Crazy heels

5:22 PM Imke 23 Comments

It's the Gaga time of the year again, so I thougt it would be quite nice to get these crazy heels out of the closet again. I wore this outfit when I was home the weekend after my exams, because French people are petite already, and when I wear these, I guess one would get scared and run away when seeing a 1m90 girl. But I do love my shoes, and as I said, they match the time of the year. Crazy shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts, thinking of gifts when people ask you what you want, and only being able to think of silly things like this Persian cat bag I really want but no-one wants to give me for Christmas because they think it's too crazy. Guess I'll have to give it to myself for Christmas. 

How is your Holiday planning going; where will you be spending your Chrismas & New Year's? I'm going back to Belgium for two weeks, which will be very relaxing after a couple of crazy weeks here in Paris. I think I used the word crazy about 100 times in this blogpost, I'm very sorry. But anyway, if you have some great Holiday inspiration, whatever it may be, feel free to share!

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