Modern Lolita

10:23 PM Imke 17 Comments

After having read Lolita for about the 4th time some time ago, I decided to make a Polyvore set out of it. Last Tuesday, I had my English exam, and we had to choose a novel to read and discuss with the lecturer during the oral exam. Quite an unexpected choice, but you can never go wrong with an American classic. Nabokov is such a master of words, he seems to sing the lines of the story. He makes a gentleman out of a monster, makes a mademoiselle out of a seducing twelve-year-old, turns the good guys into the bad ones, and gets away with it. The story is about pedophilia and incest, but seems more like a romantic lovestory despite the sad ending. Of couse I'm not a supporter of these practices, not at all, but the movie and the book cling to you as soon as you've met the story. 

But of course - I'm not a book blogger, neither a librarian: I'm a fashion blogger. And I must admit, I loved the late forties/early fifties fashion used in the Stanley Kubrick movie. The story is dark, deep and dark, but Lolita style is bright and girly. Wide skirts, kitten heels, peach lipstick, high waists - it's all there. The movie is B&W indeed, but you can imagine the pastel colour palette without seeing the colours. The ultimate modern Lolita is a bit edgier, the skirts get longer, but the feeling remains the same. In my opinion: the perfect look for the summer.

What's your opinion on "Lolita", both book and the movie, but most of all: the Lolita style? Fashion go-go or old-fashioned? 

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