovely streets of Montmartre, really worth a visit for dinner and strolling around afterwards. I visited some high fashion shops as well, at Avenue Montaigne, the fancy shopping street in Paris. I visited Chanel and Louis Vuitton and was so happy I could see the amazing S/S 2013 Louis Vuitton collection in real life, as I loved that show a lot. 

Another peak this week was watching The Great Gatsby in première yesterday. I've read the book bt F. Scott Fitzgerald quite some time ago and I must say, Baz Luhrmann did a wonderful job. I recognized my favourite quotes from the book in the movie, and most of all: great casting! Leonardo DiCaprio was a wonderful Gatbsy, and Carey Mulligan did a wonderful job as well, playing Daisy. The characters were quite like how I had imagined them, and I loved the clothes. Prada all the way, perfect for this movie! I must say, it was a wonderful break from feeling ill and run-down for the past few days.

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